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October 20/06 9:11 am - Red Bull Road Rage Heads Back to Tuna Canyon

Posted by Editor on 10/20/06

Red Bull Road Rage Heads Back to Tuna Canyon

On November 11th, the worlds best cyclists will return to Tuna Canyon in Malibu, California for another chance to prove they are the fastest descent rider on the planet. Last year's inaugural winner and former world downhill mountain bike champion Myles Rockwell will be back to defend his title against all comers.

The riders invited to try and dethrone Rockwell at the 2006 Red Bull Road Rage include a list of the top descent riders from all riding backgrounds: Freddie Rodriguez, Cedric Gracia, Steve Peat, Greg Minaar, Steve Tilford, Dave Cullinan, and Fabien Barel are a few new names invited in 2006 as well as returns from last years warriors like runner up and speed trap winner Dave McCook and Brian Lopes. Other riders high on the invitation list are Paolo Savoldelli and John Tomac (Note: Canada's Shaums March will be participating). After the success of last years event, rider interest is very high and invitations will be hard to come by, so look for a field of the very best names at this year's race.

Expect to see many of the exciting features that made last year's race a huge thrill for everyone involved. Full face helmets, disc brakes and pads will be back on a road bike to take the 2 mile course with its 2,000 foot elevation drop, cliff-hanging berms and 180 degree turns at speeds of up to 60 mph. New additions are also planned for 2006 that will add to the excitement and intensity that this unique event brings, more information on that to follow.

Red Bull Road Rage will consist of two race formats: Time Trials, where individuals race against the clock; and Pack Race, a bordercross-style race format, where the top 16 riders from the Time Trial will be placed into 4 man heats and throw it on the line. The top two riders in each heat will advance through the bracket and after three trips down the hill, a champion will be crowned.

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