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October 5/06 1:35 am - Quebec New

Posted by Editor on 10/5/06

Quebec News

New Women's Tour in Prince Edward Island?
By Amanda Leigh Cox

Daniel Manibal seems indefatigable in terms of his commitment to cycling in Canada. Manibal, already the reigning King of the sole UCI Women's races in Canada - the Coupe du Monde sur le Mont Royal, as well as the Tour du Grand Montreal which follows it, has recently added the UCI sanction 2.1 Men's inaugural race Tour Montréal-Boston. However, those who thought Manibal had enough on his plate with three world class races are mistaken - Radio-Canada recently leaked news of a new Elite women's tour to take place on Prince Edward Island - and once again its Manibal who's stepped up to the challenge. (Editor's Note: We actually 'leaked' this news a couple of weeks ago:
September 21/06 2:15pm EDT - World Road Championships: Men's ITT Report

According to the recent Radio-Canada report, the new tour is to take place June 10-14 - a few short days after the end of the Tour du Grand Montréal. Information gathered thus far seems to indicate that the race would consist of six stages, one of which to take place on the Confederation Bridge. Neither denying or confirming the revelations, Manibal confirmed that a press conference would take place in the next few weeks.

"I'd like for Quebec and Canada to become renown for its cycling culture." Manibal added.

Quebec Cyclocross Cup Standings - Mid Season
By Amanda Leigh Cox

It's the mid-point of the Quebec cross season, and while racers may be preparing turkey for this Monday's Thanksgiving holiday, they've certainly kept busy racing every weekend since September 16th.

This season's cross racing features several new courses - organizers have done a fantastic job of taking on the joys, the mud, and the challenge of developing the Quebec Cross circuit. Coupe #1 in Sutton featured a brand-new hilly course with multiple obstacles, which saw riders' skills and athleticism put to the test. Coupe # 2 in Chateauguay - also new for 2006 - was a fast circuit which allowed 'Crossers to ride like banshees through muddy single track, emerging post-race completely indistinguishable to friends and loved ones alike! Coupe # 3 saw another spectacular course set by Xcluziv at Mont Saint Anne; some steep runs-ups, and Jurgen's famous penchant for sand made their presence known on the course.

This Thanksgiving weekend, racing returns to the Quebec region with Coupe # 4 at Mont Sainte Anne on Saturday - where an xcluziv cyclocross frame will be raffled off!!! - and Coupe # 5 at the Univrsité de Laval. For more information, please consult: or

*On a special note, best wishes to Jurgen Van Den Dreissche and wife Marie-Helene Tremblay who recently celebrated the birth of a beautiful baby girl, Romane. The Quebec cyclocross / mountain biking scene as well as Team Xcluziv celebrates the birth of surely another fantastic cyclist to come, but will miss the Van Den Dreissche - Tremblay family, as they relocate to Belgium. Best wishes and keep in touch!

Coupe de Quebec #1 -Sutton
Elite Men
1. Mathieu Toulose - Maxxis
2. Paul Ignatiuk - Martin Swiss Cycles
3. Joel io-Poitras - Caylon-Litespeed

Elite Women
1. Marie-Pier Bedard - Marinoni Cadence
2. Joanie Caron - Elicycle
3. Amanda Leigh Cox - Team Kenda Tire

Coupe du Quebec # 2 - Chateauguay
Elite Men
1. Ian Carbonneau - VC Chambly
2. Olivier Bordeuleau - Xprezzo
3. Paul Ignatiuk - Martin Swiss Cycles

Elite Women
1. Natacha Elliot -
2. Mathilde Hupin-Debeurme - Sportif Bromont
3. Julie Durant - ABC Cycles Sport

Coupe du Quebec # 3 Mont Sainte Anne *Full results not avaliable at press time
Elite Men
1. Benoit Simard - Specialized

Elite Women
1. Marie-Pier Bedard - Marinoni Cadence
3. Joanie Caron - Elicycle


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