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February 24/99 11:03 am - CCA News, Trail Work, Euro Results

Posted by Editor on 02/24/99

Official CCA Stand on Baseline Canada Cup
(courtesy CCA)

Ottawa - February 1999 - In response to the outpour of letters on the subject of the Baseline Mountain Canada Cup, the issue of the 1999 National Mountain Bike Series was addressed by the CCA Executive Council. The riders‚ letters of protest, the chief commissaire‚s report from the 1998 event and the event organizer‚s position were all reviewed. In 1999, Baseline Mountain will remain a stop on the Canada Cup circuit.

The 1998 edition of the event offered many challenges as is evidenced by all the discussion surrounding the event. Many of the riders‚ points of view were focused on concerns with the location of the venue, the facilities available to the riders and the safety of the course. The chief commissaire‚s report (the official in charge at the event) indicated that the concerns outlined by the riders were primarily due to the frustrations with the CCA. The race was run in 1998 as it conformed to the regulations. The organizer recognized that the concerns of the riders were valid and has agreed to address as many of them as possible in the 1999 edition.

In response to the recommendations put forward by the riders‚ representatives and the Canada Cup organizers, the CCA Development Committee has adjusted the number of events which will be included in the overall standings for the series. For the downhill standings, the best 3 out of 5 results (the best 4 out of 6 for cross-country) will be used to calculate the series winner. The Executive Council agreed with this overwhelmingly popular suggestion as a settlement for the Baseline Canada Cup issue.

The CCA would like to thank everyone who took the time to offer constructive advise on this important issue. We hope that we can all work together to make a strong 1999 series for all the riders across Canada!

Canada Cup Prize List Changes
(courtesy CCA)

The CCA Development Committee voted recently to change the number of Canada Cups (in downhill) which count towards the overall Canada Cup Standings. In 1999, for both cross country and downhill events riders will have the option of dropping 2 results from their overall standing. Therefore, the best 4 out of 6 events will count towards the overall cross-country standings. The best 3 out of 5 events will count towards the overall downhill standings. For both cross-country and downhill, riders must start at the series final in order to be included in the overall standings. The minimum prize list for the Canada Cup Series has been modified. The total prize list per event is now $5700. The 1999 Canada Cup prize purse will be as follows:

PositionSenior Elite MenSenior Elite Women

Do Good Works
(courtesy EMP)

Looking for some trail Karma? Here's your chance to attain some!

EMP is conducting trail maintenance days every two weeks from now until June. We are preparing the trails for this years Gary Fisher Race for the Trails Mtn Bike Series 1999. The proceeds from the series go back into the trails. Last year we were able to buy tools for WRAP out in Belcarra, and for NSMBA on the North Shore.

This Sunday, Feb. 28, we will be at Belcarra at the Burrard Thermal Station site. Meet at the lower gate at 10:30. Please bring along gloves, boots, water and your favourite trail tool.

If you need more info call Sebastien at (604) 434-8820

Euro Results

Tour of Valencia, Spain

Stage 1 - Vila Real, 150 km

1. Manuel Sanroma (ESP) Fuenlabrada 3:56:23
2. Mario Cipollini (ITA) Saeco-Cannondale
3. Glenn Magnusson (SWE) US Postal Service
4. Massimiliano Gentili (ITA) Cantina Tollo
5. Marcus Zberg (SUI) Rabobank all s.t.

Note: Lance Armstrong dislocated his collarbone in a crash 3 kilometres from the end of the stage. Cipollini was penalized 10 seconds and fined 200 Swiss Francs for obstruction.

Classic Haribo, France

1. Stuart O'Grady (AUS) Crédit Agricole 4:34:55
2. Beat Zberg (SUI) Rabobank
3. Alexandre Vinokourov (KAZ) Casino
4. Micheal Boogerd (NED) Rabobank
5. Jaan Kirsipuu (EST) Casino at 0:17
6. Nicolaj Larsen (DEN) Team Home Jack and Jones
7. Cristian Salvato (ITA) Team Polti
8. Ludo Dierecksens (BEL) Lampre-Daikin
9. Franck Perque (FRA) La Francaise des Jeux all s.t.
10. Frédéric Guesdon (FRA) La Francaise des Jeux 1:14

Coming Up

There will be two Canadians in the Australian Tour de Snowy women's stage race starting March 2nd - Leigh Hobson and Anne Samplonius. They will be riding for the World Team. Unfortunately, no Canadian team participation in either the Snowy race or the World Cup race in Australia (March 7th). Most Canadians will be in California for the Redlands Classic, which starts the same day as Snowy.

It is also just over a week to the Toronto International Bike Show (March 5-7, CNE Grounds). We will be there, as usual, and this year we will be hosting a small (free) Cyber Cafe in our space. Drop by to say hi (and pick up a copy of the 1999 Buyer's Guide).

Tour of the Americas, Uruguay

Final G.C. (after 9 stages)

1. Emilio Carricondo (ARG) Fed. Ciclista Argentina 33:39:40
2. Walter Pérez (ARG) Alas Rojas de Santa Lucia at 0:37
3. Javier Gomez (ARG) Alas Rojas de Santa Lucia 0:54
4. Federico Moreira (URU) Cruz del Sur 0:57
5. Milton Wynants (URU) Nacional 1:28
6. Daniel Fuentes (CUB) Marconi 1:34
7. Sergio Tesitore (URU) Maldonado 1:37
8. Walter R. Silva (URU) Maldonado 2:05
9. Rubén Pegorin (ARG) Fénix 2:11
10. Gustavo Figueredo (URU) Nacional 2:39


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