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March 24/07 10:27 am - Forest City Velodrome Spring Six Day

Posted by Editor on 03/24/07

Forest City Velodrome - Spring Six Day
Courtesy Bob Schelstraete

What a night - 6 teams battling like it was the last day instead of the first. Spectators cheered and gave a standing ovation at the end of the race.

The first event of the night was a scratch race with Team Delhi winning in the 'A' group and Team Tri-City in the 'B' group.

Next was the first of the two madisons. In the 'A' division Team Brantford's Eric Robertson and Ryan Crawford made the first major attack early in the session but after several minutes were dragged back by the other five teams. Next attacks were by Team Delhi's Mike Renneboog and Dave Byer and then Team Windsors Daniele Defranceschi and Chris Morden with the same results.

At the end of the session Team Delhi had the lead by 4 points over Team London's Stephen Meyer and Brandon Throop. In the 'B' group Team Tri-City were only 2 points ahead of Team London.

In the 'B' group the leaders, Team Tri-City, got in trouble and were close to losing a lap but were able to prevent getting caught before the start of the final 10 lap sprint.

Third event of the night was the miss & out race. In the 'A' division Team London picked up a point to be only three behind Delhi, with Brantford only two behind London. In the 'B' division Team London finished 1st and 2nd thereby taking the point lead away from Tri-City.

In the second madison 'A' session Team Brantford and Team Stratford's Adam Thuss and Chris Vlemmix jumped together and worked together twice to take a lap on the point leaders but both times were hauled back by the others. Then Stratford, being down in points, tried unsuccessfully on their own in the closing minutes of the race. Delhi took the final double point sprint to cement their 1st place.

Tri-City bounced back to take the last double point sprint of the night in the 'B' and regain first place for the night with London second, USA third and Team Niagara fourth.

Results of Day 1 (March 23, 2007)

'A' Teams

1. Delhi (Mike Renneboog, Dave Byer) 51 points
2. Brantford (Eric Robertson, Ryan Crawford) 3 8
3. London (Stephen Meyer, Brandon Throop) 37
3. Windsor (Daniele Defranceschi, Chris Morden) 37
5. Burlington (Garnett Abbey, Vince Dejong) 25
6. Stratford (Adam Thuss, Chris Vlemmix) 15

'A' Overall Standings

1. Delhi 10 points
2. Brantford 9
3. London 8
3. Windsor 8
5. Burlington 6
6. Stratford 5

'B' Teams

1. Tri-City (Alex Fournier, Rod Olliver. Ryan Lave/David Bee) 50 points
2. London (Lorne Falkenstein, John Hueston, Brian Kelly) 44
3. USA (John Brennan, Rob Kowal, Stephanie Bester) 39
4. Niagara (Rob Good, Ray Gubala, Kyle Rupay) 37

'B' Overall Standings

1. Tri-City 10 points
2. London 9
3. USA 8
4. Niagara 7


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