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November 19/06 10:03 am - Wrubleski in El Tucson, Albion Thrills 'Cross

Posted by Editor on 11/19/06

Wrubleski at El Tour De Tucson
Courtesy Chloe Black

Just letting you know that Alex Wrubleski finished an impressive 37th for the 24th El Tour De Tucson. She covered the 109 miles with an average of 25.3 mph. She was the first Canadian and first woman, and she finished only 3:56 from the overall winner. With over 8,000 entries and over 4,000 in the 109 distance, she rocked! I knew she'd do great, but this was impressive!

Albion Thrills Cyclo-cross
Courtesy Brad Day

November 19, 2006
Bolton, Ontario
Presented by Sean Ruppel, Superfly Racing

PeeWee & Minime Men 5 laps
1Noah Summers (Newmarket Eagles - Min)50:00
2Luke Winn (Impala - Min)at 14:05
DNFMack Thomson (Arrow Racing - Min)
Senior & Master Women 5 laps
1Carolyne Haill (Chain Reaction - MB)50:35
2Tabitha Ferguson (Waterloo CC - MA)at 1:00
3Holland Gidney (Independent - Sr)2:05
4Celine Dennis (Mississauga - Sr)2:30
5Kelly Kavanagh (Mississauga - MA)3:15
6Karina Sacca (Independent - Sr)3:45
7Briana Illingworth (Independent - Sr)10:05
8MaryClare Haley (Hamilton CC - MB)10:20
9Prisca Natterer (True North - MA)-1 lap
Master B/C/D Men 6 laps
1Paul Greene (Chain Reaction - MB)50:00
2David Dermont (True North - MB)at s.t.
3Stuart Green (St Catharines - MB)2:50
4Adrian Jackson (Wheels of Bloor - MB)s.t.
5Peter Hennessy (Independent - MB)3:35
6Garnett Abbey (D'Ornellas - MB)4:10
7Roy Andrigo (H&R Block - MB)s.t.
8Rob Cheskey (Hamilton CC - MC)4:20
9Tim Matthews (Peterborough - MB)4:50
10Peter Perrin (D'Ornellas - MB)s.t.
11Martin Kohn (Independent - MC)6:30
12Hugh Hill (HB Cycling - MB)s.t.
13John Crumlish (Independent - MB)6:35
14Rudy Ziegler (Randonneurs - MB)7:35
15Richard Wade (Newmarket - MC)8:05
16Len Harris (Independent - MB)s.t.
17Scott Thomson (Arrow Racing - MB)8:20
18Ron Spencer (Independent - MB)8:30
19Elmore Brenton (Newmarket - MD)-1 lap
20Bill Buckley (Midweek - MC)-1 lap
21Rob Galbraith (Independent - MD)-1 lap
22Fulvio Cubello (HB Cycling - MB)-1 lap
23Anthony Whetham (Impala - MB)-1 lap
24John David (Independent - MB)-1 lap
25Ed Rieckelman (Ind. - MB)-1 lap
26Frank Morrow (Independent - MC)-1 lap
27Bill Vermeerson (Ind. - MB)-1 lap
28Tim Buckley (HB Cycling - MC)-1 lap
29Jeff Kielley (Brampton - MC)-1 lap
30Phil Renaud (Hamilton CC - MB)-2 laps
DNFEric Sanders (Independent - MB)
Cadet & Junior Men 6 laps*
1Zachary Hughes (The Hub - Cad)55:55
2Bennett Winn (Impala - Cad)-1 lap
3Brendan Ramrattan (Ind. - Cad)s.t.
Master A Men 6 laps*
1Andrew Croutch (True North)52:31
2Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta)at :05
3Peter Mogg (The Hub)s.t.
4Matt Berridge (La Bicicletta)1:00
5Rodney Merchant (Independent)2:25
6Pavle Stanojevic (Bikezone)3:15
7Brent Fargo (Neworld Cycle)s.t.
8Zachary Steinman (True North)3:25
9Mike Foster (The Hub)4:00
10Hamish Gordon (Team Race)4:05
11Chris Kiziak (Bikesports)4:45
12Alex Sanna (Waterloo CC)5:00
13Greg Palmer (Coach Chris)6:20
14Gary Serra (Bikezone)7:10
15Roaul Khan (ZM Cycle)7:55
16Cliff Vanclief (The Hub)8:20
17Jonathen Wood (Red Bike)8:50
18Michael Mandel (Independent)s.t.
19Darko Antic (Open Access)9:55
20Sam Babe (Open Access)10:00
21Joel Rose (Waterloo CC)-1 lap
22Roderick Olliver (Open Access)
23Jason Mottaz (Independent)
24Rob Sidhu (Independent)all s.t.
DNFGlenn Cameron (Bikesports)
Senior Men 7 laps*
1Andrew Watson (Team Race)56:39
2Peter Morse (Jet Fuel)at :25
3David Coughlin (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif)s.t.
4Nathan Chown (Cyclissmo)3:35
5Kevin Hazzard (McMaster Cycling)4:45
6Erik Box (The Hub)4:55
7Shawn Marshall (Barrie CC)5:15
8John Van Arragon (The Hub Bicycle Club)s.t.
9Erich Baumhard (Aquila-Racer Sportif)7:40
10Zachary Winn (Impala)8:05
11Shane Hollingshead (Barrie CC)-1 lap
12Alex Korten (Jvr Betawaurs)
13Dave Brown (Bikesport)
14Charlie Bryer (Neworld Cycle)
15Bill Wells (D'Ornellas)
16Jason Ramboer (Ind.)all s.t.

* extended course


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