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February 16/07 10:47 am - Vuelta a Cuba: Stage 4, Team Symmetrics Update

Posted by Editoress on 02/16/07

Vuelta a Cuba

Team Symmetrics Update

After four stages of racing in Cuba, the S-Team is poised for good things as the 14-stage Cuban race continues. Although communication has been limited between the team, Kevin Cunningham, team co-owner reports that things are going well for Canada's number one pro team.

“I spoke with Bruce Wenting today, who is managing the team down there this week,” Cunningham said. “It sounds like there's been some very hard racing and everyone on the team is feeling good. Svein was feeling ill the first few days but soldiered on and is feeling better now.”

Fast Facts

- Currently, both Tuft and Andrew Randell are the G.C. hopes, both within striking distance of the overall leader. Marsh Cooper is currently tied with three other riders for the under-23 (U23) competition.

- Symmetrics is tied for third in the team competition.

- Andrew Pinfold scored a second out of eleven riders yesterday, just missing the win. This follows two stages ago when almost all five Symmetrics riders were crashed by other riders as they set up a train for Pinner. All the riders were fine.

- Both Tuft and Randell are looking forward to next Friday's TT, which should favour both riders, as well as Cooper as he tries to make some headway in the U23 competition.

Stage 4: Manzanillo to Holguin, 153 km

1. Pedro Pablo Perez (Cub) Cuba3:24:37
2. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
3. Luis Macias (Mex) Tecos de la Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
4. Carlos Hernandez (Mex) Mexico
5. Guillermo Miranda (Pan) Rali Panama
6. Carlos Ochoa (Ven) Venezuela
7. Adonis Cardoso (Cub) Cuba
8. Marcelino Esparza (Mex) Mexico
9. Gianluca Cavalli (Ita) Cinelli-Endeka-OPD
10. Ernesto Cano (Cub) ISCF Manuel Fajardo
11. Duany Rivero (Cub) Villa Clara
12. Wilmer Rodriguez (Cub) C.T Cienfuegos
13. Gianluca Coletta (Ita) Cinelli-Endeka-OPDall s.t.
14. Yasmani Martinez (Cub) Cuba1:13
15. Lizardo Benitez (Cub) Cuba
16. Freddy Parra (Col) Tecos de la Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
17. Michael Gaubiteer (Aut) Denzel Cliff Wien
18. Rodolfo Fernandez (Mex) Mexico
19. Vladimir Smirnov (Ltu) Cinelli-Endeka-OPD
20. Juan Magallanes (Mex) Mexico
21. Yoandry Freire (Cub) C.T Cienfuegos
22. Yosvani Barea (Cub) Holguin
23. Raul Granjel (Cub) ISCF Manuel Fajardo
24. Yunier Alonso (Cub) Habana
25. Eliodis Griñan (Cub) Guantanamo
26. Yordenis Crespo (Cub) Matanzas
27. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
28. Reinier Vazquez (Cub) Matanzas
29. Bernardo Colex (Mex) Tecos de la Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
30. Francisco Matamoros (Mex) Tecos de la Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
31. Wilmen Bravo (Ven) Venezuela
32. Alberto Grana (Cub) Holguin
33. Andrew Randell (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
34. Jose Mojica (Cub) Habana
35. Seranis Gallardo (Cub) Guantanamo
36. Yovani Caceres (Cub) C.T Cienfuegos
37. Yoerlan Marrero (Cub) Matanzas
38. Vicente Zanabria (Cub) Matanzas
39. Noslen Funes (Cub) C.T Cienfuegos
40. Yenier Lopez (Cub) Cuba
41. Joel Solenzal (Cub) Sancti Spiritus
42. Fredy Buergos (Cub) Ciego de Avila
43. Oleksandr Kvachuk (Ukr) Cinelli-Endeka-OPD
44. Surley Leon (Cub) Pinar Del Rio
45. Geoff Kabush (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
46. Jan Carlos Arias (Cub) ISCF Manuel Fajardo
47. Angel Castillo (Cub) Ciudad Habana
48. Alejandro Gonzalez (Cub) Villa Clara
49. Jose Medina (Ven) Venezuela
50. Michael Kocner (Aut) Denzel Cliff Wien
51. Rodolfo Avila (Mex) Mexico
52. Eduardo Morejon (Cub) Matanzas
53. Jesus Zarate (Mex) Tecos de la Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
54. Alien Garcia (Cub) ISCF Manuel Fajardo
55. David Salomon (Mex) Mexico
56. Yoelvis Martinez (Cub) Guantanamo
57. Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
58. Marsch Cooper (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
59. Hector Yamay (Cub) Santiago De Cuba
60. Martin Mata (Esp) Viña Magna Cropus
61. Jose Rodriguez (Cub) Ciego de Avila
62. Digider Gonzalez (Cub) Villa Clara
63. Pedro Portuondo (Cub) Santiago De Cuba
64. Jose Rodriguez (Cub) Villa Clara
65. Mario Couso (Cub) Santiago De Cuba
66. Eduardo Treto (Cub) C.T Cienfuegos
67. Lisuandy Alonso (Cub) C.T Cienfuegos
68. Reldy Perez (Cub) ISCF Manuel Fajardo
69. Anthony Brea (Ven) Venezuela
70. Marcelo Leiva (Cub) Rali Panama
71. Jose Contreras (Ven) Venezuela
72. Danger Angulo (Cub) Sancti Spiritus
73. Sergio Padilla (Esp) Viña Magna Cropus
74. Alexey Shchebelin (Rus) Cinelli-Endeka-OPD
75. Leinier Padilla (Cub) Habana
76. Javier Rodriguez (Cub) Holguin
77. Emilio Barreras (Cub) Ciego de Avila
78. Jorge Rojas (Cub) Sancti Spiritus
79. Roilan Ramirez (Cub) Guantanamo
80. Hinolt Hidalgo (Pan) Rali Panama
81. Roberto Menendez (Cub) Ciudad Habana
82. Odel Caballero (Cub) Holguin
83. Lazaro Moreno (Cub) Pinar Del Rio
84. Juan Padron (Cub) Pinar Del Rio
85. Emilio Garcia (Cub) Santiago De Cuba
86. Pedro Sibila (Cub) ISCF Manuel Fajardo
87. Roilan Sena (Cub) Pinar Del Rio
88. Dayron Mendez (Cub) Ciudad Habana
89. Stefan Poll (Aut) Denzel Cliff Wien
90. Victor Gomez (Esp) Viña Magna Cropus
91. Phillip Seubert (Ger) Alemania
92. Antonio Cosme (Esp) Viña Magna Cropus
93. Salvador Aranda (Cub) Santiago De Cuba
94. Dayren Lagrana (Cub) Matanzas
95. Marlon Gonzalez (Cub) Ciego de Avila
96. Arnold Alcolea (Cub) Cuba
97. Carlos Fidalgo (Cub) Guantanamo
98. Maikol Rodriguez (Pan) Rali Panama
99. Nicolai Schwarz (Ger) Alemania
100. Jair Suira (Pan) Rali Panama
101. Yosvani Carrasco (Cub) Villa Clara
102. Carlos Arias (Cub) Ciudad Habanaall s.t.
103. Michel Suarez (Cub) Ciudad Habana1:30
104. Maikel Trujillo (Cub) Rali Panama1:34
105. Cuitlahuac Ayala (Mex) Viña Magna Cropus
106. Carlos Puente (Cub) Sancti Spiritus
107. Roberto Fernandez (Cub) Ciego de Avila
108. Eduard Fucks (Aut) Denzel Cliff Wien
109. Bruno Antero (Por) Viña Magna Cropusall s.t.
110. Nico Graf (Ger) Alemania2:10
111. Juan Alberteri (Cub) Holguin4:37
112. Andres Gutierrez (Cub) Santiago De Cuba7:26
113. Roger Rodriguez (Cub) Pinar Del Rio7:32
114. Victor Tellez (Cub) Holguin11:45
115. Igor Pugaci (Mda) Cinelli-Endeka-OPDs.t.
116. Christoph Pfingsten (Ger) Alemania15:36
117. Jose Carballo (Cub) Habana
118. Yulien Rodriguez (Cub) Habanaboth s.t.
119. Osniel Duarte (Cub) Pinar Del Rio19:48
120. Neorlan Ramos (Cub) Habanas.t.
121. Agustin Martinez (Cub) Villa Clara20:16
122. Reinier Cardoso (Cub) Ciudad Habanas.t.

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