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November 15/06 1:53 am - Dionne to Colavita

Posted by Editor on 11/15/06

Dionne Signs with Colavita

After a difficult in year in Europe, that saw him race very little due to a medical condition, Charles Dionne has signed with Colavita Sutter Home Pro Cycling to race on the North American circuit.

"I had a year in Europe that was extremely difficult both physically and for my morale level. Despite everything, I liked my experiment with a European professional team. I was able to take part in two of the greatest races - Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders. However, even in my first races, I felt the pain and the problem worsened by continuing to race.", said Dionne.

The problem proved to be an external endofibrosis of the iliac artery in the left leg; a problem which affects the blood pressure in the leg and causes pain. It is a rather frequent problem for high level cyclists who train thousands of kilometers. Charles was treated by Doctor Xavier Alvarez Fernandez, a specialist for this kind of problem.

The vascular surgeon concluded that an operation was necessary. Charles had to undergo a series of tests preliminary to this operation before going under the knife on October 26th in the Cabuenes de Gijon hospital in the north of Spain. Several well-known cyclists, including Stuart O'Grady, have had the same operation, and have ridden well afterwards.

"Very recently, I made the decision not to return to Europe, to take time to recover well. Following this decision, and in spite of the fact that I had just undergone an operation, I had at once an excellent offer of the American team Colavita, an offer which I could not refuse. I am quite glad to return to cycling and I am crossing my fingers that my operation will allow me to regain my condition in order to once again win." declared Dionne.

The 2007 U.S. calendar includes several important races which Dionne is impatient to participate in. "The task will be difficult, but I am ready to work very hard. I always put in the energy necessary in order to achieve my goals and I will continue in this line."


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