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May 3/07 10:11 am - Shimano Introduces 25th Anniversary Edition of Deore XT

Posted by Editor on 05/3/07

Shimano Introduces 25th Anniversary Edition of Deore XT

Normally we don't include product intros in the Daily News, but XT is a seminal product in the development of the sport of mountain biking, and is this year Shimano is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Deore XT by introducing a completely revamped group (I am old enough to have owned a first edition of the group when it originally came out - Ed.).

Shimano release:

Much has happened since 1982, but Deore XT is still regarded as the benchmark of mountain bike technology. With an extensive product range, Deore XT still excels in innovation, quality and performance.

The new Deore XT continues the tradition of being the market leader with Shimano Shadow technology

One of the highlights of the new XT is definitely the "Shimano Shadow" rear derailleur RD-M772. Originally developed for All Mountain riders, it will surely gain many fans among other mountain bikers too.

"Shimano Shadow" is a new shifting system that results in a rear derailleur with a super low profile (saves 11-18mm!) that decreases the chance of damage to the rear derailleur while riding demanding trails. Furthermore, the Shadow derailleur has an increased vertical stability to prevent hitting the chain stay on very bumpy terrain. As a result, there is no need to worry about the derailleur when taking extreme trails at high speed. The derailleur will stay focused and perform its tasks flawlessly.

Extra attention has been paid to make this derailleur as lightweight as possible and to create a crisp shift feeling which is often required for more extreme usage. The cable routing has been shortened since less cable simply means less friction for improved response. RD-M772 will be available in a short-cage and a long-cage version, in Top-Normal technology only.

Besides this completely new rear derailleur technology, Deore XT also offers the usual Top-Normal and Low-Normal rear derailleurs creating a line-up that will satisfy all mountain bikers' needs. All three derailleur options borrow the "X"-shaped outer plate design from Shimano's XTR that offers an optimal rigidity while saving weight.

Servo Wave technology

Another innovative technology incorporated into new XT is Shimano's Servo Wave system. Originally developed for cable brake levers, the technology has been transferred to hydraulic disc brake levers and Dual Control Levers (DCL). Servo Wave realizes a quicker engagement: little lever movement is needed to bring the pads into contact with the rotor. Furthermore, the power multiplication factor increases rapidly at the pad-to-rotor contact so more of the lever stroke is used to apply greater braking power with improved control. As a result, Servo Wave delivers 20% extra brake power.

The disc brake lever BL-M775 and DCL ST-M775 also feature a reach-adjust (no tools needed) and the free stroke can be adapted according to personal preferences. The disc brake calipers feature an opposed two-piston design and a single-forged monobody construction for an optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio. Both metal and resin brake pads will be available. The durability of the resin pads has been improved by at least 100%. The new rotor design contributes to a further 10% improved life span of the brake pads. Center Lock rotors will be available in 160, 180 and 203 mm.


Deore XT has two shifting systems side-by-side: Dual Control Levers (disc brake and V-BRAKE versions) and Rapidfire Plus shifters. Shimano recommends using DCL in combination with a Low-Normal rear derailleur (RD-M770) for Cross Country and Marathon riding and Rapidfire Plus together with a Top-Normal rear derailleur (RD-M771/RD-M772) for All Mountain and Enduro.

Deore XT Dual Control Levers have been developed with Shimano's Multi Release and Instant Release shifting technology. Rapidfire Plus shifters SL-M770 have been supplied with 2-Way Release and Instant Release technology. Multi Release for Rapidfire Plus will be limited to Shimano's top level XTR group.
SL-M770 features a removable optical gear display. It has been designed to allow a combination with a suspension lever to save space on the handlebar. The shifters can be mounted inside and outboard of the brake lever clamp.

Cranksets and more...

Many other products complete the Deore XT groupset. A lot of attention has gone into the powerful XT crankset. It has been developed with a composite/steel middle chainring with 100% improved durability. HOLLOWTECH II system with integrated bottom bracket and HYPERDRIVE technology with strategically-placed shift ramps and high tech chainring shapes to ensure an unmatched front shifting performance. The XT crankset will be available in 44/32/22 teeth for mountain bike and a chain case compatible version with 48/36/26 teeth for trekking.

Also very interesting is the HB-M776 front hub for a 20mm through axle that creates a very rigid fork/hub combination. It has a standard Center Lock size mount.

Of course also "normal" XT hubs and freehubs will be available, both with and without Center Lock system. They excel in lightweight design: a set of new XT disc brake hubs saves a remarkable 50 grams compared to current XT! There will be versions with 32 and 36 spoke holes, in black and in silver colour. The freehubs have borrowed the quick engagement mechanism from the new XTR. Freehub bodies are produced from steel and have been developed with an internal grease sleeve that helps to maintain proper lubrication levels to increase service life.

The XT cassette has chrome plated steel sprockets and a 5-arm carrier with improved rigidity. Of course it has been developed with Shimano's HYPERGLIDE technology to guarantee a super smooth shifting performance. The cassette is available in 11-32T and in 11-34T combinations. A wide range of front derailleurs will be available too: conventional, Top Swing and bottom bracket mount and also separate versions for trekking. They feature angled adjustment screws for easy access and also have an improved tire clearance.

Besides hydraulic disc brakes, also V-BRAKES and matching brake levers will be available; short levers for mountain bike and longer brake levers for trekking. Furthermore there will also be new SPD pedals PD-M770 with Deore XT logo. They feature a smooth step in/step out function and have an excellent mud-shedding design.

All Mountain trend results in new Deore XT wheel set

Shimano studies the mountain bike market continuously and this often results in new product directions such as, in this case, a new Deore XT wheel set focused especially on All Mountain and Enduro usage. Also, new Deore XT Cross Country wheel sets have been developed. They create a perfect set up with Shimano's new Deore XT group but also as separate wheel sets they upgrade the look and feel of any mountain bike.

WH-M776 Deore XT All Mountain wheel set (for disc brakes)

This new Deore XT wheel set with model name WH-M776 has been developed for use with a 20mm through axle in the front wheel to increase fork/wheel stiffness. Also the other elements of this wheel set are designed especially for hard core riding.

This wheel set has 24 stainless steel round spokes (2.0mm) both in front and in the rear to ensure maximum rigidity for riding under very demanding circumstances. It has been developed for tubeless tires (UST). The rims have an outer dimension of 28mm for recommended tires of 26 x 1.90-2.50. The rear wheel has an OLD of 135mm. The wheels have been supplied with aggressive rim stickers, red spoke nipples and a red- coloured Center Lock rotor mount ring to create a wheel set that excels not only in performance but also in design. It features a standard Center Lock size and the weight is 2050 grams per set.

WH-M775 Deore XT Cross Country wheel set (for disc brakes)

The new Deore XT wheel set for Cross Country usage focuses on lightweight characteristics while borrowing design elements from the XTR wheel set WH-M975. These wheels have also been developed with 24 spokes in front and rear to create a very rigid wheel set for disc brake usage (Center Lock rotor mount). The stainless steel spokes are butted (2.0-1.8.-2.0mm) to save weight. Of course this wheel set has also been developed for tubeless tires (UST). Rims have an outer dimension of 23mm for recommended tires of 26 x 1.50-2.25. The freehub has borrowed the quick engagement mechanism from the new XTR. Furthermore it has been developed with an internal grease sleeve that helps to maintain proper lubrication levels to increase service life. The weight is 1680 grams per set.

WH-M770 Deore XT Cross Country wheel set (for V-BRAKE)

This wheel set is especially developed for V-BRAKE use so there is no Center Lock system but instead a rim that's suitable for V-BRAKES. The other product specifications are equal to WH-M775 with one exception: These wheels have 20 butted stainless steel spokes in the front and 24 in the rear wheel. The weight is 1670 grams per set.


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