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February 6/07 9:20 am - Usery Pass: Manitoba's Nichol Scores Early Season Win

Posted by Editoress on 02/6/07

Usery Pass Usery Pass, Mesa AZ

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18-year-old Andrew Nichol of Winnipeg, Manitoba posted the fastest time on the difficult 10 mile course, beating many top local riders to come in first in the Pro 1/2 men's category at this season opening event. This talented first year senior rider, who won a silver medal as a junior in the 2006 National Time Trial Championships, promises to be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming year.

The team looks forward to repeating this success at the upcoming Valley of the Sun Stage Race, taking place February 16-18 in Phoenix, Arizona.

February 3rd - Time Trial, 10 miles/16 km

Senior 1/2 Pro Men

1. Andrew Nichol (, 0:24:31
2. Ronald Jensen (Team Wm), 0:24:45
3. Jake Rubelt (Rideclean), 0:24:49
4. Rob Alvarez (Rideclean), 0:24:49
5. Joshua Liberles (Colavita), 0:25:25
6. Robert Dolman (HLAP), 0:25:30
7. Ryan Morris (Team Rio Grande), 0:25:44
8. Ryan Blickem (White Mountain Road Club), 0:26:10
9. Drew Miller (White Mountain Road Club), 0:26:14
10. Christopher Wilson (Rideclean), 0:26:32
11. Kevin Kirkwood (Bicycle Haus), 0:26:34
12. Kale Keltz (Bicycle Haus), 0:26:35
13. Scott Conover (HLAP), 0:26:42
14. Eric Brownell (Ecfa/Honeywell), 0:26:44
15. Jared Downing (Now-Ms Surety), 0:26:51
16. Jeff Parker (Eclipse Racing), 0:27:01
17. Chris Fusselman (HLAP), 0:27:18
18. Brian Lemke (Landis/Trek), 0:27:26
19. Eduardo Vicencio (Team Sol), 0:27:27
20. Don Williams (Bicycle Haus), 0:27:49
21. Zac Coolman (Team Wm), 0:27:55
22. Brian Forbes (Rideclean), 0:37:12
DNF. Mark Santurbane (Team Bob's Bicycles)
DNS. Gilberto Porras (Team Sol)

Senior 1-2-3 Women

1. Catherine Dickson (Tribe Racing), 0:28:38
2. Melissa McWhirter (Ind.), 0:29:17
3. Marisa Russell (Landis/Trek), 0:30:26
4. Jennifer Stern (Team Kenda Tire), 0:31:13
5. Teri Albertazzi, 0:31:28
6. Sherri Bajer (Landis/Trek), 0:32:06
7. Cindy Mcfarland (Desert Foxes), 0:32:19
Maggie Williams (Landis/Trek)

February 4th - Road Race

Senior 1/2 Pro Men - 69 m/111km

1. Jake Rubelt (Rideclean)
2. Jonathan Parrish (Waste Management)
3. Dan Schmantz (BMC)
4. Gilberto Porras (Team Sol)
5. Guy East (Crca/Sakonnet)
6. Michael Grabinger (Berman Cycling Team)
7. Rob Alverez (Rideclean)
8. Ronald Jensen (Team Wm)
9. Brian Forbes (Rideclean)
10. Drew Miller (Mountain Road Club)
11. Stephen Slabodnick (Landis/Trek)
12. Kris Pagano (CZ Racing)
13. Austin King (Jittery Joe's)
15. Jared Gilyard (Eclipse Racing)
16. Josh Liberles (Colavita New Mexico)
17. ??
18. Michael Necessary (Team Mack Racing)
19. Eric Brownell (Ecfa/Honeywell)
19. Charles Royalty (San Tan Racing / Paragon)
20. Scott Conover (HLAP)
21. Dennis Fernandes (CZ Racing)
22. Robert Dolman (HLAP)
23. Evan Fader (Battley Harley-Davidson)
24. Kyle Butkieweiz (Bicycle Haus)
25. Chris Fusselman (HLAP)
26. David Reid (Landis/Trek)
27. James Silverman (Rideclean)
28. Kendall Kuhar (Eclipse Racing)
29. Eduardo Vicencio (Team Sol)
30. Ophir Sefiha (Bicycle Haus Racing)
31. Jay Woller (Bicycle Haus)
32. Shawn Brick (Bicycle Haus)
33. Tim Bolton (Eclipse Racing)
34. Mark Aasmundstad (Rideclean)
35. Kevin Kirkwood (Bicycle Haus)
36. Scott Price (HLAP)
37. Al Senft (Colavita New Mexico)
38. Chad Hummer (CZ Racing)
39. Kamden Reedy (Rideclean)
40. Brian Lemke (Landis/Trek)
41. Ryan Blickem (Landis/Trek)
42. Grant Dunstan (Summit Velo)
43. Kale Keltz (Bicycle Haus)
44. Don Williams (Bicycle Haus)
45. Rick Cimachia (Rideclean)
DNF Scott Biaggi (GST)
DNF Ulric De Young (Hagens Berman Cycling Team)
DNF Michael Dietrich (Kodakgallery Pro Cycling P/B Sierra Nevada)
DNF Justin Hale (Racelab)
DNF Cody Hall (Bicycle Haus)
DNF Emiliano Jordan (Summit Velo)
DNF Patrick Liu (Bicycle Haus)
DNF Ryan Morris (Team Rio Grande)
DNF John Nowak (Racelab)
DNF Ryan O'Conner (Legal Seafood)
DNF John Salskov (CZ Racing)
DNF Josh Tack (Hagens Berman Cycling Team)
DNF Dan Whitehill (Camelback Cycling)
DNS David Beirne (Team Rideclean)
DNS Zac Coolman (Team Wm)
DNS Mark Santurbane (Team Bob's Bicycles)
DNS Christopher Wilson (Rideclean)

Senior 1-2-3 Women - 69 m/111km

1. Jane Meneely (HLAP)
2. Melissa McWhirter (Ind.)
3. Megan French (Tribe Racing)
4. Heidi Clayton (HLAP)
5. Paula Burks (Vantaggio/Specialized)
6. Marisa Russell (Landis/Trek)
7. Kristen Marshall (HLAP)
8. Lynn Off (Tribe Racing)
9. Maria Pugliese (Patent It!/Rideclean)
10. Sherri Bajer (Landis/Trek)
11. Teri Albertazzi
DNF Alexandra Martinez
DNF Colleen Whealdon-Haught

Full results for other categories can be found at


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