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October 13/06 6:22 am - Wednesday Night Racing at the Burnaby Velodrome

Posted by Editor on 10/13/06

Wednesday Night Racing at the Burnaby Velodrome
Courtesy Steve Crowe

October 11th, 2006

How do you define fast?

One of the easiest way is to assemble some of the fastest track specialists around and put them on the boards in Burnaby. Yell "Roll out" and let them go!

That was the way it happened Wednesday night. With most of the national team and team hopefuls in attendance, things got off to a very fast start. With the likes of Matt Barlee, Keith Bruneau, Mike McCorkel, Cam McKinnon, Matt Chater and Gina Grain, along with some "locals" on the rail, the racing just had to be fast.

Two races for each group starting with a Scratch followed by a Points race. Thirteen A's and twelve B/C's took to the track for the first of ten nights of racing. With the new format of riders counting the best eight of their best ten night races, organisers were expecting a slower gradual start to the indoor racing season.

Clearly this was not the case!

First to line up were the B/C's. There was no lack of aggression as they rolled out for a short 30 lap scratch race. Action picked up early, as up and comer Mike (my bike is too small again) Rothengather decided to go off the front early and make everyone pay. The group soon caught back on and managed a well organised last couple of laps to a gentlemanly finish!!

First race for the A group: 40 quick laps, scratch race style. Right from the bell the sprinters pushed the pace very hard. Unfortunately, not hard or far enough. Less than half way into the race Matt "I can do more than sprint" Chater and Cody "Just try to make me hurt" Campbell took off, worked together and lapped the field. I would suggest writing the name "Cody" down as he is only 16 years old and can only have a bright future in this sport. Some riders decided to save themselves for the next race and headed to the infield for a rest as the pace was relentless. Andy George (BVC El Presidente) was overheard saying "we were doing 50 kph and those two just went right by us !! Top three were Cody Campbell, Matt Chater and Murray Solem.

The next B/C race was a 30 lap points with sprints every 6 laps. No real rest in a race like this. The group stayed together and once again had a very orderly (read easy to score) race. Stewart took first place, with Nick (I'm only a courier),Tobin Copley, Mike and Doug Prescot rounding out the top 5.

The A's lined up for the 36 lap points race with sprints every 6 laps. In a classic move, Keith Bruneau won the first sprint and then let the younger guys battle it out. No one managed to lap the field this time but the pace was very fast, with riders lapping in less then 14 seconds (>52kph). After the dust settled, Scott "Lala"-liberte came out on top with Chater, Mike (Ironman) McCorkel, Cody and Jeff (it's pronounced with a P) Ain rounding out the top 5 spots.

A couple of Honourable mentions for the night:

* Lori-Ann Munzer dropped by to say hello to the racers. Nice to see an Olympic medallist hanging out for the evening.

* Gina Grain, fresh off a very successful season, riding a new bike with a reflector on the back wheel. Apparently her aerobars with the bar end tassels will be here next week !!!!!

* Last but not least, Keith Bruneau auditioning for the Cirque, riding his bike through a spare tire and passing it around his body and bike while riding in the infield !!!!!!

Next week two more races for all categories.

First race weekend November 11-13.


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