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May 9/07 9:31 am - The Cycle Solutions Ontario Cup DH #1

Posted by Editor on 05/9/07

The Cycle Solutions Ontario Cup DH #1
Courtesy Peter Appleton

Well, we had the perfect weather for what was anticipated to be the biggest Ontario Cup DH race ever and we didn't disappoint.  Canada's largest DH and 4X race series smashed its own attendance record for the most racers ever; 257 racers attended the season opener with the largest numbers coming in the 14-18yr old categories.  I want to thank all the participants and parents for making this happen.

The racing was fast and furious on a new lower course that featured flow that would make the roller coasters at Canada's Wonderland nervous!  The log gap to tree gap to double drops had mouths salivating and kept the times close.

In the elite men's final it was a shootout as riders crossed the line, the middle of the pack had 6 riders within 1 second of each other!  Justin Brown (Cycle Solutions) whipped over the line in a screaming 1:16.459 good enough for 3rd, however his teammate Peter McLean (Sweet Pete's Racing) nipped him with a 1:15.204 and stole 2nd, but all awaited Drew Pautler (Sweet Pete's Racing) the final rider and he showed them who was boss with a half second lead of 1:14.887  and secured 1st place.

Junior Expert Men went to Team Dropmachine/Commencal rider Matt Zridluk his time would have put him in the top 5 Pro mens field, Crepeau and Lockyer rounded out the podium.

I can't thank enough our amazing support staff, Graham Seaman and Jeff, Kris Somers (MC/DJ), Allan Hawley and his timing staff, Kelso Pro Patrol and staff (Chris, Mark and Christa) and ofcourse the amazing volunteers and sponsors: Bike Store, Ventana and Foes ,, Norco Performance Bikes, Want Beverages, Commencal bikes, Kenda Tires, Titec Components, BMO, CIBC,, , Privateer Racing, Hydro One, YODO bike, E-13, Atomlab, Azonic and Axis Racing Gear.

For all results and Ontario Cup DH/4X racing info go to

Hard Tail (18 and Under)TimeTime Behind
1Cameron LoftusFH Racing01:38.6
2Jason DeGrace01:38.80.189
3Zakari S_guin01:41.52.874
4Dean Thompson01:43.44.748
5Kyle Lubieniecki01:43.44.802
6Tim Brand01:44.35.673
7Kurt Addison01:47.08.422
8Andrew Collins01:48.59.86
9Rd Bell01:50.411.789
10Jeremy Nokes01:51.212.592
11Adam Hammoud01:58.419.831
12Mike Durlik01:59.721.096
13Daniel LaCute02:26.347.671
14Tyler Macintyre02:27.849.229
Hard Tail (19+)TimeTime Behind
1Andrew Robinson01:26.5
2Nikolaus Tkachuk01:29.93.405
3John Scharff01:30.64.121
4Tommy Lucas01:31.44.91
5Daniel Goguen01:35.28.723
6Chris Cherry01:38.511.979
7Chris Staniewski01:40.213.677
8Matt KiyonagaCycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s Racing01:41.214.638
9Mike FawcettFH Racing01:41.615.11
10Kyle Archer01:53.827.236
11Chris Teschke02:14.447.892
Cadet (15-16)TimeTime Behind
1Justin LoiselleFH Racing01:24.9
2Harry McCallum01:25.40.54
3Robert Bailey01:26.21.274
4Guillaume LabrieFH Racing01:27.42.505
5Mac Walker01:27.42.536
6Steven GauciCycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s Racing01:28.03.087
7Karl DeschampsFH Racing01:28.03.125
8Alexander Wright01:28.53.614
9Alistair Pimlott01:28.53.642
10Jamieson Dennys01:28.83.859
11Christopher O`Connor01:29.95.023
12Wesley Taylor01:30.65.687
13Lucas Wheeler01:31.86.95
14Brad Zdriluk01:32.37.426
15Gianrico De Pasquale01:32.37.445
16Greg Serneels01:32.77.85
17Matthew Quinn01:34.69.743
18Mat Durham01:34.79.808
19Henry Gilpin01:34.99.999
20Aaron Smith01:35.410.547
21Sam Winter01:36.011.127
22Jeffrey Wilcox01:36.411.475
23Michael Watson01:36.411.546
24Josh Toohill01:36.411.546
25Trey Larue01:37.312.429
26Matt Gillies01:37.612.727
27Taylor Wild01:38.513.621
28Ed McKenzie01:39.414.472
29Connor Dawson01:39.714.798
30Taylor Vallencourt01:39.915.043
31Patrick McCarter01:40.315.366
32Brendan Walton01:40.415.548
33Ryan Swanson01:40.815.889
34Ryan Korpikoski01:40.815.905
35Alex Cooke01:40.916.005
36Stephen Nahirny01:41.416.482
37Macully Washik01:42.817.875
38Chase Evans01:43.318.36
39Peter Little01:44.119.215
40Graham Staley01:46.021.155
41Holt Tyler01:48.323.395
42Myles Deacon01:49.024.13
43Dan Bruxer01:49.124.213
44Caleb Glithero01:49.224.35
45Shaun Gidley01:49.324.389
46Daniele De Simone01:49.925.054
47Spencer Ball01:50.125.206
48Jonathan McLaren01:57.732.848
49Bryce Green02:04.639.748
50Ben TellerdFH Racing02:28.001:03.1
51Dylan McCrostie02:34.401:09.5
Tyler PublowDNS
Junior Sport (17-18)TimeTime Behind
1Michael Hermanovsky01:22.1
2Robert FraserFH Racing01:22.40.287
3Joseph Pillarella01:25.02.857
4Brad Huber01:25.12.979
5Taylor Rowlands01:25.53.421
6Michael Abram01:26.54.403
7Felix Antoine Lessard01:26.74.626
8Paul Capra01:27.35.229
9David Moar01:28.46.252
10Maxime Fortin Faubert01:29.17.032
11David Madder01:29.97.797
12Mark Taylor01:30.07.855
13David Piva01:30.78.631
14Curtis Martin01:30.98.766
15Ben Dupont01:31.29.081
16James MacDonald01:32.410.33
17Geoffrey Plant-Richmond01:33.010.917
18Ryan Mausser01:33.511.387
19Simon Winter01:33.511.431
20Elliot Gould01:33.811.658
21Kevin Allingham01:34.011.912
22Jordan Thompson01:34.712.632
23David Klaver01:35.113.027
24Mitchell Kenzie Klus01:35.213.14
25Stephen Klingenberg01:36.013.867
26Justin Wingrove01:36.714.554
27Brandon Saliba01:37.515.373
28Curtis Wheeler01:38.616.478
29Caleb Parker01:38.816.707
30Jonathan Bujeya01:39.417.269
31Tyler Leddy01:39.417.283
32Blaise Page01:40.318.19
33Christopher Caruana01:41.519.375
34Dakota GundersonSport X01:41.719.567
35Colin Thomson01:42.320.207
36Jamie Maslen01:42.820.698
37Josh Costello01:44.322.165
38Dylon Smith01:44.722.559
39John Hathan01:47.024.926
40Chris Farregia01:51.229.061
41Elliot McLaren01:51.929.777
42Kain Petterson01:52.029.906
43Andrew Fisher01:54.632.476
44Steven Tossman06:07.604:45.5
Justin KooimanDNS
Alex MacMillanDNS
Nick ClarksonDNF
Senior Sport (19-29)TimeTime Behind
1Zachary Ross01:23.8
2John Morris01:24.60.725
3Steven Abell01:24.60.727
4Greg de Boer01:24.70.861
5Tanner Utronki01:25.01.169
6Andrew Robinson01:26.52.663
7Jamie Parrott01:27.03.176
8Derek Vanderaar01:27.23.366
9Dave GagnonCycle - 107.5 Dave FM01:27.94.095
10Ben Faulds01:28.44.585
11Wes Delange01:29.25.348
12Lachezar Nikolov01:29.85.909
13Weston Smylie01:30.36.507
14Julien LeBeouf01:32.68.739
15Robert Hawkins01:33.09.109
16Grant Nichol01:33.39.42
17Ryan Ogilvie01:33.79.857
18James Ivory01:34.010.162
19Brandon McGuire01:34.810.939
20Geordie Taylor01:35.211.38
21Alex Peach01:35.511.681
22Richard Hicks01:36.412.545
23Mitchell Yurkiw01:36.612.718
24Kevin Vaughan01:37.413.509
25Curtis Burns01:37.613.722
26Tyler Nicol01:37.713.851
27Phillip Batman01:37.713.884
28Adrian WinterFH Racing01:38.714.824
29Ian Smith01:39.215.322
30Bryce Foster01:39.515.653
31Paul Evans01:40.316.48
32Mike Wainman01:41.417.547
33Mike Holt01:41.717.849
34Tyler Ammann01:42.718.874
35Andrew Smith01:44.020.114
36Yannick HudsonFH Racing01:45.221.366
37Brandon Taylor01:45.621.736
38Bryan Sewell01:47.523.627
39Colin Richardson01:53.029.155
40Noel Steele01:53.429.595
41Mark Machan01:58.734.837
42Brendan BonnerCycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s Racing02:04.540.694
43Kyle Moffit02:13.049.207
44Karey Machan02:14.650.778
Trevor CookDNF
Mathieu BouthillierDNF
Andrew JosephDNF
All FemaleTimeTime Behind
1Sheila Morris01:31.9
2Heidi Nixdorf02:05.233.271
3Savannah Rogers02:16.844.884
4Aubrey Iwaniw02:33.701:01.8
Veteran Master (30-39)TimeTime Behind
1Chris FowlieImpala Bicycles01:22.1
2Chad Hill01:23.41.278
3David RyceCycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s Racing01:23.81.697
4Darryl Brooks01:23.81.707
5Peter Appleton01:25.73.58
6Bradley Crosbie01:27.15.028
7Chris Sinclair01:27.75.575
8Paul Meiklejohn01:28.26.078
9Derek Abraham01:29.27.158
10Jae Robert Baluyot01:29.47.281
11Alex Cameron01:30.07.918
12John Barisch01:31.39.263
13Rene Latreille01:31.59.45
14John Wilson01:31.69.523
15Jamie Edmundson01:31.79.621
16John Scharff01:32.510.436
17John Danyluk01:34.912.807
18Shane JoachimFH Racing01:35.413.299
19Derek Esson01:36.214.121
20Mike AndruszkiwCycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s Racing01:37.515.465
21Frederic HebertFH Racing01:42.520.401
22Jeremy Lavigne02:21.759.641
23Nathan Brounstein02:31.701:09.6
24Sean Teschke02:59.801:37.8
Master (40+)TimeTime Behind
1Tom Anderson01:28.9
2Steve Kipp01:28.90.036
3Brook Rayner01:33.44.499
4Greg Karges01:34.75.794
5Alex Howard01:34.75.832
6Claude Larue01:39.310.409
7M. Scott SinclairLapdogs Cycling Club01:42.613.653
8Danny Grant01:42.914.011
9Andy Staley01:45.016.072
10Graham Staleycategory mix up01:46.017.134
11Bob BonnerCycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s Racing01:55.426.472
Junior Expert (17-18)TimeTime Behind
1Matt ZdrilukTeam DropMachine/Commen_al01:17.3
2JP Jean-Phillippe Crepeau01:19.11.861
3Kyle Lockyer01:20.63.276
4Andrew Gotuaco01:22.85.485
5Ari Paunonen01:23.76.421
6Stephan StrebelFH Racing01:27.29.952
7Ben Harding01:27.310.032
8Mikey Palangio01:29.011.747
9Taylor Kirkwood01:29.512.216
10Andrew Burns01:39.722.425
11Zach Koolen01:42.825.536
Greg Kargescategory mix upDNS
Senior Expert (19-29)TimeTime Behind
1Harold Woolnough01:20.3
2Tom Kakamousias01:23.63.222
3Tommy Lucas01:23.93.592
4Terry Leimonis01:24.23.852
5Kevin Norris01:24.23.897
6John FrenchFH Racing01:24.44.078
7Joel Johnston01:29.49.06
8Bill Graham01:30.09.624
9Joseph Harrison01:33.1


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