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January 24/07 8:53 am - Mathieu Laurin Interview

Posted by Editor on 01/24/07

Mathieu Laurin Interview
by Fraser Britton

Canadian Cyclist got a chance to catch up with Marin Downhill rider Mathieu Laurin recently. Laurin has been a familiar face on the Canadian and Quebec downhill circuits for almost 10 years now and has recently begun to expand his horizons beyond racing, into the realms of team management and bike park development, as well as being an ambassador for Marin Bicycles.

Mathieu LaurinCC: Over the last few years you have raced for Balfa, Devinci and now Marin bicycles. What has been the major differences between these teams, and why did you decide to make the switch to Marin?

ML: The difference is I am working for Marin right now as a rep in Quebec, and I am helping develop the bike and the team as opposed to Devinci where I was only a racer. Now I work for Marin full-time.

CC: What are your plans for 2007? Any particular races you will be focusing on?

ML: There is no (international) World Cups in the plans, they are too expensive. I have been taking it easy the last 2 years so this year it will for sure be the Canada Cups, the Mont Ste Anne World Cup and maybe some NORBA (races), but I will see as I have a lot to do at the same time. I will also be at Crankworx.

CC: So are you scaling back racing and working more on the development side in 2007?

ML: Oh no, not at all. I am still doing lots of races, as much as I can. I won't go out for like 2 months to race. I have to go back home more often than usual. I still have to take care of the racing part. It is very important for me.

CC: what other projects do you have on tap this year? Is there anything else besides the Mont Blanc Bike Park you helped develop in 2006?

ML: Basically people we chose for the team are people that have projects. I don't want only riders that have good results. Some of them have good results for sure, but some of them are making a small movie of dirt jumping. Shaums March has his own school in Whistler, the Mad March camps, and Mike Jones is helping him as well. The program is called propaganda and it's basically a team with Dakine, Fit, Arson. It's a big thing.

CC: Have you started training yet for 2007? Do you do a lot of cross training or mostly just hitting the gym and riding your bike?

ML: I don't go to the gym, I have my weights in my basement. I do my own training down in the basement; spinning and stuff like that. I don't like to go to the gym. I do lots of cross training for sure. I go once a week BMXing in Montreal. It's something I didn't do the last 2 years, and now I do it quite a lot. I am going to try to go to California to ride a little bit, but I am not sure if I can do it with my schedule. I'd like to ride once or twice before the season starts.

CC: Have you done any BMX racing at all this year or just skatepark stuff?

ML: Just Skatepark. I don't like racing at BMX. I love skatepark and ramps and stuff, but I don't like racing BMX.

CC: What do you have planned racing wise, your plans for the summer.

ML: I will be working as a rep with Andre Lecomte, taking care of that business, but I really want to be successful at racing. I'm going to probably, no not probably, I am going to try more than last year. I'm going to take it more seriously. I will do a small camp and then when the season starts I will do all of the Canada cups and then I'll have to take care of Mont Blanc, because I am not sure if I will have time to do everything at Mont Blanc again. Maybe some small teaching schools with Shaums March in Quebec, we have that planned. Lots of racing through the summer for me.

CC: Thanks for the time Matt.

ML: No problem.


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