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October 22/06 10:22 am - Forest City Velodrome Six-Day: Day 2

Posted by Editoress on 10/22/06

Forest City Six-Day (Day 2) London, Ontario
Courtesy Bob Schelstraete

Yesterday (October 21st) was day 2 of the six-day bike race at London's Forest City Velodrome. The crowd was treated to continuous action, as teams tried to gain a lap on each other. Unlike day one, very few succeeded due to counterattacks at every attempt.

Team London rider Ryan Crawford who had a bad crash Friday night was back in the lineup. Early in the first of the three sessions Waterloo lost a lap. They attacked in the third session and got the lap back on Teams Delhi, Brantford and London. Teams Vancouver and Hamilton followed behind to also claim a lap. That left Hamilton and Vancouver one lap ahead of the other four teams.

Stephen Meyer of Team Delhi won the Miss and Out event and Eric Robertson of Team Brantford fought shoulder to shoulder with Team Waterloo and Vancouver to win the final sprint for double points.

Racing continues Sunday at 2pm. The final 3 days are next weekend, Friday and Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm.

Results of Day 2

1. Vancouver (Keith Thorarison/Dave Byer), 30 pts
2. Hamilton (Vince DeJong/Lorne Falkenstein), 16
3. Brantford (Eric Robertson/Piers Davidge), 32 - at 1 lap
4. Waterloo (Rob Good/Joe Veloce), 30 - at 1 lap
5. Delhi (Michael Renneboog/Stephen Meyer), 29 - at 1 lap
6. London (Garnett Abbey/Ryan Crawford), 17 - at 1 lap

6 Day Standings

Day 1Day 2Total
1. Team Brantford10818 pts
2. Team Vancouver71017
3. Team Delhi10616
4. Team Waterloo8715
5. Team Hamilton6915
6. Team London6511

London Track League

Points Race - 40 laps
1. Andrew Leparskas, 19 pts
2. Stephanie Bester, 17 pts
3. Travis Samuel, 12 pts
4. Ryan Lave, 8 pts
5. Ernie Regan, 4 pts

Miss and Out
1. Chris Vlemmix
2. Julian Shea
3. Will Lampe
4. Kyle Rupay
5. Brian Kelly
6. Rob Rupay

Scratch Race - 30 Laps
1. Andrew Leparskis
2. Kyle Rupay
3. Stephanie Bester
4. Travis Samuel
5. Ernie Regan

Scratch Race - 30 Laps
1. Chris Vlemmix
2. Will Lampe
3. Julian Shea
4. Brian Kelly
5. Rob Rupay


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