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February 20/07 7:11 am - Valley of the Sun

Posted by Editoress on 02/20/07

Valley of the Sun Stage Race February 17-18, Arizona
Report courtesy Argon 18

Team officially kicked off the racing season at the Valley of the Sun stage race in Arizona last weekend. This being the team's inaugural effort, objectives were firstly to enable riders to reacquaint themselves with racing after the off-season and to further develop synergy within the group. For this three-day event, was represented by Stéphanie Bourbeau, Amanda Shaw, Audrey Lemieux, Alison Testroete and Jennifer Magur. With the first stage time trial over, the road race seemed to portend of a serious battle.and a battle it turned out to be.

Team expresscopy.comThe women had planned to let everyone get a good look at the team colors (from behind) and it wasn't long before they dove right into the thick of it with an on-form Stéphanie Bourbeau driving the key break. This group was off for the win until Stéphanie got tangled and went down, along with her chance for a win. In spite of some nasty road rash, she managed to resume racing, joining the chasers in support of teammate Amanda Shaw, who took the sprint as the chase group crossed the line.

Shaw and Bourbeau found themselves in tenth and twelfth place on G.C. as they launched into the final stage, a criterium in downtown Phoenix. This turned out to be another hard-fought contest, so much so that Stéphanie Bourbeau crashed again just two laps from the end, with more serious consequences this time, her shoulder bearing the brunt of the impact.

While the weekend's racing has allowed D.S. Scott Gerrie to verify that his squad is in fact firing on all cylinders, he remains anxious to hear from the physicians who are examining Stéphanie Bourbeau's injuries. Next stop for the women is the Merco Credit Union Cycling Classic in California. With a 5,000$ purse up for grabs, this race should generate some pretty intense competition.

1/2 Women
1. K. Kelly-Seehafer (TEAm Lipton ), 32:10
2. Gabriella Gonzalez-Ferrat (Bicycle John's Ser ), at 1:25
3. Catherin Dickson (Tribe Racing ), 1:28
4. Carmen Mcnellis (Aaron's Pro Cyclin ), 1:31
5. Beth Fisk (Vitamin Cottage Cy ), 1:46
6. Nicole Evans (TEAm Lipton ), 1:50
7. Lana Atchley (unattached ), 2:15
8. Coleen Knutson (Team Pro Cyclery ), 2:22
9. Nichol Wangsgard (unattached ), 2:23
10. Jennifer Reither (South Bay Wheelmen ), 2:25
19. Stephan Bourbeau (Team, 3:03
35. Amanda Shaw (Team, 4:39
36. Joanie Caron (AE Sport Developme ), 4:45
39. Alison Testroete (Team, 5:03
42. Audrey Lemieux (Team, 5:43

No other stage results available

Final GC
1. K. Kelly-Seehafer (TEAm Lipton), 4:00:39
2. Nichol Wangsgard (unattached), at 2:03
3. Nicole Evans (TEAm Lipton), 2:05
4. Jennifer Reither (South Bay Wheelmen), 2:15
5. Gabriella Gonzalez-Ferrat (Bicycle Johns), 2:37
6. Carmen Mcnellis (Aaron's), 2:43
7. Heather Albert (America's Dairyland), 2:46
8. Beth Fisk (Vitamin), 3:25
9. Emily Zell (PROMAN), 10:26
10. Amanda Shaw (Team, 12:25
24. Alison Testroete (Team, 15:06
40. Jennifer Magur (Team, 36:32

Pro/1 Men
1. Micheal Grabinger (Hagens-Berman Elite), 0:29:48
2. Steven Perrins (Sienna Dev't - Gob), at 0:01
3. Curtis Gunn (Successful Living), 0:07
4. Karl Bordine (5 Star Fish), 0:16
5. Micha Hutchinson (Team Spine), 0:27
6. Mark Santurbane (Team Bob's Bicycle), 0:29
7. Michael Carter (Colorado Velo), 0:30
8. Matt Johnson (Team CyclingScienc), 0:32
9. Jesse Mendonca (BPG/MV), 0:45
10. Bobby Lea (Toyota-United Pro), 0:47
65. Keith Moore (Team Spin12), 2:59
85. Ryan Polawski (Team Spin12), 4:21
94. Ian Manning (Team Spin12), 6:06

No other stage results available

Final GC
1. Matthew Seagrave (Compliance), 5:34:54
2. Dan Vinson (5 Star Fish), at 0:27
3. Corey Collier (Team), 0:34
4. Jesse Mendonca (BPG/MV), 0:35
5. Curtis Gunn (Successful), 0:42
6. Karl Bordine (5 Star Fish), 1:01
7. Micha Hutchinson (Team Spine), 1:02
8. Steven Perrins (Sienna), 1:07
9. Michea Grabinger (Hagens-Ber), 1:08
10. Mark Santurbane (Team Bob's), 1:14
39. Ryan Polawski (Team Spin12), 5:32
67. Keith Moore (Team Spin12), 24:10


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