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September 17/06 1:05 am - Belgian/Dutch Gran Prix Races at Forest City Velodrome

Posted by Editoress on 09/17/06

Belgian/Dutch Gran Prix Races at Forest City Velodrome Saturday Sept 16th
Courtesy Forst City Velodrome

The speed was high, the live music loud, and the building vibrating at the Belgian/Dutch Grand Prix bicycle races last night at London's Forest City Velodrome. The feature event was the three session madison. Numerous attacks occurred in attempts to gain a lap to no avail. Each time, the attempts were brought back by the closely matched teams with the result being that the standings were determined by the sprint points.

The second session was a miss and out event with Team Orange's Vince DeJong and Team Yellow's Stephen Meyer breaking away early and riding back into the back of the pack to solidify a certain 1st and 2nd placing. DeJong took first and Meyer second.

Team Green of Keith Thorarison (Vancouver) and Taylor Martin (Hamilton) proved to be the sprinters of the night and overall victors. Behind them the other teams were so close in points that it took the third 30 minute double point session to clearly define the final standings.

1. Team Green (Keith Thorarison & Taylor Martin) 50 points
2. Team Orange (Vince DeJong & Joe Veloce) 31 points
3. Team Blue ( Mike Renneboog & Dave Byer) 30 points
4. Team Yellow (Stephen Meyer & Ryan Crawford) 23 points
5. Team Red ( Rob Good & Jim Henning) 12 points

Sprint Event:
1.Jamie Shankland (Waterloo)
2. Alex Fournier (Belmont)
3. Chris Vlemmix (London)
4. Shawn Smith (London)

Scratch Race Winners:
20 Lap - Chris Vlemmix (London)
10 Lap - Andrew Lockhard (London)
30 Lap - Alex Fournier (Belmont)
15 Lap - Chris Vlemmix (London)

Velo-kids Handicap Winners:
Race # 1 - Billy Rudnicki (London)
Race # 2 - Ernie Regan ( (London)

Velo-kids Flying 2 Lap:
Ryan Lave (Ilderton) 23.10

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