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November 20/06 1:56 am - Forest City Velodrome

Posted by Editoress on 11/20/06

Forest City VelodromeNovember 18th, London ON
Courtesy Bob Schelstraete

It was sprint and Velo-Kids night at London's Forest City Velodrome.

Waterloo's Jamie Shankland was the number one seed in the feature sprint tournament but was eliminated in the 1/4 Finals by up and coming London speedster Stephen Meyer.

Meyer in turn lost in the final to Vancouvers Keith Thorarison.
Shankland went on to dominate the 'A' group Scratch Race.

In the 'B' group, Velo-kids sprint tournament it was Brian Kelly of London placing second to Peterborough's Kyle Rupay.

Velo-Kids teamed up with the seniors to race in the team sprint event. The winners were the team was Ryan Lave of Ilderton, Alex Fournier of Belmont and Brandon Throop of Toronto.

Next race is on Dec 2 and 3rd with the 2 day Can-Am-Quebec Challenge.

Miss and Out Scratch Race

'A' Group
1. Jamie Shankland
2. Keith Thorarison
3. Stephen Meyer
4. Michael Renneboog
5. Lorne Falkenstein
6. Brandon Throop
7. Julian Shea
8. Vince DeJong
9. Alex Fournier
10. Will Lampe

'B' Group
1. Andrew Lockhart
2. Kyle Rupay
3. Brian Kelly
4. Stephanie Bester
5. Rob Rupay
6. Ernie Regan


500 M
1. Brianne Rupay
2. Ryan Lave
3. Ernie Regan
4. Amberley Berman

Scratch Race - 7 Laps
1. Ryan Lave
2. Brianne Rupay
3. Ernie Regan
4. Amberley Berman


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