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January 6/99 7:29 am - TV Viewing, Clubs, Calendars

Posted by Editor on 01/6/99

Time To Program the VCR...
(courtesy J.L.)

Just watched a 1 hour program on the French Channel called TV5. The title (translated): THOSE MARVELOUS CRAZY CYCLISTS AND THEIR FUNNY LOOKING NEEDLES - an interview with the former Belgian amateur cyclist Willy Voet. (maybe it should have been titled: Bye bye final illusions...)

They also interview a former French amateur champion who was pro for a little while but quit at 24. GREAT PROGRAM.

I don't know if you get TV5 where you are, if so, it will be aired again at 2h45 am (a bit late...or is it early...) Thursday morning (EST). If you can see the program, DON'T MISS IT.

Clubs and Teams

Team and club listings are gradually trickling in. Send in your team and club info - we will be putting up a page listing clubs and teams from across Canada. Be sure to include a list of riders, sponsors, coaches, managers, etc., plus information on how to contact your group and what the main focus is. Send your information to us Here.


We have also begun to receive preliminary calendars from some provincial organizations, please send your provincial calendar to us Here. By the way, we are also planning on publishing Touring Calendars this year, so be sure to include them.


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