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April 29/07 9:21 am - London Velodrome Celebrates Second Anniversary

Posted by Editor on 04/29/07

Forest City Velodrome - London, Ontario
Courtesy Bob Schelstraete / Photos

Well, it was party time at the OK Corral (aka Forest City Velodrome). While the spectators (and officials) gorged themselves with the free cake celebrating the velodrome's second anniversary, the riders put on numerous races both exciting and fun.

Early in the program, special guests MPP Chris Bentley and MPP Khalil Ramal, along with John Lessif and Sheila Simpson of the Trillium Foundation, presented Rob Good of Forest City with our 2007 Trillium Grant. The generosity of the Foundation is very much appreciated and gives us the opportunity to successfully expand and grow our programs.

On the track Junior rider Stephen Meyer set a new 3000 metre track record with a blistering 3:44.90.

Jamie Shankland was on his way to a new flying lap track record when his tire tape separated from the tire and he crashed heavily into the boards. The result fortunately was nothing broken but a very bad hip bruise.

Keithie (Keith) Thorarinson and Lornie (Lorne) Falkenstein had a sprint challenge on mini-bikes. Thorarinson turned around and went the wrong way around the track to try and beat Lornie to the line. Lornie seeing what Keith was up to cut through the infield. It was a great laugh for all.

Youngsters Andy Christie (aged 88), Magnus Graham (aged 77) and Ernie Regan (aged 75) put on a 20 lap race with Graham outsprinting Regan and Christie to take the win. The three former air force members with a combined age of 240 years showed that their fitness is remarkable.

Six teams competed in the madison with Byer and Bester pulling out the win by capturing the last sprint for double points.

The velo-kids rode numerous events during the program and had everyone cheering them on.

Next race event will be the Ontario Provincial Track Championships June 1, 2 & 3.

Check website for details -

Flying Laps
1Joe Veloce8.52
2Chris Atkins8.66
3Ryan Crawford8.83
4Julian Shea9.28
5Matt Chaffe9.4
6Dave Berman10.28
7Ryan Lave10.35
8Matthew Bester10.95
9Sarah McKenzie-Picot11.22
10Amberley Berman11.92
11Ernie Regan12.1
12Emily McKenzie-Picot12.18
13Kieren Murray12.32
14Riley Bere13.07
15Sami Bere13.42
16Devon Lowrie13.78
3000 Metre Track Record Attempt
Stephen Meyer3.44.90New Record
1Dave Byer & Stephanie Bester18 pts
2Daniele Defranceschi & Brian Kelly14 pts
2Keith Thorarinson & Alex Fournier14 pts
4Rob Good & Joe Veloce10 pts
5Ryan Crawford & Rod Olliver1 lap17 pts
6Lorne Falkenstein & John Hueston1 lap15 pts
Sprint Challenges
1Ryan Crawford
2Joe Veloce
1Stephanie Bester
2Ryan Lave
1Daniele DeFranceschi
2Chris Atkins
1Julian Shea
2Brian Kelly
Dave Berman
1Devon Lowrie
2Sami Bere
Velo-kids Team Sprint Challenge
1Devon Lowrie40.59
Sarah McKenzie-Picot
Stephanie Bester
2Kieren Murray45.47
Riley Bere
Amberley Berman
3Sami Bere47.25
Emily McKenzie-Picot
Matthew Bester
'B' Scratch Race - 20 Laps
1Julian Shea
2Brain Kelly
3Stephanie Bester
4Ryan lave
5Dave Berman
Challenge of the elders - 20 Laps
1Magnus Graham(age 77)
2Ernie Regan(age 75)
3Andy Christie(age 88)
Scratch Race - 50 Lap
1Daniele DeFranceschi
2Chris Atkins
3Matthew Chaffe
4Keith Thorarinson
5Lorne Falkenstein
6John Hueston
7Julian Shea
8Rod Olliver
Miss & Out
1Daniele DeFranceschi
2Keith Thorarinson
3Dave Byers
4Lorne Falkenstein
5Chris Atkins
6John Hueston
7Alex Fournier
8Matthew Chaffe
9Joe Veloce
10Rod Olliver
Velo-kids Handicap
Amberley Berman
Devon Lowrie
Sami Bere
Sarah McKenzie-Picot
Riley Bere
Emily McKenzie Picot
Matthew Bester
Kieren Murray
Challenge of the Giants on Mini-Bikes
Keithie Thorarinsondisqualified for going wrong way
Lornie Falkensteindisqualified for cutting through the infield


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