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October 30/06 11:03 am - Calgary East End Super 'Cross

Posted by Editor on 10/30/06

East End Super 'Cross - Calgary
Courtesy Per Strom

The second race of Calgary's double header cross weekend took place this past Sunday (October 29) at Penbrooke Park on Calgary's east end. The weather changed dramatically overnight with heavy snowfall and high winds making for challenging race conditions. Despite the sub zero temperatures a total of 36 riders contested the Alberta Cross Cup Series Final. A relatively flat course including numerous fast, open pavement and grass sections was highlighted by several technical features including two deep pea gravel sections and sectors of tight off camber switchbacks and chicanes.

The Sport Men took to the challenging course first and established that many of the courses technical switchbacks and tight chicanes would have to be tackled on foot due to the extremely slippery conditions created by the heavy snowfall. Driving winds created snow drifts on many of the flat sections resulting in dynamic changes in course conditions from lap to lap. The Sport Mens race was taken by Lance Adamson (Juventus) in a tight finish with Trevor Pombert (United Cycle).

In the Expert Mens event weather conditions remained unchanged and blew the group of ten riders to pieces early on. Lonn Bate (Terrascape) had established a healthy advantage and seemed clear to take the win until a dropped chain cost him valuable seconds in the closing lap forcing a sprint finish in which Roger Clemens (United Cycle) proved to be the strongest. Mical Dyck (Terrascape) opted to contest the Expert Men's race instead of continuing her reign of dominance in the Elite Womens field to better prepare for upcoming events.

As a result of Mical Dyck's absence from the Women's field, the door was left wide open for a new talent to take the top step on the podium. Adrienne Tibbitts (GS Campione) proved worthy of the challenge and slipped and slid her way to her first Alberta Cross Cup victory this season.

In the final event of the day 14 Elite Men took to the start. The opening laps were dominated by Shaun Bunnin (Cycledelia) who seemed to thrive in the challenging conditions. Although the field remained relatively compact in the opening laps the conditions and efforts of the day before proved too much for many as gaps opened around every treacherous switchback and 180 degree turn. Bunnin seemed poised to make his first appearance in the top 5 of the Alberta cross season at the top of the podium, however a charging Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle) narrowly managed to take the win in the final meters and remain the clear king of Alberta cross.

Many thanks to the riders who supported the event despite the adverse weather conditions. On that note also a huge thank you to all of the generous volunteers who remained committed despite the cold and helped put on a very successful event especially James Purdy and Keith Bayly. Thanks to Alex Bautista for securing the many sponsors who pulled through on short notice including: Pedalhead Bicycle Works, Techno Sport, Louis Garneau, Cycles Lambert, Urban Baker, Metro Vino and Region 1 Airlines. Finally thanks to Carrie with the Calgary Parks for securing the Penbrooke venue on extremely short notice.

Elite / Open Men
1 Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle)48:40
2 Shawn Bunnin (Cycledelia)48:45
3 Ryan Hopping (ERTC/Redbike)49:01
4 Peter Toth (ERTC/Redbike)49:41
5 Shaun Adamson (Juventus)49:42
6 Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)49:55
7 Nick Friesen (Pedalhead Roadworks)50:06
8 Aaron Schooler (ERTC/Redbike)50:24
9 Chris McNeil (Canary Cycles)50:42
10 Per Strom (bicisport)50:58
11 Andre Sutton (Hardcore)51:15
12 Jeff Neilson (Terrascape)53:09
DNF Keith Bayly (Deadgoat)
DNF Cody Canning (ERTC/Redbike)
1 Roger Clemens (United Cycle)37:29
2 Lonn Bates (Terrascape)s.t.
3 Reid Cummings (Cyclemeister/Bow Cycle)38:26
4 Pat Doyle (Deadgoat)38:49
5 Mical Dyck (Terrascape)39:27
6 Tim Brezsnyak (Deadgoat)39:48
7 Kyle Anderson (ERTC/Redbike)40:34
8 Daniel Hunka (Juventus)42:18
9 Brian Kullman (Synergy)43:55
DNF Claude Breau (bicisport)
1 Adrienne Tibbitts (GS Campione)29:05
2 Cindy Koo (Deadgoat)31:05
3 Alana Heise (Terrascape)32:042
4 Krystyn Ong (Juventus)32:49
5 Joanne Breau (bicisport)33:35
1 Lance Adamson (Juventus)24:24
2 Trevor Pombert (United Cycle)24:31
3 Scott Book (ERTC/Redbike)25:21
4 Antonio Bilotta (Pedalhead Roadworks)26:53
5 Michael Zelensky (Terrascape)27:52
6 Andrew Schietzsch (Juventus)30:15
7 Felix Wilberg (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)at 1 lap


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