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October 31/06 8:18 am - OCA Explains New Road Race Model

Posted by Editoress on 10/31/06

OCA Explains New Road Race Model
Courtesy OCA

At a recent meeting of the OCA Board of Directors, a new system for Road Racing Ontario Cups was ratified. These new rules and regulations have been in the planning stages for several months. There have been many meetings leading up to these new regulations. The Development Committee, many OCA members, staff, and the Board have all been involved in the process. The complete Rules and Rules can be viewed here:

Goals and Objectives

To encourage and provide racers of every age and ability to participate in OCA sanctioned races by providing access to events that reflect their fitness and experience, while at the same time providing a safe and rewarding beginner race experience.

To maintain a reasonable number of categories to allow for organizers the ability to offer a full slate of categories on any given race day.

To maintain the focus of Ontario Road Racing on the development of young riders and growth of new riders by providing them with access to competitive races and learning opportunities.


Bring back the fourth Senior men's category (Senior 4 or S4). The new category would serve as both as an entry level category to encourage club level riders to take the next step in competitive racing, and provide a competitive category for existing S3 riders who currently find the S3 category too fast. This category would be mandatory for any first time licensee, with the opportunity to upgrade through the current points system used for upgrading.

Restructure the Master aged based system of MA/MB/MC/MD and reorganize into three ability based Master categories: M1, M2, and M3. Upgrades will be handled in a similar way as the current Senior system works. Downgrades will be handled differently.

Increase the upper age limit for Senior men to 35, except for Provincial championships and any Nationally sanctioned event where UCI categories apply. A grandfather clause will be put in place; any 31+ year old in 2007 will have the option to remain a Master rider, however, all 30 year olds in 2007 will have to register as an Ontario Senior for Ontario racing purposes. (They would still have the option to take a UCI/CCA Master A license, with the Ontario Senior category being their default category for Ontario events) A grandfather clause chart will be shown later on in this document (click on the link above) and an example of the choices to be made is at the end of the notes.


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