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May 23/07 10:21 am - Edmonton MidWeek Criterium #1

Posted by Editoress on 05/23/07

Edmonton MidWeek Criterium #1
Courtesy Brys Francis

Tuesday May 22nd

The threat of thunderstorms didn't scare off 35 racers from the first criterium of the season. Thanks to the United Cycle volunteer team for marshalling the vehicle traffic at the research council park and keeping the course safe for the evening.

In the combined B/C event Jason Proche (Pedalhead) broke away early into the 30min+2 Lap event. Shannon Hein (United Cycle) and Jon Benskin (United Cycle) broke clear from the peleton to bridge the steadily growing gap Jason had established. The eventual lead duo of Benskin and Proche worked well together for the remainder of the race holding their gap, while Hein returned to the peleton to sprint for 3rd. In the end, Benskin overpowered Proche in the sprint and James Dean (Cranky's) taking 3rd from Tim Brewster (Juventus) and Corey Dickinson (United Cycle). Congratulations to Tara Lee Stilwell (United Cycle) and Michelle Ellis (United Cycle), the lone ladies racing with the field tonight.

The A event survived the steadily increasing winds and the ever-present rain clouds. The only water ending up on the course came blowing off the pond in the center of the research council park. An 8 member team from Pedalhead Road Works showed up to take turns attacking the 7 other participants in the 30 min + 2 lap event. Shawn Goulet (PRW) held his initial mid race surge to the line, while the counter attack from Dylan Snowdan (PRW) and Marc Bomhof (United Cycle) remained the chasing pair until the finish where Marc held off Dylan by a wheel to take 2nd. Sean Barr (PRW) and Graham Shrive (PRW) separated themselves from the remainder of the field to sprint for 4th. The rest of the scattered field finished in pairs showing the effects of the evening.

B/C Group: 30 min + 2 Laps (23 Starters)

1. Jon Benskin (United Cycle)
2. Jason Proche (Pedalhead)
3. James Dean (Cranky's)
4. Tim Brewster (Juventus)
5. Corey Dickinson (United Cycle)

A Group: 30 min + 2 Laps (15 Starters)

1. Shawn Goulet (Pedalhead)
2. Marc Bomhof (United Cycle)
3. Dylan Snowdon (Pedalhead)
4. Sean Barr (Pedalhead)
5. Graham Shrive (Pedalhead)
6. Lucas Jedras (Pedalhead)
7. Nick Jendzowsky (Pedalhead)
8. Graham Rudge (ERTC)
9. Mark Foster (HR Block)
10. Brys Francis (United Cycle)

Next Event: May 29th - Weigh Scales road race


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