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November 1/06 11:27 am - Burnaby Velodrome Report

Posted by Editor on 11/1/06

Burnaby Velodrome Report
Courtesy Steve Crowe

i.w.e. Rear Ends Only Ltd. presents the Fall Wednesday Night Race Series at the Burnaby Velodrome

Race Report October 25th

Another night of fast racing was on tap for the large group of B and the slightly smaller (but no less competitive) A group.

First up were the 14 Bs with the dreaded 40 lap points race, featuring sprints every 8 laps. The action started slow, but quickly built to top speed as Stewart (too old to be an A) Lynn took the first sprint and never looked back as he rode off the front and maintained a healthy lead right to the finish. Dave (I'm also too old to be an A) Kosik took second spot with Tobin Copley and Nick Berry rounding out the order. We have to wonder if any of the young guys can match the pace of the cagey vets.

The A group was next. A quick Win & Out to get the legs going was up first. A smaller field took to the rail with a number of the top sprinters "resting" for the upcoming track trials and Gina Grain away working on her bike (maybe fenders and a rack?). The first sprint after just a few laps saw Mike (I can't make up my mind) McCorkell just edging out Murray Solem for the win. Over heard after the race: "That was fun. I hope we never do that again".

The still smiling B group was up next for the Unknown distance race. This is (of course) a favorite for the race organizers as we can toy with the riders by walking over to the bell and then walking away. After 7 minutes of action the bell was rung and Stew took off followed by Mike Rothengater. Stew crossed first but was DQ'ed by the ever vigilant race officials for leaving the sprinters lane in the final turn. Mike R took the win followed by the new guy Julian Base. Tobin, Dave K and Jenny Trew finished up the order.

The A's the went to the rail for a 40 lap snowball race. This race is a tough one as the winner of each lap is awarded points. 1 point if you win the first lap, 2 for the second lap, 3 for the third and so on. Lots of strategy in this one. Do you go early ? Do you wait to the end ? How do these guys keep track of who has how many. The winner of this race was Scott Laliberte followed by Murray Solem. Both these guys use the tried and true 'double up theory'. They try to win two laps at a time during the race. Seems to work as they outscored the third place Brett W by almost 2:1. Cody Campbell took fourth spot with Chris Reid fifth.

The not smiling anymore B group was up for the third race of the night. The famous BVC elimination to scratch race. The last rider across the line is eliminated every three laps until half the group is left and they finish with a 10 lap scratch race. This race starts fast, has a 30 second slow lap or two and then off they go again to the finish. The group split in two as the quick older guys lead the way until the last ten laps. Mike R took the sprint from Stew with Juian, Jenny and Tobin rounding out the finish order.

One last go round for the A group. The basic 30 lap scratch. Still some fresh legs as the pace was high right from the start. Jeff Ain put in a solid effort leading the way off the front again but came up 2 laps short. Got caught and passed. Brett took the sprint from Murray with Mike, Scott and Cody finishing the night off.

A busy couple of weeks at the track. This week Monday through Wednesday the CCA is hosting track trials for the Sprinters. Racing again this Wednesday and the first BVC race weekend Nov 11-12.


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