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November 22/98 10:45 am - OCA AGM, Birthdays, Indoor Cycling Worlds

Posted by Editor on 11/22/98

OCA Annual General Meeting

After a turbulent meeting, the OCA has elected a new Board, and begun to implement procedures to deal with the large deficit and member dissatisfaction the organization faces. The results of the elections are as follows:

President - Jim Crosscombe (ex-ORMBA chair)
Treasurer - vacant
Secretary - Swatty Wotherspoon
Ontario Racing Committee Chair - Ralph Neumann
Ontario Mountain Bike Committee Chair - Rob Clements
Recreation and Transportation Chair - Gavin McPhail
Ontario Recreational Mountain Bike Alliance - Dave Seto
Chief Commissaire, Mountain - Dave Spurgeon
Chief Commissaire, Road and Track - Peter McCaffery

Due to the state of the finances, a final audited statement for the year ending March 31st, 1998 was not available. The new Executive Director (Anthony Clegg) is currently working with the auditors to produce a final document; at that point the statement will be made available to the membership and an extraordinary general meeting will be called to deal with the financial situation. Mr Clegg made a point of stating that, while the OCA is in a serious cash flow situation, it is fundamentally healthy and should be able to recover.

There were a number of awards presented at the AGM:


Most Improved Rider - Amy Jarvis
Male Rider of the year - Eric Wohlberg
Female Rider of the Year - Jennifer Pilzecker
Organizer of the Year - Cobourg Cycling Club
Contribution to Competitive Cycling - Curt Harnett

Mountain Bike

Male Rider of the Year - Seamus McGrath
Female Rider of the Year - Chrissy Redden
Junior Male - Ryan Dey
Junior Female - Lalena Desautels

To end on an encouraging note: the AGM saw the highest turnout in recent years, with considerable debate and input from a concerned membership. However, what is needed now is for the membership to taking a continuing interest in their Association. Remember: as a member, YOU own the OCA.


We missed mountain bike pro Melanie Dorion (November 19th). Our Calgary correspondent Greg Flaaten has his birthday today, and mountain biker Josh Hall celebrates his tomorrow (November 23rd).

Indoor Cycling World Championships - Prerov, Czech Republic

There is a Canadian participating! Kimberly Scully finished 21st in the Women's Single Artistic Cycling event.

Single Artistic Cycling - Men

1. Germany Rominger Martin 344.53
2. Germany Schmitt Jens 340.03 points
3. Austria Mähr Hannes 329.31

Cycle Ball - Group A

1. Germany 8 points
2. Czech Republic 7
3. Austria 7

Cycle Ball - Group B

1. Belgium 8 points
2. Netherlands 6
3. Hong Kong 4


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