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April 15/07 3:45 am - MTB-Bundesliga Münsingen

Posted by Editoress on 04/15/07

MTB-Bundesliga Münsingen
Courtesy Multivan Merida Biking Team

Both Ralph Näf and Gunn-Rita Dahle-Flesja have won the classic spring race in Münsingen, Germany. Dahle-Flesja started out at such a fast pace that she could build up a lead of almost one minute after the first lap. In the men's race, Ralph Näf took over the lead from the race's early leader, Spain's JoséHermida, after half of the race had been ridden, securing the season's first double victory for the "Multivan Merida Biking Team".

After the first half of Münsingen's race, JoséHermida seemed to be on schedule for a vitctory - but in a rough section, he suffered a flat tire and had to hand over the lead to his team mate Ralph Näf. From that moment on, Hermida kept the chasing group in close check while Näf was showing all of his class in the lead. "I probably was not stronger than the other riders, but I was free to chose my own line in the singletrail sections. I have promised to the race's organizer Hans Klug that one day I would win here. Now I have succeeded to do so. This race is absolutely awesome due to its perfect athmosphere", Näf commented after having finished his winning ride.

In the women's race, Gunn-Rita Dahle-Flesja showed a superior solo performance to snatch her fourth consecutive victory in Münsingen, showing that she is setting the standards in the women's competition in this season as well. After the first lap, the Norwegian had already distanced the others by almost a minute, further increasing this lead to two minutes on second-place finisher Sabine Spitz. "I would like to thank the organizers for this great race. I could not think of a better way to prepare for a Worldcup race", the Norwegian explained after having finished.

Moritz Milatz was paying tribute to the early start of his season and the exhaustion caused by the Cape Epic stage race, finishing in 23rd position. In his very first race sporting the kit of the "Multivan Merida Biking Team", Robert Gehbaur drove to an eigth-place finish in the espoir's ranking. Due to an illness, Nina Göhl could not compete in this race, but she should ready for the season's first worldcup race which is scheduled for next weekend in Belgium's town of Houffalize.

1. Ralf Näf (SUI) 1:56:07
2. Karl Platt (GER) 1:57:01
3. Martin Gujan (SUI) 1:57:10
4. Jose Hermida (ESP) s.t.
5. Roel Paulissen (BEL) 1:57:28
6. Michael Weiss (AUT) 1:57:36
7. Stefan Sahm (GER) 1:58:12
8. Wolfram Kurschat (GER) 1:58:25
9. Kashi Leuchs (NZL) 1:58.31
10. Christoph Soukup (AUT) 1:59.19
3. Moritz Milatz (GER) 2:04:33
8. Robert Gehbauer (AUT) 2:07:41

1. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja (NOR) 1:44.4;8
2. Sabine Spitz (GER) 1:47:03
3. Irina Kalentieva (RUS) 1:47:56
4. Ivonne Kraft (GER) 1:49:47
5. Anna Enocsson (SWE) 1:50:07
6. Katrin Schwing (GER) 1:53:51
7. Heike Hundertmark (GER) 1:55:14
8. Inbar Ronen (ISR) 1:55:50
9. Fiona Macdermid (NZL) 1:56:39
10. Bärbel Jungmeier (AUT) 1:57:23
DNS Nina Göhl (GER)


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