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May 23/07 10:30 am - Cycle Solutions Ontario Cup DH Series Updates

Posted by Editor on 05/23/07

Cycle Solutions Ontario Cup DH Series Updates
Courtesy Peter Appleton, Sirbikealot Racing

May 22, 2007

Well folks after breaking the all time DH race attendance record at Kelso Conservation area May 5/6 there have been some big changes to the series!

1. First we would like to welcome the newest sponsor to the series, Yodo Distribution out of Montreal. These guys are a big part of the DH world in Canada representing lines such as Azonic, E-13, Atomlab and Simtra! Dom and Paul recognize that the DH scene is growing and they would like to give something back to the people. Welcome aboard guys!

2. Secondly I would like to make the huge announcement that July 21/22 will see the first ever "O-Cup DH Race for Aids Awareness and Climate Change" at none other than Blue Mountain. This race will have proceeds donated to two very worthy causes, I encourage you to visit the websites below and help make a difference.

i) The, the world leader in aids awareness, dedicates his foundation to help ease the pain of HIV/AIDS in Africa at the grassroots level. It provides care to women who are ill and struggling to survive; assists orphans and other AIDS affected children; supports heroic grandmothers who almost single-handedly care for their orphan grandchildren; and supports associations of people living with HIV/AIDS.

ii) The David Suzuki foundation for climate change, Climate change is considered by many scientists to be the most serious threat facing the world today. The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Solutions include phasing out coal plants, expanding renewable energy sources and public transit, and creating new efficiency standards for vehicles and buildings. Find out what you can do to help make a difference!

The "O-Cup Race for Aids Awareness and Climate Change" will be Ontario Cup #4, making Horseshoe #5 and Camp Fortune Provincial Championships #6. Therefore, instead of a 2 race weekend in Camp Fortune on Sept 1/2 it will be a single race (the Provincial Championships) on the 2nd.

3. The third and final announcement is unfortunate. The Bike Ranch has issued the following statement:

The rumors are true, legal issues have forced Bike Ranch Freeride Park to shut down all operations for the upcoming 2007 season. This means that all Ontario Cup events scheduled at the Bike Ranch will be re-located. It is devastating news to announce this so close to the second downhill race but unfortunately the issues are unresolvable. The cancellation of Ontario Cup events at the Bike Ranch has nothing to do with Sir BikeALot Racing, as Pete was a major supporter of the Bike Ranch and badly wanted these events to happen. We would personally like to thank everybody who expressed interest in the Bike Ranch and especially all of those who volunteered their time and resources. As our sport continues to grow we hope that more opportunities will arise and ski hills will capitalize on the surging demand of down hill enthusiasts. With a growing cycling community anything is possible, we encourage all of you to stay positive and seek out opportunities to help our sport develop further.

Source: Owners Robert Bateman and Mike Stiell

It is unfortunate that we have lost a venture such as this, lets hope they can get it together for the future!

However all is Not Lost! I have worked very hard to find replacements for the events that were to occur at The Bike Ranch and here they are in chronological order:

DH #2, June 9/10. This event will be replaced by Kelso Conservation area, many riders at our annual DH meeting asked for another race here in order to keep the participant numbers up and to allow more spectators to make the trip. The best part is we will be building a completely new race course from top to bottom, this brand new course will become a permanent fixture at Kelso for us to ride all year long. As an added bonus we will be giving FREE ENTRY FEES to all first time women racers who attend this event, we would love to see more women racers out so fella's bring your girlfriend, moms and sisters out!

The Kelso Course Build Day will be this Sunday May 27th 10:30am (meet at sunset lodge and bring shovels and rakes), all those who attend will receive $10 off their race day entry fee.

4X #1, June 16. This event will be replaced by Track 2000 in Milton. This top level BMX track has been a regular stop on the O-Cup 4X series and will fill in perfectly!

4X races #2 and #4 new venue locations will be decided very quickly, so not to worry - you'll have an announcement regarding these asap.

At this point I would like to say thanks for your continued support of Canada's largest DH and 4X series and a huge shout out to our sponsors Bike Store, Ventana and Foes,, Norco Performance Bikes, Want Beverages, Commencal bikes, Kenda Tires, Titec Components, BMO, CIBC,, Privateer Racing, Hydro One, YODO bike, E-13, Atomlab, Azonic and Axis Racing Gear.


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