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November 24/06 10:36 am - Forest City Velodrome News

Posted by Editor on 11/24/06

Forest City Velodrome News - London, Ontario
Courtesy Mike T.

Here is the latest news from the dynamic, indoor Forest City Velodrome in London, Ontario Canada -

Issue date - November 21st 2006.

As winter approaches, the track is getting to be a going concern. Indoor riding rules. Everything is picking up again after the summer. Please bring warm clothing to all sessions. It's cool inside. How cool? Last year we saw 7c a few times. Usually it's about 7-10c. It costs a small fortune to attempt to keep the temperature to 10 degrees in the coldest part of the winter. Remember, this place wasn't named the Ice House for nothing. It used to be an ice hockey arena.

Welcome! This is the first newsletter for many new people - new members and new riders to the track. Thanks for joining us. There are new fall members - all 47 of them since September. That brings us up to 184 members.

FC Velodrome phone - 519-878-7849

For updated information, track closures, weather related emergency closures, upcoming races, training camps and other news.

Donations! The FCV has received multiple $1000 donations (and one $1500 one) from its members. These are a monstrous help to the on-going operations and expenses of the track. Donors, for their $1000 contributions, receive a family membership plus a tax receipt for the whole amount. Many thanks to all those who have been so kind.

SATURDAY, December 2nd at 7pm. SUNDAY, December 3rd at 1pm (Rec sessions will be cancelled from 11am -3pm on December 3rd).

Saturday December 2nd:
Track 1 Session (LTR) 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. (Pre-register)
Recreation Ride 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. (Track Time)
Open Training Session 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Saturday Night SPRINT TOURNAMENT (Top 12)


December 9th - London Wheelrace #1

December 1-2-3rd Track Camp. - Cadet, Junior, Sr M & W
See website for details.
Riders must have attended a previous Cadet/Junior camp or T4.

Coaching Clinic!
Coaches Professional Development Day - Saturday December 2nd
See website for details.

Track Notes

From velodrome manager Rob Good

Track Etiquette
With membership continuing to rise every week it will become very important for all riders at the Velodrome to reacquaint themselves with the do's & don'ts of our unique Velodrome. Please take the time to read again the section on our website of the things you need to do when you come out to the Velodrome - Remember you should check before changing your lane during recreation rides, and ride in a predictable fashion for the safety of everyone.

After Track 1
Our Track School session leaders and assistants have been very busy over the last 2 months. Almost every class has been full and they have been going nonstop with little help from the general membership, I would like to ask everyone with a little spare time, to offer your help to these very important Volunteers at the FCV. They keep our membership growing and as you know they teach all the new riders how to be safe during their introduction to Velodrome riding.

In order to enhance the experience at the Velodrome, the T1 instructors have been sending the graduates to participate in Rec sessions to gain much needed riding experience .... please remember that during these rec sessions we make all new riders that have not been to T2 to stay below the red line so you can learn how to do the basics while others are on the track. New riders need to show the T2 instructors that you have spent extra time on the Velodrome. Please ask the rec session leader to hole-punch your Track Passport card. This will take the stress out of your Track 2 session.

New Volunteers
If you can help out with any session, please talk to that particular session leader to see how you can help out. Ernie is also collecting names to be added to the Painting Crew for the continued upgrading of the facility.

Event & Advertising Boards
The Velodrome is looking to add to our Corporate Partners, Now that most of the infield is completed we have 50 spots to sell to help pay the bills at the FCV. If you or your Company would like to promote a product or the company the banner needs to be 24" x 8' made of Vinyl or Corplastic. One banner is $500.00 or $1,000.00 gets you 3. The next level $2,000.00 plus you need to make a phone call ..... the Major race in February needs a sponsor.

Roller Skaters
Beginning November 14th, we have new guests at the Velodrome, The London Thrashers Women's Roller Derby Team will be at the FCV every Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 9pm - 11pm. They will be promoting Roller Derby action in the spring as our summer season begins .... please say hello .....

Recreational & Racing Sessions
5 weeks ago we made more sessions available to ride at the FCV .... this will continue. Many of the new sessions are beginning to pick up new riders every week so please make sure you support the sessions. There will be a review near Christmas for the January schedule.

Racing continues to expand with our Junior Program .... we need you to support the Saturday night races. There are 3 major races in the next few months come out and bring friends ..... December 2nd & 3rd ... CanAmQue Challenge #2. Come and watch the Skill, Strength, & Speed of the FCV vs National level riders from across Canada (Que) and the United States.

Women's Only session at the Velodrome - It started November 19th. and got off to a great start with 5 women turning out to the familiarization session. Contact Shelley Boa at - This Women Only session brought to you by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Thanks ................. This newsletter we're going to thank ALL volunteers at the FCV. You know who you are. There are too many to name.

Coach's Corner - from Gord Singleton: As the daylight gets shorter, and the temperatures start to fall ... As a reminder to all the riders, it is very important to stay warm when out riding. The materials and fabrics that are available today are outstanding. With reduced weight they maintain fantastic warmth, and at the same time remove perspiration from the body . I always tried to keep all frontal areas warm (chest, neck, head, feet & hands).

If you are out riding for a prolonged period of time, and seem to be over-hot it is always easier to remove clothing than it is to put on more clothing when you do not have it with you. So use common sense and stay warm.

Also from Gord:
I have been receiving responses to the very light weights that are in the weight training program. Just wanted to let all of the lad's following the program to be aware. The weights are intended to be light while you learn the techniques. This time next season "LOOK OUT" (I think Gord means the weights are going to get heavier!)


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