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November 22/06 9:34 am - Fletcher's Farm 'Cross REVISED & 'Cross on the Rock Final Standings

Posted by Editor on 11/22/06

'Cross on the Rock 2006 - Final Series Standings
Courtesy Normon Thibault

The updated Fletcher's Farm results from last weekend (now the weekend before last - November 12th - as I could not get this e-mail out until today). We missed two people in the masters race because of number placement and mud. We learned that numbers on the right are good. Numbers on the left are good. Numbers in the middle are BAD.

As well if you looked closely at the results the times back were all screwed up due to a formula error. Again with fatigue etc. I did not catch it until this morning when I was figuring out the series points.

Also our biggest error of the series was that we made a mistake with the women's series results. Mud in the eyes. Fatigue. Mostly because of calculation errors on the spot when we were trying to figure it out on Sunday afternoon. When we initially do the results they are sorted by time. So if someone is lapped but they come in a shorter time then initially they are placed higher in the results. In the women's race this placed two people a head of Trish Sinclair. At the time we did not catch it and added up the points. We thought that it was a tie between Trish and Lisa Ludwig when in fact Trish ended up with 6 more points than Lisa for the series. All the media etc. reported the series winner for women as being Lisa.....we are SO sorry to both of those riders and will get Trish a prize to equal the series one......somehow!

All in all we had over 120 riders ranked in the series.

I have not done a count to see how many separate riders we have had but we are extremely pleased with the first year turn out.

We have already started to plan out the series for next year. We have some pretty cool ideas. Some changes. Some new venues and hopefully a extended cross season that lasts more than 8 weeks in BC.

I had some great e-mails from people this week and one of my favorites was from Will at the bike barn that travelled down from Penticton for the Nationals; Cross is weird hey....I finished the race fully fucked....legs tired, lungs burning (Aart and I were both coughing the whole way home), and back aching and all I could think was 'I can't wait to do that again'. Anyways thanks again.

That is what we like to hear. People that are pumped on it as much as we are.

A major thanks to all the racers. A HUGE thanks to all the sponsors that helped us out in our first year. Most of all thanks to all the people that worked on the events helping out and making sure that everything ran smoothly. The effort was noticeable.

Stay tuned for any further information and news in the near future.

Normon, Corey, Wendy and the rest of the cross on the rock crew.

Revised Fletcher's Farm Results

Intermediate MenClubTownLapsTimeTime back
1Chris ReidMidweek ClubVancouver328:12-
2Lance AmmsonJuventus329:010:00
3Bill McMillanNMBCNanaimo329:080:07
4Aaron AmarIsland Racing ClubVictoria329:270:26
5Trevor JonesCowichan ValleyCourtney330:011:00
6Andrew OliveDr. WalkerVictoria330:181:17
7Lee BlaisAlberni Valley RidersPort Alberni331:112:10
8Lonnie NathanRiver City Cycling ClubCampbell River331:272:26
9Collin RennieNMBCNanaimo331:282:27
10Kyle ChatlainArrowsmith BikesNanaimo332:033:02
11Ryan CousineauEscape VelocityPort Moody332:133:12
12Jak NewEscape VelocityVancouver332:173:16
13Russ KristensenAVR332:253:24
14David GilbertAVR332:563:55
15Meshkat JavidMighty RidersVancouver332:573:56
16Daryl ChaseAVR333:254:24
17Brian PayneSchwalbeVictoria336:427:41
18Russ DoddNMBC339:3710:36
19Andrew SchietzschJuventusEdmonton112:27-2 laps
Beginner MenClubTownLapsTimeTime back
1Conor ObrianRide with RendallChelsea Quebec331:11-
2Derek SteelNMBCNanaimo333:172:06
3Doug StetarOBBCC334:133:02
4David SchoolerOBB334:143:03
5Jay RuzickaWheelers334:323:21
6Kiernan OrangeRide With RendallChelsea Quebec336:425:31
7Roland RabienCBBC338:427:31
8Curran JongsmaOBBNanaimo231:01-1 lap
9Nicholas TarverOBBWhite Rock241:11-1 lap
Beginner WomenClubTownLapsTimeTime back
1Jeanine Ball338:41-
WomenClubTownLapsTimeTime back
1Tara RossCheerwineDundas545:23-
2Kelly JonesSugoi Factory TeamVancouver545:300:07
3Lisa LudwigOak Bay BikesVictoria545:420:19
4Dawn BergOak Bay BikesVictoria546:291:06
5Sandra WalterxofeltCoquitlam548:403:17
6Patricia SinclairScottVictoria548:533:30
7Karen WatsonMcMaster Cycling ClubHamilton550:174:54
8Jaymie McGowanOak Bay BikesVictoria551:125:49
9Jenny TrewTeam GiantCalgary551:286:05
10Brandy SvensonArrowsmithParksville552:417:18
11Chelsea BilsbarrowGiant CanadaVictoria444:16- 1 lap
12Barbara PolehovkieBlizzard Cycling ClubFort St John345:31- 2 lap
13Jinny ScottOak Bay BikesVictoria348:55- 2 lap
14Tanya BergCBCVictoria111:34DNF
15Amanda ShawBiovailOttawa111:52DNF
Masters MenClubTownLapsTimeTime back
1Robert OrangeRide With RendallChelsea542:21-
2Andrew BrownDalvay/TaylorsComox542:280:07
3Steve MurraySquamish543:140:53
4Clayton SansburyBayside CyclingWhite Rock543:160:55
5Robin DuttonArrowsmith BikesNanaimo544:191:58
6Jason SandquistFrontrunnersDuncan545:343:13
7Chris BirchArrowsmith BikesLadysmith546:113:50
8Tracy ShearerJuventusJuventus546:594:38
9Curtis SaundersOak Bay BikesVictoria547:084:47
10Bryn ShapperdArrowsmith BikesVictoria547:144:53
11Andrew HiltonPedalhead RoadworksEdmonton547:215:00
12Paul O’BlenesThe CycleryOttawa547:225:01
13Rumon CarterFrontrunnersVictoria547:455:24
14Rick Thiessengigabike/Lazy BoyVictoria548:105:49
15Gary CroomeFrontrunnersNanaimo548:546:33
16Derek TrippNanaimo Bicycle ClubNanaimo548:546:33
17Justin MarkFrontrunners-ArrowsmithNanaimo550:147:53
18Peter WellsmanRider's CyclesVictoria551:299:08
19Patrick FerrisBlizzard Bike ClubFort St. John443:01- 1 lap
20Hugh FletcherAMBCErrington443:17- 1 lap
21Barry BrennanVancouver446:27- 1 lap
22Keith BaylyDeadgoat RacingCalgary446:49- 1 lap
23Brad CollinsBSPVancouver219:35DNF
24Dave NowakFrontrunners/CVCCCourtenay111:37DNF
Elite RaceClubTownLapsTimeTime back
1Kris SneddonKonaVictoria752:47-
2Michael GarriganHB Cycling ClubOro Station752:480:01
3Nick FriesenPedalheadRed Deer754:201:33
4Kevin NoilesMasi-AdobeVancouver754:592:12
5David CouglinAquila RacingToronto755:282:41
6Nathan ChowCyclissimo/KonaSt. Catherines756:053:18
7Garrett McLeodWolfvilleAnnapolis Valley CC756:283:41
8Craig HawkesThe CycleryOttawa756:584:11
9Andre SuttonHardcoreEdmonton757:074:20
10Troy WoodburnGigaBikeVictoria757:284:41
11Chris McNeilCanary CycleSt. Johns, Newfoundland757:374:50
12Wendy SimmsKonaNanaimo757:414:54
13Rob GosselinAtomicVancouver758:265:39
14Stephen ProulxThe CycleryOttawa758:465:59
15Menno JongsmaFrontrunnersNanaimo758:476:00
16Alan ReainFresh Air ExperienceCalgary758:586:11
17Aaron SchoolerE.R.T.C.Edmonton71:01:21
18Christopher Molgat-RoyPedalheadVictoria71:01:47
19Normon ThibaultFrontrunnersNanaimo652:49- 1 lap
20Scott KellyGigaBikeVictoria653:32- 1 lap
21Scott MaloneSteed CyclesNorth Vancouver655:07- 1 lap
22Matthew O'HaganIRC. Cameron LawVictoria550:11DNF
23David LarsonEdmontonJuventus551:05DNF
24Alexander FultonOttawa Bike ClubOttawa19:42DNF
25Dave BrooksTeam Sask.Regina152:15DNF

Final Series Standings

Complete after 4 of 4 Events

Organized by: The Tired Cross Crew
Brought to you by Multi-Sport Promotions:

Thanks to all our sponsors for the season.

Presented By the Nanaimo Daily News

Gold: Oak Bay Bikes, Frontrunners, Howard Johnson
Silver: Specialized, Devinci, Norco, Crank Brothers, BBB
Bronze: Arrowsmith Bikes, PowerBar, Fox
First Lap Prime Sponsor: Lighthouse Breweries
LeMans Start Prime: Adidas
Community: Malaspina University, Trail Bikes, Rehab in Motion, Orange Sport Supply

Thanks to Series Venues: Comox Lake Hostel, Mechosin Farmers Institute, Nanaimo Parks and Recreation, Nanaimo BMX association and The Fletchers.

Special Thanks to: Mid Island Towing, United Rentals, Gary and Shaula Croome for doing the timing, Pacific West Forklift for helping us out with the occasional big rock.

Masters MenDiver LakeCourtenayVictoriaFletchersTotal
1Robin DuttonArrowsmith 15122047
2Jason SandquistFrontrunners1281838
3Bryn ShapperdCVCC1191232
4Chris BirchArrowsmith 1051631
5Robert OrangeRide with Rendall3030
6Steven MurraySORCA32427
7Andrew BrownDalvay/Taylors2626
8Dave NowackFrontrunners131124
9Gary CroomeFrontrunners127423
10Clayton SansburyBayside2222
11Derek TrippNBC274417
12Mark Svenson1515
13Pete StevensonCowichan1515
14Tracy ShearerJuventus1414
15Brian GriffinMRC1313
16Dave HoldenAvia West1313
17Rick ThiessenGigabike63413
18Peter WellsmanRyders Cycle28212
19Dale EwanchookFlora Glow1111
20Ken Dean1010
21David Perrin1010
22Andrew HiltonPedalhead 1010
23Brad CollinsBSP99
24Dwayne SalesWheelers99
25Mark BennettCVC88
26Kyle ChatlainArrowsmith 88
27Rumon CarterFrontrunners268
28Paul O'BlenesThe Cyclery88
29Ray LaChance77
30James WhiteWORKA66
31Joe WesselCOBRA55
32Jeff HanninenBayside44
33Lance McGuireSORCA22
34Mike SevcovNMC22
WomenDiver LakeCourtenayVictoriaFletchersTotal
1Trish SinclairScott Bikes1215131858
2Lisa LudwigOak Bay Bikes13152452
3Jaymie McGowanOak Bay Bikes1111121448
4Kelly JonesSugoi152641
5Dawn BergOak Bay Bikes132235
6Brandy SvensonIsland Cycle12111033
7Tara RossCheerwine3030
8Sandra WalterX0 Felt2020
9Karen WatsonMcMaster CC1616
10Jenny TrewTeam Giant1212
11Heather KingNatural Earth1010
11Tanya BergTeam X - OBB1010
11Steph RoordaSynergy1010
14Sarah McMillanDizzy Chicks99
14Joele GuynepUSA Cycling99
16Chelsea BilsbarrowGiant Canada88
17Barbara PolehovkieBlizzard Bike Club66
18Jinny ScottOak Bay Bikes44
IntermediateDiver LakeCourtenayVictoriaFletchersTotal
1Bill McMillanNMBC1113152463
2Trevor JonesCVCC1212122056
3Aaron AmarIRC8132243
4Lee BlaisAlberni Riders9111636
5Chris ReidMidweek Club3030
6Ben GlassenOak Bay Bikes109928
7Lance AmmsonJuventus2626
8Andrew OliveDr. Walker61824
9Jak NewEscape Velocity68620
10David KennyJuventus1515
11Jeff BeestonCVCC1515
12Dave GilbertAlberni Riders7714
13Lonnie Nathan1414
14Robbie BitzLocal Ride1313
15Collin RennieNBMC1212
16Paul BrendIRC1111
17Michael HaefelfingerCVCC1010
18Chris HillierGigabike1010
19Kyle ChatlainArrowsmith Bikes1010
20Daryl ChaseAlberni Riders88
21Ryan CousineauEscape Velocity88
22Dave ShiskoffOrganic Athlete77
23Michael HarveyWheelers66
24Nicholas Cowan55
25Bryan PayneSchwalbe44
26Russ KristensenAVR44
28David GilbertAVR44
29Meshkat JavidMighty Riders44
ExpertDiver LakeCourtenayVictoriaFletchersTotal
1Troy WoodburnGigabike1115111047
2Kris SnedonKona123042
3Thomas SkinnerSugoi1091029
4Michael GarriganHB Cycling Club2626
5Normon ThibaultFrontrunners610925
6Kevin CalhounRocky Mountain131225
7Nick FriesenPedalhead2424
8Wendy SimmsKona358622
9Nevin NoilesMasi Adobe2222
10David CouglinAquila Racing2020
11Nathan ChowCylissimo/Kona1818
12John LackeyGellatin Alpine83617
13Tristen Galbraith51116
14Garrett McLeodAnnapolis Valley CC1616
15Rob BrittonGigabike1515
16Geoff KabushMaxxis1515
17Craig HawkesThe Cyclery1414
18Andreas HestlerRocky Mountain1313
19Andrew BrownCVCC8513
20Mat HewittOak Bay Bikes1313
21Menno JongsmaFrontrunners27413
22Stefan WidmerSugoi1212
23Andre SuttonHardcore1212
24Craig RitcheyTorquay99
25Dan Molgat-Roy448
26Chris McNeilCanary Cycle88
27Dwayne KressSORCA77
28Fred HodgsonIsland Cycle77
29Graeme BantDifferent Bikes66
30Michael BurnsDevo44
31Rob GosselinAtomic44
32Stefan ProulxThe Cyclery44
33Andrew KentAMC22
34Christen HansenFastwitch22
35Jeff BlairNorco22
36Curtis SaundersOBB-Wheelers22
37Tyler TraceGigabike22


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