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November 23/06 9:52 am - Winter W.O.W. Enduro & Tour

Posted by Editor on 11/23/06

Winter W.O.W. Enduro & Tour
Courtesy W.O.W.

An amazing time was had on November 19th. Unlike the double digit temperatures of the past 3 years, there was just a touch of snow on the ground. It made it really easy to follow the tracks from the lead moto around the 40km course. Not too cold, but definitely winter. Just as it should be for a Winter W.O.W.

We had a record turnout too, with an additional 50 people registering event day alone. Lots of happy mountain bikers. Thanks to all who attended. There are also many, many more people who deserve thanks:

Epic Ride Bike Shop of Orangeville for sponsoring.
HBCC for helping out.
Kona for prizes.
Hammer Gel and ACS Distributing who keep us all going.
Canadian Cyclist for on-line registration.
Mansfield Outdoor Centre for hosting, the great chili feed apres-ride and the insulin-shock chocolate brownies!
Dufferin County for the use of their trails.
St. John Ambulance for their usual excellent help.
Daryl for running the feed station.
Big Dave for lead moto and endless trail work.
Medium Dave for leading the 20Km Tour.
Slightly smaller Medium Dave for help with score keeping.

Congratulations also to Bruce Passmore who walked away with the grand draw prize of a Kona Explosif frame and Marzocchi fork. The raffle for this prize raised over $400 for the Headwaters Health Care Centre of Orangeville. Special thanks to Epic Ride and the HBCC for taking care of this noble fundraising effort.

Results are below (Note - they don't include tour people, dnf or dns). There are photos posted now and video will be up soon. To view visit

Finally, thanks to everyone who made our year such a memorable and enjoyable one. The joy of riding a bicycle with good friends is something very special.

18 and Under Male
1. Jared Stafford2:07:17
2. Tyson Wagler2:15:51
3. Jamie Wagler2:17:43
4. Tim Hughes2:38:54
5. Simon Wagler2:43:06
6. Preston Wagler2:49:40
19-39 Not-So Serious Male
1. Rich Bowers2:22:45
2. Patrick Subarsky2:28:12
3. Przemek Wozniak2:28:46
4. Peter Gowthorpe2:34:06
5. Kevin Geyer2:34:20
6. William Martinen2:43:00
7. Brandon Thomson2:58:03
8. Adrian Saywell3:09:19
9. Phil Pixley3:16:05
10. Anthony Hyatt3:18:51
11. Farid Jalali3:25:42
12. Jay Marteniuk3:39:56
12. Bruce Passmore3:39:56
12. John Deans3:39:56
15. Mike Dwyer3:44:13
16. Ewan Gillespie4:01:07
30+ Not-So Serious Female
1. Sally Whitehead2:46:33
2. Sue Sheppey3:02:10
3. Heather Cannom3:37:52
4. Katie Champ4:01:12
40+ Not-So Serious Male
1. Gary Conrad2:32:52
2. Simon Valleau2:33:47
3. John Poulsen2:37:45
4. Jouko Haapanen2:47:20
5. Steve Hawboldt2:53:25
6. Brad Cannom2:55:44
7. Paul Mayer2:59:53
8. Patrick Linehan3:00:10
9. Dwayne Robertson3:00:47
10. Andy Staley3:06:26
11. Chris Bohme3:07:21
12. Roy Hostrawser3:08:09
13. Steve Crane3:09:24
14. Tim Morrison3:09:55
50+ Male
1. Robert Perkins2:22:36
2. Greg Andre-Barrett2:26:05
3. Jim Duffy2:33:01
4. Gord Bennet2:35:52
5. Rick Wright2:43:05
6. Dieter Sartisson2:49:29
7. Heinz Hones3:02:45
19-29 Serious Male
1. Zach Gammage1:51:40
2. Peter Glassford1:56:24
3. Steve Ferguson2:26:26
4. Neil Gowan2:43:36
5. Jay Lefster2:58:10
30-39 Serious Male
1. Rod Nicholle2:03:39
2. Jeff Shikaze2:04:13
3. Davis Brockenshire2:05:39
4. Scott Coulas2:06:14
5. Kevin Webster2:06:53
6. Ed Veal2:07:23
7. Brent Berger2:09:14
8. George Organ2:10:35
9. William Fu2:11:32
10. Kevin Barrington2:14:01
11. Ron MacNeil2:14:11
12. Jason Wilson2:14:28
13. Matt Saunders2:23:43
14. Darren Power2:28:12
15. Ries Dirksen2:30:33
16. Michael Duncan2:32:38
17. Dylan Miehm2:37:49
18. Winston Tam2:39:32
19. Tony Chen2:43:53
20. Alan Lo2:49:57
19-39 Serious Female
1. Sarah Caylor2:19:35
2. Lesley Tucker2:19:39
3. Liz Duval2:24:07
4. Heather Ferguson2:26:25
5. Zoe Webster2:28:42
40+ Serious Male
1. Carl Clarke2:04:36
2. Steve Varga2:04:41
3. Michael Mazza2:12:01
4. Peter Loney2:16:48
5. Uzi Valiante2:17:47
6. Robert Large2:21:03
7. Dave Harrison2:21:40
8. Greg Shikaze2:22:29
9. Oggie Sokolovic2:28:29
10. Chris Blacklock2:28:41
11. Will Winn2:29:04
12. Morris Martini2:29:16
13. Lenny Ippolito2:29:27
14. Erin Bale2:30:51
15. Andy Hausdorf2:32:40
16. Scott Wishart2:34:55
17. Mark Wild2:34:56
18. Steve Broch2:35:48
19. Paul Stanbury2:35:51
20. Gary McNally2:38:53
21. Walter Furlan2:49:06
22. Duane Wagler2:50:33
23. Henry Au2:52:45
40+ Serious Female
1. Kathy Watkins2:50:57
2. Audrey Stukas3:12:05
Single Speed Male
1. Mark Lepper2:08:27
2. Brad Hunter2:14:25
3. Simon Koster2:15:33
4. Mark Diggins2:19:02
5. Larry Heslip2:27:02
6. Steven Martin2:44:13
7. Tom Beck2:48:21
8. Tom Metzger 2:55:55


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