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January 3/07 3:27 am - Burnaby Six Day : Day 1 Report & Results

Posted by Editoress on 01/3/07

Burnaby Six Day Burnaby BC

Day 1, January 2

Report courtesy Organizers

Day 1 photos by Greg Descantes

The Symmetrics Pro Cycling duo of Zach Bell and Svein Tuft opened a commanding ten point lead in the Omnium on Night One of the Burnaby Six Day. Adopting the Rocky Balboa approach to Madison tactics, the two relied heavily on their raw horsepower to ride on and off the front for most of the evening's two feature Madisons. Their technique was not always perfect, they probably missed more exchanges than any other team, but their ability to motor back on after any split and to consistently put the rest of the field in difficulty was nothing short of impressive. Tuft has reportedly been battling a cold but he certainly seemed to show none of the effects of it last evening, as both he and partner Bell were able to drive a relentless pace.

Overall victory is far from a forgone conclusion for the Yellow Machine as they were bested in two of three events by visiting teams.

The young American duo of Austin Carrol and Cody O'Reilly (both riders are under 20, the second and third youngest riders in the field after Junior wonder-kid Cody Cambell) gave an impressive display of speed and technique to win the evening's opening Team Pursuit (serving as a sort of prologue for the week's competition) ahead of National Team pairing Martin Gilbert and Ryan McKenzie. Having raced the prestigious Ghent Six day this season, the pair brings international experience to the event far beyond their years. Losing by just two tenths of a second, the Canadian National team was left wondering what could have been had Gilbert not had to race on a borrowed bike (his did not make the flight from Quebec).

Hungarian/American teammates Adrian Hegevary and Daniel Harm (Rubicon Haagnes/Bergmann) scored an upset win in the evening's third event ahead of the Bell/Tuft freight train, showing why both riders are current National champions in their respective countries.

Some Race Notes: The evening was also the beginning of the A Invitational Sprint Competition, run as a round robin. Spectators will see all of the competitors paired off against each other at some point during the event.

Matt Chater managed to fit riding the Sprint rounds in between second place finishes in both the A Men's Scratch, and the A Men's Madison, and beat his Fast Twitch teammate Keith Bruneau, in two extremely close rides.

Cam MacKinnon, fresh from training under Martin Barras, defeated fellow Albertan Joel Regimbald in two straight rides.

In a pairing of two of the newest names in Canadian sprinting, Felix Haspel defeated JetFuel's Jamie Shankland in two straight rides.

Possibly the most anticipated ride of the evening was between Junior prodigy Monique Sullivan and multiple Masters' National champion Andy George. Despite most of George's extend family heckling him from the sidelines, George was able to take the first ride, but succumbed to Sullivan's impressive speed and power in the second.

The sprint action continued with two Chariot heats won by Cam McKinnon over veteran tactician Bruneau and the young Haspel.

Gina Grain served notice to those in attendance that she is rapidly coming back into form after a rocky start to her track campaign. Grain dominated the B field's Points Race, showing superior speed to take a commanding lead in the points 23-11 over Ontario's Dave Byer.

Byer has the B's Omnium lead, having also placed second in the B Scratch race after his late race breakaway was caught by a flying Alex Pope in the last straight.

In the two A events of the evening Scott Laliberte was the dominant rider, wining the Scratch over jack-of-all trades Chater and teaming up with perennial partner Murray Solem to win the Madison over the Fast Twitch Cycling pairing of Chater and Glenn Barr (who aside from racing spent much of the evening running around helping the organization).

Elite Men's Team Pursuit
1. US National (Austin Carroll/Cody O'Reilly), 2:16:28
2. Canadian National (Ryan McKenzie/Martin Gilbert), 2:16:48
3. Symmetrics Yellow (Zach Bell/Svein Tuft), 2:17:38
4. Symmetrics Red (Cam Evans/Christian Meier), 2:19:54
5. Cofidis (Kenny Williams/Tyler Farrar), 2:19:04
6. Rubicon Haagnes/Bergmann (Adrian Hegevary/Daniel Harm), 2:21:35
7. dEVo (Cody Campbell/Marsh Cooper), 2:22:17

Elite Men's Madison #1 (60 laps)
1. Symmetrics Yellow (Zach Bell/Svein Tuft), 15pts
2. Canadian National (Ryan McKenzie/Martin Gilbert), 9
3. Cofidis (Kenny Williams/Tyler Farrar), 8
4. US National (Austin Carroll/Cody O'Reilly), 2
5. Rubicon Haagnes/Bergmann (Adrian Hegevary/Daniel Harm), 4
6. Symmetrics Red (Cam Evans/Christian Meier), 5
7. dEVo (Cody Campbell/Marsh Cooper), 1


Elite Men's Madison #2 (60 laps)

1. Rubicon Haagnes/Bergmann (Adrian Hegevary/Daniel Harm), 10pts
2. US National (Austin Carroll/Cody O'Reilly), 9
2. Symmetrics Yellow (Zach Bell/Svein Tuft), 9
4. Cofidis (Kenny Williams/Tyler Farrar), 7
5. Canadian National (Ryan McKenzie/Martin Gilbert), 5
6. Symmetrics Red (Cam Evans/Christian Meier), 4
7. dEVo (Cody Campbell/Marsh Cooper), 0

1. Symmetrics Yellow (Zach Bell/Svein Tuft), 32 pts
2. Canadian National (Ryan McKenzie/Martin Gilbert), 23
3. Cofidis (Kenny Williams/Tyler Farrar), 21
4. US National (Austin Carroll/Cody O'Reilly), 21
5. Rubicon Haagnes/Bergmann (Adrian Hegevary/Daniel Harm), 19
6. Symmetrics Red (Cam Evans/Christian Meier), 16
7. dEVo (Cody Campbell/Marsh Cooper), 5

Note: Omnium includes points from Team pursuit.. 10, 9, 8 etc.

Group A

1. Scott Laliberte, 10pts
2. Matt Chater, 9
3. Brian Nelson, 8
4. Jeff Ain, 7
5. Keith Bruneau, 6
6. Felix Haspel, 5
7. Murray Solem, 4
8. Glenn Barr, 3
9. Rene Regimbald, 2
10. Nathan MacDonald, 1
11. Julian Base, 0
12. Andrew George, 0
13. Chris Reid, 0
14. Brett Walker, 0
15. Jonathan Gormick, 0

1. Integrale (Scott Laliberte/Murray Solem), 12pts
2. PVL FT#2 (Glenn Barr/Matt Chater), 10
3. First Rate Mortgage (Brian Nelson/Brett Walker), 9
4. Escape Velocity (Jeff Ain/Chris Reid), 6
5. Masi Adobe (Jonathan Gormick/Nathan MacDonald), 1
6. Blue (Julian Base/Rene Regimbald), 6 (-1 lap)
7. Fast Twitch (Keith Bruneau/Andrew George), 0 (-2 laps)

Invitational Match Sprints

Heat 1
1. Matt Chat, 2 rides to 0
2. Keith Bruneau

Heat 2
2. Joel Regimbald
1. Cam McKinnon, 2 rides to 0

Heat 3
1. Felix Haspel, 2 rides to 0
2. Jamie Shankland

Heat 3
1. Monique Sullivan, 1 win
1. Andy George, 1 win

Invitational 2 Lap Chariot races

1. Cam McKinnon
2. Keith Bruneau
3. Felix Haspel
4. Joel Regimbald

Minor Final
5. Matt Chater
6. Jamie Shankland
7. Monique Sullivan

Group B

Points Race (60 Laps)

1. Gina Grain, 23
2. Dave Byer, 11
3. Adam Schwind, 10
4. Matt Potma, 8
5. Gerry Van Gaans, 6
6. Jason Burch, 5
7. Ansellmo Rossellio, 2
8. Alex Pope
9. Louis Bernhard
10. Steph Roorda

Scratch (20 laps)
1. Alex Pope
2. Dave Byer
3. Matt Potma
4. Gina Grain
5. Mike Rothengatter
6. Adam Schwind
7. Jason Burch
8. Gerry Van Gaans


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