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May 20/07 5:49 am - Bromont Canada Cup DH: Elite Men & Women, Junior Expert Men Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/20/07

Bromont Canada Cup DH #1

Elite Men
1. Steve Smith (Can) Cove Factory4:22.922
2. Justin Brown (Can) cycles Solutions4:28.118
3. Geritt Beytagh (USA) Morewoodbikes USA4:29.435
4. Louis-Philippe Leonard (Can) Lama Cycles/Crux4:31.232
5. Charles-Alexandre Dubé (Can) Cove Bikes4:32.295
6. Nick Quinn (Can) Calgary Cycle4:33.270
7. Jeff Beatty (Can) Orange Mojo4:33.865
8. Peter McLean (Can) Devinci4:34.417
9. Luke Kitzanuk (Can) Giant mountain bike team4:35.404
10. Mitchell Delfs (Aus) indépendant4:35.980
11. Hans Lambert (Can) Sports aux Puces4:36.814
12. Geoff Pendrel (Can) Pinkbike Devinci4:37.815
13. Dominick Ménard (Can) Giant Bikes Canada4:38.817
14. Nick Dent (Can) Giant Bikes Canada4:39.446
15. Andy Thibodeau (Can) 4:40.227
16. Dean Tennant (Can) Appalache/Dangerboy/TSG4:40.516
17. Derek Chambers (Can) Pinkbike NRG Enteprises4:42.721
18. Andrew Polhmann (Can) Cafe Racers4:43.702
19. Mathieu Laurin (Can) Marin bikes4:44.084
20. Andrew Mitchell (Can) Cove Bikes/Sram4:44.275
21. Eric Goss (Can) Giant Bikes Canada4:44.615
22. Jean-Philippe Da Silva (Can) indépendant4:44.946
23. Benjamin Moody (USA) Ruino Bike Works4:45.274
24. James Biluk (Can) Cove Bikes4:46.977
25. Drew Pantler (Can) Primary DareDevil4:47.247
26. Derek Cowell (Can) indépendant4:49.951
27. Antoine Aubert-Larose (Can) Commencal/Dropmachine4:49.960
28. William Viens (Can) Le Grand Cycle4:50.157
29. Vincent Tremblay (Can) Devinci4:50.403
30. Yann Gauvin (Can) Marin bikes4:50.496
31. Guillaume Soucy-Alarie (Can) BDH Racing4:50.689
32. Emmanuel Daoust (Can) 4:51.245
33. Yannick Wende (Bol) Cosa Nostra4:52.011
34. Olivier Laprade (Can) Opus/OGC4:52.873
35. Ondrej Neumann (Can) Devinci4:53.461
36. Mathieu Lagrange (Can) Rocky Mountain/Pro-Cycle4:54.007
37. Matthew Woods (Can) 4:54.145
38. Jonathan Allard (Can) Devinci4:54.229
39. Evan Irvine (Can) Orange Mojo4:55.573
40. Christian Pradella (Can) Sports aux Puces4:56.495
41. Joey Jenkins (Can) Primary Sweet Petes4:56.807
42. Sébastien Thauvette (Can) 4:56.857
43. Zach Tatem (Can) Luxury Bentrager4:57.405
44. Thomas Rose (Can) indépendant4:57.421
45. Gabriel Distilio (Can) Sports aux Puces4:57.772
46. Lee Boeyen (Can) Independant4:58.610
47. Matt Zdriluk (Can) 4:58.767
48. Samuel Lagrange (Can) Rocky Mountain/Pro-Cycle4:59.203
49. Nicolas Gosselin (Can) 4:59.567
50. Jonathan Pilon (Can) 5:00.156
51. Steve Chan (Can) Giant Canada5:00.641
52. Dominique Dostie (Can) indépendant5:00.687
53. Alexandre Rheault (Can) indépendant5:00.736
54. Geoffrey Briggs (Can) Calgary Cycle Santa Cruz5:00.908
55. Benoit Rioux (Can) 5:01.395
56. Marc-Patrick Benoit (Can) Team DH Multi Sports/Foes/FHR5:02.059
57. Gabriel Parent (Can) cycles Solutions5:02.177
58. John Farron (Can) indépendant5:02.282
59. Alexandre Conlon (Can) indépendant5:02.512
60. Justin Mcknish (Can) Lama Cycles/Crux5:02.947
61. Francis Paquet (Can) 5:05.428
62. Tyler Paksi (Can) 5:06.813
63. Samuel Vallée (Can) Valley Racing Team5:07.856
64. Maxime Fortin-Faubert (Can) Team DH Multi Sports/Foes/FHR5:08.182
65. Jeffrey Faulds (Can) Norco Factory Team5:08.737
66. Philippe Bergeron (Can) 5:09.854
67. Jocelyn Langlois (Can) 5:11.415
68. Stephen Bursey (Can) Gerick's Cycle5:11.519
69. Hugh MacLachlan (Can) cycles Solutions5:11.881
70. Chris Cousineau (Can) Devinci5:12.229
71. Gabriel Jacques (Can) Mathieu Performance/R-Solution5:12.540
72. Adrien Lavoie (Can) indépendant5:13.362
73. Kyle Lockyer (Can) indépendant5:15.334
74. Mathieu Émond (Can) 5:15.399
75. Jean-François Tardif (Can) Vélo Plein-Air5:16.706
76. Benoit Poirier (Can) indépendant5:16.992
77. Brandon Cassell (Can) Adrenalineracer/ To Wheels5:17.857
78. Guillaume Caron (Can) 5:17.985
79. Nelson Pelletier (Can) Vélo Plein-Air5:18.005
80. Quinn Lanzon (Can) Primary DareDevil5:19.339
81. Robbie Davidson (Can) 5:19.818
82. Jasmin Larivière (Can) 5:21.674
83. Patrick Bisson (Can) 5:21.748
84. Cory Hall (Can) indépendant5:24.176
85. Renaud Bertrand (Can) 5:27.589
86. William Moar (Can) indépendant5:27.723
87. Mike Palangio (Can) Poisonfrog Promotions5:29.450
88. Gabriel Pépin Phaneuf (Can) indépendant5:29.569
89. Andrei Issakov (Can) ABC Cycles Sports5:31.497
90. Daniel Toumine (Can) United Cycle5:31.580
91. James Jeannet (Can) DHRacer5:35.575
92. Samael Piché (Can) indépendant5:35.888
93. Vincent Brault (Can) indépendant5:38.818
94. Jean-François Lévesque (Can) Spin Sport Inc.5:38.895
95. Andrew Burns (Can)
96. Vincent Poliseno (Can) indépendant5:44.557
97. Willy Cadham (Can) privater lasilver touch racing5:46.465
98. Benjamin Philips (Can) Cybercycle Bike Shop5:48.220
99. Jean-Sébastien Pitt (Can) indépendant5:48.431
100. Hédi Bassoussi (Can) Lama Cycles/Crux5:58.894
101. Philippe Diodati (Can) Equipe X Cycle6:00.843
102. Fraser Britton (Can) Orange Mojo6:19.297
103. David Moar (Can) Team DH Multi Sports/Foes/FHR6:27.415
DNF. Ari Paunonen (Can) Factory Ride Race Team
DNF. Coakley Jopling (Ita) Morewood/E13
DNF. Nicolas Dignard (Can) Demers (Équipe Cycliste)
DNF. Connor McLeod (Can) Cove Bikes/Sram
DNF. Benoit Labelle (Can) Lama Cycles/Crux
DNF. Arnaud Dulude (Can) Martin Swiss Cycles
1. Micayla Gatto (Can) Rocky Mountain Haywood5:25.774
2. Marie-Eve Marcotte (Can) 5:50.564
3. Amber Zirnhelt (Can) Brodie Bikes/Loeka5:58.011
4. Miranda Miller (Jr) (Can) Marin bikes5:58.934
5. Sheila Morris (Can) GRAVITESSE6:02.037
6. Emilie Audet (Can) 6:04.807
7. Anne Laplante (Jr) (Can) 6:14.867
8. Genevieve Gagnon (Can) GRAVITESSE6:16.180
9. Sophie Poirie (Can) Sentiers Plein Air6:33.580
10. Mylène-Kim Fortier (Can) Mathieu Performance/R-Solution6:39.873
11. Isabelle Plante (Can) indépendant6:41.938
DNF. Claudia Paquin (Can) indépendant
Junior Expert Men
1. Mitchell Delfs (Aus) indépendant4:35.980
2. Vincent Tremblay (Can) Devinci4:50.403
3. Yann Gauvin (Can) Marin bikes4:50.496
4. Emmanuel Daoust (Can) 4:51.245
5. Gabriel Distilio (Can) Sports aux Puces4:57.772
6. Matt Zdriluk (Can) 4:58.767
7. Geoffrey Briggs (Can) Calgary Cycle Santa Cruz5:00.908
8. Tyler Paksi (Can) 5:06.813
9. Maxime Fortin-Faubert (Can) Team DH Multi Sports/Foes/FHR5:08.182
10. Philippe Bergeron (Can) 5:09.854
11. Stephen Bursey (Can) Gerick's Cycle5:11.519
12. Adrien Lavoie (Can) indépendant5:13.362
13. Kyle Lockyer (Can) indépendant5:15.334
14. Quinn Lanzon (Can) Primary DareDevil5:19.339
15. Jasmin Larivière (Can) 5:21.674
16. Cory Hall (Can) indépendant5:24.176
17. Renaud Bertrand (Can) 5:27.589
18. Mike Palangio (Can) Poisonfrog Promotions5:29.450
19. Gabriel Pépin Phaneuf (Can) indépendant5:29.569
20. Daniel Toumine (Can) United Cycle5:31.580
21. James Jeannet (Can) DHRacer5:35.575
22. Samael Piché (Can) indépendant5:35.888
23. Vincent Brault (Can) indépendant5:38.818
24. Jean-François Lévesque (Can) Spin Sport Inc.5:38.895
25. Andrew Burns (Can)
26. Vincent Poliseno (Can) indépendant5:44.557
27. Willy Cadham (Can) privater lasilver touch racing5:46.465
28. Benjamin Philips (Can) Cybercycle Bike Shop5:48.220
29. Jean-Sébastien Pitt (Can) indépendant5:48.431
30. Philippe Diodati (Can) Equipe X Cycle6:00.843
31. David Moar (Can) Team DH Multi Sports/Foes/FHR6:27.415
DNF. Ari Paunonen (Can) Factory Ride Race Team


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