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April 27/07 9:15 am - 'Crazy Guy On a Bike' Journal

Posted by Editor on 04/27/07

'Crazy Guy On a Bike' Journal

Ed Schum has been a backbone of the B.C. provincial scene for many years - and a sometimes CC reporter. He just sent us the following note about his plans for a cross-Canada trip. Good luck Ed.

Hi Canadian Cyclist

I am leaving from here in Courtenay tomorrow morning to ride my bike across our beautiful and vast country.

This has been a dream of mine for many years, but I have always been too busy doing something. Lately it has been coaching, including taking the B.C. Junior team to Abitibi every July. Now, Cycling B.C. has hired several paid coaches which gives me the opportunity to take the time to fulfill my dream.

I have a journal of my trip up and running at:

Many people in the cycling community here in B.C. have asked if I had a website they could follow my trip on and I wonder if you could put a little blurp and link to my journal on Canadian Cyclist. If you glance through my journal you will see that part of the purpose for my trip is to report on road safety related to cyclists. I will report on this issue regularly in my journal and send a report to provincial and federal authorities after my return home.

Thanks, and hope things are going well for you.



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