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October 17/06 5:31 am - `Cross on the Rock: Island Cross Cup Series Race #2 & Series Standings

Posted by Editoress on 10/17/06

Cross on the Rock: Courtenay Coal Cross - Island Cross Cup Series Race #2 October 15th
Courtesy Normon Thibault

The Comox Valley's Inaugural Cyclocross race a huge Success

In spite of the wet conditions the Comox Valley Cycling Club's first ever Cyclocross race drew 50 participants including the former Olympian Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain) and Kona Team Riders Chris Sneddon and Wendy Simms. Wendy also led our free 'Cross' clinic which took place just prior to the racing and duked it out with the elite men finishing a solid 8th.

The course rolled through the Comox Lake Hostel grounds and along several parts of the historic Bevan Trail. The course was wet and slick and maybe one of the more technical course out there. It featured 4 dismounts per lap with a double run up, one barriers section and a log.

The beginners raced 4 laps completed in just under 40 minutes. Andrew Olive (Dr. Walker) won the men's category and Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Giant Canada) won the women's division, both riders were from Victoria. Next up was the Men's Intermediate event that was won by local rider and owner of Trail Bicycles Jeff Beeston. Trail Bicycles also supplied some of the prizes for the day. The Women's elite race was taken by Trish Sinclair (Scott) of Victoria and Robin Dutton, owner of Arrowsmith Bikes in Nanaimo took the Men's Masters event.

The Elite Men's race, which was perhaps one of the longest races in Cyclocross history, was won by Troy Woodburn (Giga Bike), from Victoria, after the Mat Hewitt (Oak Bay Bikes) and the Kris Sneddon (Kona) place rider crashed into one another during the final lap. Andrew Brown (CVCC) who spent a good part of the race battling with 2005 National Master's Champ, Normon Thibault (Frontrunners), won himself a free Massage from Rehabilitation in Motion for being the top local elite rider.

A special thanks, goes out to the Island Cross Cup Series presenting sponsor The Nanaimo Daily News as well as Frontrunners Nanaimo and Oak Bay Bikes of Nanaimo, for donating a great selection of prizes.

Another big thank you to all of the local Cycling Club Members who volunteered their time on a rainy Sunday afternoon ensuring this race was a big success.

Thanks to Comox Lake Hostel, Trail Bikes, Rehab in Motion

If you would like to be involved with the series as a sponsor, racer or host an event in 2007 please feel free to contact us.

Series and National Championships Sponsors:
Oak Bay Bikes, Frontrunners, The Howard Johnston in Naniamo, Specialized, Devinci, Norco, eNVy and Orange Sport Supply. Presented by the Nanaimo Daily News.

If you would like to be involved with the series as a sponsor, racer or host an event in 2007 please feel free to contact us.

Photos from the event can be found at:

Results from this event and past Vancouver Island Cross races can be found at:HERE

Series Schedule:
Cross on the Rock Cyclocross Series

September 17th in Nanaimo at Diver Lake Park
October 15th in Courtenay at the Comox Lake Hostel
October 29th in Victoria at Luxton Fairgrounds
November 12th in Parksville at Fletchers Farms *series final* - double points

National Championships
Also on Vancouver Island is the National Championships to be held on November 11th in Nanaimo at Beban Park. Please Note that the National Championships is not part of the series and racers will require full cycling license to participate.

Event Web site


Beginner Women - 4 Laps
1. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Giant Canada)40:15:00
Beginner Men. - 4 Laps
1. Andrew Olive (Dr. Walker GVVA)37:27:00
2. Derek Steel (NMBC)at 0:40:00
3. Jamie Moore (Arrowsmith)0:44:00
4. Mike Wood (CVCC)4:03:00
5. Curran Jongsma (Wheelers)-1 Lap
1st Lap Prime: Andrew Olive
Masters Men - 7 Laps
1. Robin Dutton (Arrowsmith)0:57:45
2. Dave Nowak (Frontrunners-CVCC)at 0:00:59
3. Jason Sandquist (Frontrunners)0:01:07
4. Bryn Shapperd (CVCC)0:02:15
5. Chris Birch (Arrowsmith)0:02:52
6. Dwayne Sales (Wheelers)0:07:47
7. Peter Wellsman (Riders Cycles)0:08:11
8. Derek Tripp 0:09:00
9. Kyle Chatlain (Arrowsmith)-1 Lap
DNF. Lonnie Nathan (CVCC)
1st Lap Prime: Bryn Shapperd
Women - 7 Laps
1. Trish Sinclair (Scott Bikes)1:01:00
2. Dawn Berg (Oak Bay Bikes)at 0:01:40
3. Brandy Svenson (Island Cycle)-1 Lap
4. Jaymie McGowan (Oak Bay Bikes)-1 Lap
5. Tanya Berg (Team X and OBB)-2 Lap
DNF. Lisa Ludwig (Oak Bay Bikes)
1st Lap Prime: Lisa Ludwig
Intermediate - 7 Laps
1. Jeff Beeston (CVCC)0:59:05
2. Bill McMillan (NMBC)at 0:01:59
3. Trevor Jones (CVCC)0:02:29
4. Lee Blais (Alberni Riders)0:05:15
5. Michael Haefelfinger (CVCC)-1 Lap
6. Ben Glassen (Oak Bay Bikes)-1 Lap
7. Aaron Amar (IRC)-1 Lap
8. Dave Gilbert (Alberni Riders)-1 Lap
9. Michael Harvey (Wheelers)-2 Lap
DNF. Daryl Chase (AVR)
1st Lap Prime: Jeff Beeston
Expert - 1 Fast Lap by Mat and then 9 slower laps!!
1. Troy Woodburn (Gigabike)1:15:38
2. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain)at 0:01:14
3. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain)0:01:59
4. Tristen Galbraith (Drop Machine C)0:04:21
5. Normon Thibault (Frontrunners)0:05:14
6. Thomas Skinner (Sugoi-Giant)0:05:24
7. Andrew Brown (CVCC)0:05:28
8. Fred Hodgson (Island Cycle)0:05:27
9. Graeme Bant (Different Bikes)0:06:29
10. Wendy Simms (Kona)0:07:24
11. Dan Molgat-Roy 0:13:18
12. John Lackey (Gallatin Alpine)-1 Lap
13. Curtis Saunders (OBB-Wheelers)-1 Lap
14. Menno Jongsma (Frontrunners)-1 Lap
15. Tyler Trace (Gigabike)-1 Lap
DNF. Garry Croome (Frontrunners)
DNF. Kris Sneddon (Kona-Les Gets)
DNF. Mat Hewitt (Oak Bay Bikes)
1st Lap Prime: Mat Hewitt

Series Standings
Masters Men
1. Mark Svenson 15 pts
2. Robin Dutton (Arrowsmith )15
3. Brian Griffin (MRC)13
4. Dave Nowack (Frontrunners)13
5. Gary Croome (Frontrunners)12
6. Jason Sandquist (Frontrunners)12
7. Dale Ewanchook (Flora Glow)11
8. Bryn Shapperd (CVCC)11
9. Ken Dean 10
10. Peter Wellsman (Ryders Cycle)10
11. Chris Birch (Arrowsmith )10
12. Brad Collins (BSP)9
13. Derek Tripp (NBC)9
14. Dwayne Sales (Wheelers)9
15. Mark Bennett (CVC)8
16. Kyle Chatlain (Arrowsmith )8
17. Ray LaChance 7
18. Rick Thiessen (Gigabike)6
19. Joe Wessel (COBRA)5
20. Jeff Hanninen (Bayside)4
21. Steven Murray (SORCA)3
22. Lance McGuire (SORCA)2
1. Trish Sinclair (Scott Bikes)27 pts
2. Jaymie McGowan (Oak Bay Bikes)22
3. Kelly Jones (Sugoi)15
4. Lisa Ludwig (Oak Bay Bikes)13
5. Dawn Berg (Oak Bay Bikes)13
6. Brandy Svenson (Island Cycle)12
7. Heather King (Natural Earth)10
8. Tanya Berg (Team X - OBB)10
9. Sarah McMillan (Dizzy Chicks)9
1. Trevor Jones (CVCC)24 pts
2. Bill McMillan (NMBC)24
3. Lee Blais (Alberni Riders)20
4. Ben Glassen (Oak Bay Bikes)19
5. David Kenny (Juventus)15
6. Jeff Beeston (CVCC)15
7. Dave Gilbert (Alberni Riders)14
8. Robbie Bitz (Local Ride)13
9. Michael Haefelfinger (CVCC)10
10. Daryl Chase (Alberni Riders)8
11. Aaron Amar (IRC)8
12. Jak New (Escape Velocity)6
13. Michael Harvey (Wheelers)6
1. Troy Woodburn (Gigabike)26 pts
2. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain)25
3. Thomas Skinner (Sugoi)19
4. Normon Thibault (Frontrunners)16
5. Tristen Galbraith 16
6. Rob Britton (Gigabike)15
7. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain)13
8. Stefan Widmer (Sugoi)12
9. John Lackey (Gellatin Alpine)11
10. Craig Ritchey (Torquay)9
11. Wendy Simms (Kona)8
12. Andrew Brown (CVCC)8
13. Dwayne Kress (SORCA)7
14. Fred Hodgson (Island Cycle)7
15. Graeme Bant (Different Bikes)6
16. Michael Burns (Devo)4
17. Dan Molgat-Roy 4
18. Andrew Kent (AMC)2
19. Christen Hansen (Fastwitch)2
20. Jeff Blair (Norco)2
21. Curtis Saunders (OBB-Wheelers)2
22. Menno Jongsma (Frontrunners)2
23. Tyler Trace (Gigabike)2


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