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May 7/07 10:01 am - Blizzard Club Report

Posted by Editor on 05/7/07

Blizzard Bike Club - Fort St. John, BC
Courtesy Pat Ferris

May 3, 2007

Colter Young won the Baldonnel time trial, Thursday night, in the rain, with a time of 27:42. Pat Ferris was second at 28:05 and Roger St. Jean third at 29:33. Kathryn Fairweather was 4th at 30:36 and Barb Polehoykie 5th at 33:19.

A busy weekend for the Blizzards with the locals having a road race on Sunday, from Cecil Lake at 2 pm. Stephen Ferris is racing the Velocity Stage Race in Edmonton. Irvin Tang is doing the Wildflower Half-Ironman Triathlon in California.

May 6, 2007

Colter Young edged out Robin Baillie, Sunday, to win a windy 70 Km road race. Cecil Lake Road race with a time of 2:12:04 hours. Pat Ferris was third at 2:14:56. Roger St. Jean was 4th at 2:21:37 and Gary Hilderman edged out Les Elliott for 5th at 2: 27:37. Jeff Jackson came in 7th at 2:38:25.

It was a windy, tough day for the 22 starters. The group was down to Robin Baillie, Colter Young and Pat Ferris after the Goodlow Hills at the 40 km mark. Ferris was dropped on the last Trans-Pine rise. Baillie and Young headed for the finish for the exciting sprint. Colter Young won with a few inches to spare for his second win of the week.

Matt Sparling beat Dean Lowry in a close sprint for the 45 K race. Sam Keats was close behind in third. Barb Polehoykie was 4th at 1:37:49, Brian Hurst 1:39:16, Kevin Cooper 1:41:49, Gord Harris 1:43:47, Floyd Polehoykie ahead of Kathryn Fairweather at 1:44:53, Ann Hurst at 2:08:25 and 2 DNFs.

Starr Guliov did 1:08:40 for 26 K. Eva St. Jean did 1:14:52 and Suzi Bach 1:17:57 for 30 km.

This week:

Monday: Duathlon 7 pm from Baldonnel School 2k Run - 8 k Bike - 2 k Run or (shorty) 1 k run - 8 k bike - 1 k run

Tuesday: How to race session. No Tri Bars.
6:30 pm from Cosmic Grounds. Mr. Baillie will show you how it's done.

Thursday: Time trial training at 6 pm
Patricia will train you to help time, in the future, tonight (Thursday) at 6 pm, BEFORE the regular time trial at 7 pm.
Yes, you can then ride the time trial, afterwards, if you wish.
New Thursday time coordinator Eva St. Jean will be looking forward to you helping time those hugely popular Baldonnel time trial events.
If all the club riders (or their spouses/Kids) each timed one time trial (80 of us), we'd only have to do it once every 3 years.

Thursday: Baldonnel time trial 16 k and 8 k. Sign on cut-off is 6:50 pm (10 minutes BEFORE start.)

Saturday Community Ride (non-Blizzard event)
1 pm from Cosmic Grounds. Approx. 20 K cruise.

Sunday: Grande Prairie Challenge Cup Hillclimb and road race from O'Brien Park.
Hillclimb 11 am and road race 2 pm.

Leave your tri-bars at home. Put your bike number on so the GP'ers know who you are.

Can You Help, Thursday? (Can't ride? too cold? too something? Here is your chance to help)


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