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September 19/06 11:26 am - Chrono de Tauxigny: Veilleux Second

Posted by Editoress on 09/19/06

Canada's Veilleux Second at Chrono de Tauxigny France, September 16th
Courtesy Velomania, FR
Translated by Amanda Leigh Cox

Stéphane Rossetto (US Créteil) won the third annual Chrono de Tauxigny; a race of 17.5 K in the Indre-et-Loire region; battling Canadian David Veilleux by a margin of only 6/10th's of a second. The two 19 year olds averaged 47.945 K/hr at the race that also featured France's Road Champion Dimitri Champion (Vendée U), behind by 4 seconds; Estonian rider Rein Taraamae (RO St-Amand), who begins his pro cycling career with Cofidis in 2008; and Nicolas Rousseau (UC Châteauroux), who has been riding with Ag2r this season. First in the Junior category, Tony Gallopin (VC Etampes), was 6th, improving his time from last year by a full 54 seconds. All of the above riders will also be taking place in the Chrono des Nations which closes the "Saison aux Herbiers" Octobre15.

1. Stéphane Rossetto (US Créteil), 21:54
2. David Veilleux (Canada), at s.t.
3. Dimitri Champion (Vendée U), 0:04
4. Rein Taraamae (RO St-Amand), 0:12
5. Bradley Fairall (Canada), 0:17
6. Tony Gallopin (VC Etampes), 0:24 (first junior to arrive)
7. Alexandre Roux (US Créteil), 0:25
8. Nicolas Rousseau (UC Châteauroux), 0:32
9. Vincent Graczyk (UC Châteauroux), 0:50
10. Sébastien Thomas (EC Montmarault), 0:51


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