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May 14/07 9:17 am - CCA Pan American Track Trials Produce Surprises

Posted by Editoress on 05/14/07

CCA Pan American Track Trials Produce Surprises
Courtesy CCA

The Canadian Cycling Association held track trials in Burnaby, BC, on May 9-11, to identify athletes for the Pan American track championships.

The biggest revelation of the trials was the identification of a new athlete for the team sprint: Lawrence Leroux (19, Oka, QC) will compete alongside team veterans Cam MacKinnon (23, Calgary, AB) and Yannick Morin (32, Otterburn Park, QC).

"It is very significant for us to find an athlete who is fast enough to fill in for Travis Smith, who broke his hip at the worlds," said CCA High Performance Director Kris Westwood. "Things were looking pretty bad for Olympic qualification in this discipline when Travis got hurt, but this gives us some hope."

Another young athlete showing potential at the trials was Monique Sullivan (18, Calgary, AB), who narrowly missed the time standard in the women's sprint but was selected to a self-funded position as a development opportunity based on coaches' recommendations.

"Monique is our future in women's sprinting," said Westwood. "She was fifth fastest qualifier at Junior Worlds last year, and she's still a junior this year, so the Pan Ams will be an important learning experience for her."

Full results from the trials are below (electronic timing, all times were corrected for the ambient air temperature in the velodrome building). The trials were run by National Team Coach Houshang Amiri and Cycling BC head coach Richard Wooles

Men's flying 200m
Standard = 10.9 sec.12Qualified?
Mike McCorkel12.23-N
Cam MacKinnon1110.89Y
Joel Regimbald11.311.3N
Jeff Bakal11.8-N
Renee Regimbald12.3-N
Matt Barlee11.111.09N
Jamie Shankland11.8-N
Matt Chatter11.211.05N
Daniele Defranceschi11.7-N
Felix Haspel11.211.07N
Dylan Menard12.1-N
Lawrence Leroux11.111.11N
Women's flying 200m
Standard = 12.1 sec.12Qualified?
Monique Sullivan12.412.33N
Jennifer Lee12.512.53N
Women's flying 500m into 2000m
Standard = 34.0 into 2:37.0500m2000mQualified?
Jenny Trew35.17-N
Laura Brown34.2302:41.2N
Gina Grain33.9502:36.5Y
Steph Roorda35.35-N
Men's flying 500m into 2,000m
Standard = 31.0 into 3:29.0500m3000mQualified?
Zach Bell30.4403.29.6Y
Men's standing 250m
Standard = 18.6 sec.12
Lawrence Leroux18.6-Y
Yannik Morin18.7618.52Y
Keith Bruneau18.8618.94N
Joel Regimbald18.97-N
Jeff Bakal19.34-N
Daniele Defranceschi19.44-N
Renee Regimbald19.5-N
Dylan Menard19.58-N
Mike McCorkel20.29-N
Men's standing 500m
Standard = 33.3 sec.12Qualified?
Cam MacKinnon32.79-Y
Matt Barlee33.3133.25Y
Matt Chatter33.633.26Y
Felix Haspel34.18-N
Joel Regimbald34.46-N
Jeff Bakal35.08-N
Dylan Menard35.28-N
Jamie Shankland36.02-N
Lawrence Leroux-33.05Y
Men's 900m team sprint
Standard = 56.9 sec.*TimeMet standard
Yannick Morin56.3Yes
Lawrence Leroux
Cam MacKinnon
* Extrapolated from 750m standard / extrapolé du standard sur 750m
Other times set:
Men's 3000m pursuitTime
Cody Campbell03:44.9
Women's 2,000m mass start
Laura Brown34.2
Jenny Trew34.8
Steph Roorda34.45
Women's standing 500
Monique Sullivan37.27
Jennifer Lee37.51


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