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October 10/06 3:50 am - Ontario Government Launches Pilot Program for E-Bikes

Posted by Editor on 10/10/06

Ontario Government Launches Pilot Program for E-Bikes

The Ontario provincial government has announced the launch of a three year pilot project allowing E-Bikes (electrically assisted bicycles) to be used on Ontario roads. Until this time, E-Bikes have been lumped together with such things as mopeds, requiring licencing.

"Ontarians are looking for healthy, environmentally sensitive ways to get around," said Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield. "E-bikes are an easy-to-use transportation choice that reduce emissions and help cut traffic congestion."

The Ministry is conducting a pilot test to ensure that e-bikes can safely share the road with other traffic and pedestrians. For the next three years, e-bikes will be permitted on all roads where conventional bicycles are currently allowed. Riders must be at least 16 years of age and they must wear a bicycle helmet while riding.

"Emissions from cars, trucks and buses contribute greatly to the quality of air we breathe. With e-bikes, more Ontarians can connect to the outdoors in an environmentally-friendly way," said Minister of the Environment Laurel Broten.

The full text of the MoT (Ministry of Transportation) announcement can be found on the provincial government website at


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