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October 29/06 7:58 am - Forest City Velodrome Six Day: Day 5

Posted by Editoress on 10/29/06

Forest City Six-Day Bike Race
Courtesy Bob Schelstraete

Day 5

Team Brantford,Eric Robertson and Piers Davidge, having lost the overall six-day lead Friday night recaptured it tonight and are tied with Team Vancouver, Keith Thorarison and Dave Byer.

Going into the start of the third and final session of day five all six teams were tied in laps with only four points separating the top four teams - Vancouver, London, Brantford and Delhi.

With 25 minutes to go Team London went down one lap and then 8 minutes later went on the attack to successfully regain it. Team Brantford, Eric Robertson and Piers Davidge, launched an attack right behind them. After a lengthy battle Brantford managed to catch the others to gain their lap and thereby take the overall lead.

The placings for the next three teams were determined by the very last 10 lap sprint.

Day 5 results:
1. Team Brantford, 29 points
2. Team Vancouver (1 lap behind) 37 pts (tied)
2. Team London (1 lap behind) 37 pts (tied)
4. Team Delhi (1 lap behind) 34 pnts
5. Team Waterloo ( lap behind) 32 pnts
6. Team Hamilton (1 lap behind) 28 pnts

Overall Standings going into last day:
1. Team Brantford
1. Team Vancouver, tied with 42 points
3. Team Delhi, 40
4. Team London, 38
5. Team Hamilton, 35
6. Team Waterloo, 32

Final Day of the Six-Day is Sunday starting at 2pm


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