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April 17/07 10:09 am - Sea Otter Classic: Men's DH

Posted by Editoress on 04/17/07

Sea Otter Classic Monterey California
Report courtesy Kathy Sessler, Santa Cruz Syndicate

The Santa Cruz Syndicate riders had a terrific outing at the Sea Otter Classic with a podium result for each event they entered. Leading the way was Nathan Rennie smoking the international downhill field by 2 seconds. He was stoked to win, and credits his Kenda semi-slick Short Tracker rear tire for aiding his victory. Steve Peat had a great run and followed Rennie in with a 3rd place downhill finish, both on their new Santa Cruz prototype V-10's. Rennie says, "I'm happy with my win. It's a great way to start the season. I must say I had a great run"

Jamie Goldman was in fine form flipping his way into a 3rd place run in the dirt jump competition. Goldman was the first to gainer the step down that preceded the gigantic rhythm set. He and Greg Watts were the first two to qualify into the finals. In the final run he did a flip to 360, and on the final hit he double whipped but side-saddled out missing the pedals, but still rode out of it. Goldman on his run, "I'm pretty stoked on it! That was the first time I ever tried a double whip on dirt."

John Waddell was in the Syndicate podium charge, mixing it up with the Expert men in the cross-country race on Sunday. He powered his way through two 20-mile laps, finishing the race in 3rd place.

On Saturday, after getting a super soaker on the Dual Slalom qualifier and waiting through a rain delay, Steve Peat got faster and faster through his rounds. He made it to the semi-finals matched up against Jared Graves, Graves advanced. In the small final Peaty raced Bryn Atkinson and beat him with two of his best runs of the day, finishing 3rd overall.

Steve Peat says this about the weekend, "It was good to get two thirds. Weather played a major factor, as usual. The Syndicate pulled through with great performances. I was stoked to be on the podium with Rennie. I look forward to more podiums for the Syndicate this season."

Pro Men's DH (April 15th)

1. Nathan Rennie (Aus) Santa Cruz Syndicate2:13
2. Jared Graves (Aus) Yeti / Fox Racing Fa2:16
3. Steve Peat (GBr) Santa Cruz Syndicate2:16
4. Filip Polc (Cze)2:16
5. Chris Kovarik (Aus) MS- Intense Factory_2:17
6. Jurgen Beneke (Ger) Old World Plaster2:18
7. Cedric Gracia (Fra) Oakley/Commencal2:18
8. Bryn Atkinson (Aus) Gt Bicycles2:19
9. Gee Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal2:19
10. Chris Vandine (USA) Cannondale The Cut2:19
11. Ryan Finney (USA) WTB Fox Santa Cruz2:19
12. Brian Lopes (USA)2:20
13. Cody Warren (USA) C-Dub Racing2:20
14. Duncan Riffle (USA) Honda Ironhorse2:20
15. Dan Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal2:20
16. Eric Carter (USA)2:20
17. Mick Hannah (RSA) Cannondale The Cut2:21
18. Shaums March (USA) Mmr Camps Marin Bike2:21
19. Justin Leov (NZl) Yeti / Fox Racing Fa2:21
20. Sam Blenkinsop (NZl)2:22
21. Geritt Beytagh (USA) Morewoodbikes Usa2:22
22. Jared Rando (Aus) Giant Mtb Team2:22
23. Waylon Smith (USA) KHS2:22
24. Dave Cullinan (USA)2:22
25. Curtis Keene (USA) Cane Creek2:22
26. Ross Milan (USA) Yeti / Fox Racing Fa2:23
27. Andrew Neethling (RSA) Honda/Turner2:23
28. Christopher Herndon (USA) Core Creek2:23
29. Curtis Beavers (USA)2:23
30. Mark Weir (USA) WTB/Santa Cruz2:24
31. Aurelien Giordanengo (Fra) Rivierabike.Com Fmf2:24
32. Cameron Cole (NZl) Team Maxxis2:24
33. Andrew Mitchell (Can) Cove/SRAM2:24
34. Jon Wilson (USA) Dirt Works/Pimp Bike2:24
35. Nathan Riddle (USA) Mountain Cycle/ Arro2:25
36. George Stephenson (USA) Ellsworth Bicycles F2:25
37. Evan Turpen (USA) X-Fusion/ Iron Horse2:25
38. Cole Bangert (USA) Morewood Bikes/Utopi2:25
39. Karim Amour (Fra) Rivierabike.Com Fmf2:26
40. Aaron Peters (USA) WTB Santa Cruz2:26
41. Steve Smith (Can) Cove/SRAM2:26
42. Mike Haderer (USA) Fox Shox/Yeti/Easton2:26
43. Daniel Weinman (USA) Paradise Power Co.2:27
44. Mark Clemens (USA) Hutchinson2:27
45. Scott Martinez (USA) Intense/Atomlab2:27
46. Heikki Hall (USA) E.13 Hayes Michelin2:27
47. Joel Bain (Aus) Fox Racing2:27
48. Kyle Wideman (USA) WTB2:27
49. Scott Fellers (USA) Supercede2:28
50. Steve Wentz (USA)2:28
51. Tyler Morland (Can) SRAM2:28
52. Ian Odom (USA) KHS2:28
53. Matt Fisher (USA) The Fix And Turner B2:28
54. Nick Quinn (Can) Calgary Cycle Dh Team2:28
55. John Hauer (USA) X Fusion Shoxspecial2:28
56. Chris Heath (USA) Pedal The Peaks/Iron2:29
57. Dave Mclaughlin (USA) Eastern Bikes2:29
58. Lars Sternberg (USA) Iron Horse/Fluidride2:29
59. Jeff Kendall-Weed (USA) Cal Poly Wheelman2:29
60. Garrick Anderson (USA) G-Unit2:29
61. Mathieu Laurin (Can) Marin Bikes2:29
62. Nicholas O'Neil (USA) Privteer2:29
63. David Beeson (USA) G.T./Mongoose2:29
64. Luke Strobel (USA) Team Maxxis2:29
65. Sam Hill (Aus) Monster Energy/Iron2:29
66. Hank Cadle (USA) Intense National2:30
67. Tj Sharp (USA) Yeti / Fox Racing Fa2:30
68. Alfonso Garcia (Mex) Team Rotec2:30
69. Kim Eakin (USA) Bear Naked-Cannondal2:31
70. Scott Papola (USA) Fox Shox/ Yeti/ East2:31
71. Sean McClendon (USA) Decline2:31
72. Cody Wilderman (USA) Team Totally Wired F2:31
73. Kyle Adams (USA) Odi-Southridge2:31
74. Tommy Tokarczyk (USA) Jamis Bikes2:32
75. Michael Jones (Can) Mmr Camps Marin Bike2:32
76. Daniel Hultgen (USA) Na2:32
77. Ryan Cranston (USA) Ruby Canyon/Speciali2:33
78. Kyle Ritchie (Can)2:33
78. Julius Suvanen (USA) Commencal Usa2:33
80. Keith Mott (USA) KHS2:33
81. Kain Leonard (USA) Astrix/Shimano2:33
82. Chris Boice (USA)2:34
83. Andrew Pierce (USA) Gor Ride.Com2:34
84. Quinton Spaulding (USA) KHS Bicycles2:34
85. Michael Forest (USA) Na2:34
86. Shawn Wilson (USA) Oakley X-Fusion Gamu2:35
87. Trevor Martin (USA) Pedal The Peaks2:35
88. Guilherme Renke (USA) Versus Cycles2:35
89. Eric Opperman (USA) Dh Reno2:36
90. Sean Methven (USA) Turner/Michelin2:38
91. Rick Goldrup (USA) Swd Racing2:38
92. Andrew Parson (USA) Versus Cycles2:39
93. Mike Howse (USA) The Fix Maxxis Ironh2:40
94. Dante Harmony (USA) Team Cactus Bikes2:40
95. Jesse Jackson (USA) Michelin Motion Tire2:40
96. Matt Medore (USA) Nicolai Usa2:41
97. Zachary Griffith (USA) Leelikesbikes2:41
98. Tom Grzesik (GBr) Coaltion Clothing2:41
99. Rudy Unrau (USA) Yeti Rpm2:43
100. Phil Wheeler (USA) Fleet Street Cycles2:44
101. Dominick Menard (Can) Giant Bicycle Canada2:45
102. Jason Simon (USA) Ptp Iron Horse2:46
103. Stephen Darcy (USA) Go-Ride2:46
104. Jonathan Canfield (USA) Honda/Ironhorse2:48
105. Mihai Moga (USA) Big Crank Racing2:49
106. Evelio Suarez (USA) Nicolai2:50
107. Tom Wehe (USA) Kenda-Turner3:14
DNF. Amiel Cavarlier (Aus) Giant Mtb Team
DNF. Jiro Makamura (USA) Wb Santa Cruz
DNF. Matt Thompson (USA) Big Crank Racing
DNF. Chris Powell (USA) Avent/Bombshell
DNF. Kyle Strait (USA) Specialized Factory
DNF. Ryan Condrashoff (USA) WTB/X-Fusion/Santacr
DNF. Daniel Baggs (USA)
DNF. Steve Johnson (USA)

Women's results not available


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