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May 13/07 10:04 am - Downhill World Cup Vigo

Posted by Editoress on 05/13/07

Downhill World Cup #1 Vigo, Spain

Report by Larry Ireland

Photos courtesy Santa Cruz Syndicate

4X & DH Photos by Larry Ireland

Racers hit the hill at 8:30 am (local) this morning for the final practice and timed run sessions, before racing began at noon.  The course was now slippery and wet, which made it quite a different beast from the last few days.  Riders were seen walking the course early, checking out conditions in order to select tires for their timed runs, so that they could compare them to their practice runs on faster-rolling, dry condition tires.

Qualified Canadians for the Final included Claire Buchar (Specialized) in 10th and Tyler Morland in 58th.

Morland, dressed in mud gear, discussed during training how the course may have changed overnight due to the heavy rains.  "With it being Spain, I think it's gonna do well in the rain.  I think it's gonna tack up, and traction fell all night which is nice.  I think it's just something from the beach so it's pretty sandy.  I'm gonna go do a run on mud tires, and then try dry tires in a bit."

The Vigo downhill was punctuated by crazy weather, slippery conditions and the longest stay in a hot seat in recent memory. Marc Beaumont came down early after having qualified back in the field, and ended up sitting in the hot seat through the very end. Not even defending World Champion Sam Hill or fastest qualifier Steve Peat could unseat him from his chair.

"My run was pretty good. I everything pretty nice. I just tried to ride smooth and not make any mistakes. You can go off in loads of different shit here, like rocks. I had a good clean run, I'm stoked."

When asked how he felt sitting in the hotseat so long, Beamont said "I was really nervous. I just wanted it to end. I wanted people to come down the hill faster to get the race over with."

Canadian Tyler Morland finished 35th, not bad considering he left the gate in strong winds and hail. "The course was changing a lot. I was excited in the beginning when I was hanging out; the course was dry and looked good. As I stood in line it started to rain real hard and hail on me. With weather like that, what do you do. I went with dry tires, which was a bit of a mistake."

The other Canadian racer who qualified for the final - Claire Buchar - flatted in her race run and ended up 20th.

1. Sabrina Jonnier (Fra) Iron Horse / Monster Ener2:52.720.00
2. Tracy Moseley (GBr) Kona Les Gets2:59.997.27
3. Emmeline Ragot (Fra)3:02.289.56
4. Celine Gros (Fra)3:06.1313.41
5. Marielle Saner (Sui) Bikepark.Ch Tui3:06.6613.94
6. Fionn Griffiths (GBr)3:06.9414.22
7. Jennifer Makgill (NZl) Ssangyong-Fusion Pro Team3:08.5915.87
8. Tracey Hannah (Aus)3:08.9216.20
9. Scarlett Hagen (NZl)3:13.2520.53
10. Mio Suemasa (Jpn)3:15.1022.38
11. Floriane Pugin (Fra) Chatel Mountain Cycle3:17.9325.21
12. Emily Horridge (GBr) Chatel Mountain Cycle3:19.3726.65
13. Miriam Blas Otondo (Esp) Massi3:23.8331.11
14. Daniela Bossard (Sui)3:29.9737.25
15. Mireia Bosca Ballester (Esp)3:30.8738.15
16. Anita Molcik (Aut) Team Hotec / Rsp3:33.7741.05
17. Helene Fruhwirth (Aut)3:37.4344.71
18. Aurea Agostinho (Por)3:39.1646.44
19. Anja Rees Jones (GBr) Stendec Racing3:39.9847.26
20. Claire Buchar (Can)3:40.6547.93
21. Jaymie Mart (Bar)3:41.0548.33
22. Calamaty Jayne Cann (GBr)3:42.1049.38
23. Elisa Canepa (Ita) Playbiker - Iron Horse3:48.1555.43
24. Sue Mahony (GBr)3:49.9757.25
25. Diana Marggraff (Ecu)3:57.191:04.47
26. Helen Gaskell (GBr)4:06.641:13.92
27. Maria Michalogianneki (Gre)4:10.861:18.14
DNF. Melissa Buhl (USA) Khs
DNS. Silja Stadler (Sui)
1. Marc Beaumont (GBr) Team Mbuk Santacruz2:37.210.00
2. David Vazquez Lopez (Esp) Msc Bikes2:38.571.36
3. Greg Minnaar (RSA) Team G-Cross Honda2:39.091.88
4. Steve Peat (GBr) Santa Cruz Syndicate2:39.222.01
5. Samuel Hill (Aus) Iron Horse / Monster Ener2:40.763.55
6. Gee Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal2:41.394.18
7. Michael Hannah (Aus) Cannondale The Cut2:42.715.5
8. Mickael Pascal (Fra) Q By Saab-Salomon2:44.046.83
9. Thomas Braithwaite (GBr)2:44.056.84
10. Marco Milivinti (Ita)2:44.277.06
11. Matti Lehikoinen (Fin) Team G-Cross Honda2:44.497.28
12. Ruaridh Cunningham (GBr)2:44.537.32
13. Cédric Gracia (Fra) Oakley/Commencal2:44.637.42
14. Matthew Simmonds (GBr)2:44.847.63
15. Carlo Gambirasio (Ita)2:45.318.1
16. Neil Donoghue (GBr) Team Mbuk Santacruz2:45.458.24
17. Bernat Guardia Pascual (Esp) Msc Bikes2:45.508.29
18. Sam Dale (GBr) Mtb-Direct.Co.Uk2:45.658.44
19. Marcus Klausmann (Ger) Ghost International Racin2:45.738.52
20. Dave Wardell (GBr) Gt / Burgtec2:45.748.53
21. Pasqual Canals Flix (Esp) Massi2:45.818.6
22. Dan Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal2:45.858.64
23. Andrew Neethling (RSA)2:45.938.72
24. Fabien Barel (Fra) Kona Les Gets2:45.958.74
25. Bryn Atkinson (Aus)2:46.148.93
26. Nathan Rennie (Aus) Santa Cruz Syndicate2:46.779.56
27. Joseph Smith (GBr)2:46.869.65
28. Dan Stanbridge (GBr) Mojo Orange2:47.159.94
29. Josh Bryceland (GBr)2:47.2310.02
30. Herman Olund (Swe)2:47.4310.22
31. Mike Skinner (NZl)2:47.5710.36
32. Kamil Tatarkovic (Cze) Kona Les Gets2:48.0010.79
33. Lee Bertram (GBr)2:48.4611.25
34. Florent Payet (Fra) Ssangyong-Fusion Pro Team2:48.5311.32
35. Tyler Morland (Can) Cove Bikes2:48.6211.41
36. Nico Vink (Bel) Dolphin Bike Team2:48.6311.42
37. Brendan Fairclough (GBr) Team G-Cross Honda2:48.6911.48
38. Chris Kovarik (Aus) Ms-Intense Factory-Racing2:48.9011.69
39. Adam Brayton (GBr)2:48.9111.70
40. Ivan Oulego Moreno (Esp)2:49.0011.79
41. Vincent Saut (Fra)2:49.0311.82
42. Julien Camellini (Fra)2:49.1311.92
43. Justin Leov (NZl)2:49.1611.95
44. Rowen Sorrell (GBr)2:49.2812.07
45. Karim Amour (Fra)2:49.3912.18
45. David Smith (GBr)2:49.3912.18
47. Helder Padilha (Por)2:49.4012.19
48. Jared Graves (Aus)2:49.7912.58
49. Ben Reid (Irl)2:49.9112.70
50. Samuel Zbinden (Sui)2:49.9712.76
51. Emanuel Pombo (Por)2:49.9912.78
52. Fabien Pedemanaud (Fra)2:50.0312.82
53. Glenn Haden (NZl)2:50.9213.71
54. Samuel Blenkinsop (NZl)2:50.9713.76
55. Geritt Beytagh (USA)2:51.6814.47
56. Jurgen Beneke (Ger)2:51.7514.54
57. Mario Sieder (Aut)2:51.8614.65
58. Thibaut Ruffin (Fra)2:51.9614.75
59. Alan Beggin (Ita)2:52.2014.99
60. Oscar Saiz Castane (Esp)2:52.3215.11
61. Ben Cathro (GBr)2:52.5615.35
62. Claudio Caluori (Sui)2:52.8615.65
63. Tom Deacon (GBr)2:52.8815.67
64. Claudio Loureiro (Por)2:53.2015.99
65. Markoff Berchtold (Bra)2:53.2516.04
66. Maxime Remy (Fra)2:54.5217.31
67. Joe Barnes (GBr)2:54.5517.34
68. Fabien Cousinie (Fra)2:54.9217.71
69. Matthew Scoles (NZl)2:56.0018.79
70. Adam Vagner (Cze)2:56.3719.16
71. Nicola Casadei (Smr)2:56.6519.44
72. Christopher Van Dine (USA)2:57.1719.96
73. Aurélien Giordanengo (Fra)2:57.4520.24
74. Joris Bigoni (Fra)2:57.5020.29
75. Damien Spagnolo (Fra)2:59.4422.23
76. Cole Bangert (USA)3:04.4027.19
77. Duncan Riffle (USA)3:06.5429.33
78. Antoine Badouard (Fra)3:08.1330.92
79. Filip Polc (Svk)3:23.9846.77
DNS. Will Longden (GBr)
DNS. Frank Schneider (Ger


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