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May 24/07 10:35 am - Cannondale Fork Recall

Posted by Editor on 05/24/07

Cannondale Fork Recall

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Cannondale is recalling the following bikes:

Models with Lefty Speed DLR2
(All Carbon, Alloy, and Bonded Alloy Versions, 110 or 80mm travel)
2007 Rush Carbon 2
2007 Rush 3
2007 Rush 4
2007 Rush 5
2007 Caffeine 29'er
2007 Scalpel 2
2007 Scalpel 3
2007 Caffeine 1
2007 Caffeine 2
2007 Rush Feminine 1
2007 aftermarket, replacement Lefty
Speed DLR 2
2008 Rush Carbon 3

Models with Lefty Speed Carbon SL
2007 Taurine Carbon Team Replica
2007 Scalpel 1
2007 Scalpel Team Replica
2007 Rush Carbon 1
2007 Rush Carbon Team
2007 aftermarket, replacement Lefty
Speed Carbon SL forks

Reason for the Recall
Thread sealant may have been incorrectly applied to the Lefty Speed DLR2 and SL damping cartridge threads. Incorrectly applied thread sealant can result in the damping cartridge loosening while riding.

Attention Bike Owners
If you have one of the bikes listed above, stop riding it immediately. Make arrangements with your Cannondale dealer to have the fork serviced. The fork damping cartridge will be removed, clean, inspected, and thread locking agent properly applied. Do not try to service the fork yourself; special tools are required. Cannondale dealers have received instructions on how to complete the work properly.

IF A DAMPING CARTRIDGE LOOSENS, SERIOUS DAMAGE CAN OCCUR TO THE FORK WHICH CAN LEAD TO AN ACCIDENT WITH SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. If a cartridge is loose or separated from the telescopic structure the following indicators will be present:

If the cartridge is loose, the fork will make a "top-out" or "klunking sound" at the end of the rebound stroke. If the cartridge is separated from the inner tube the fork will lose rebound damping and lockout adjustments. If the cartridge is loose or separated, the fork length (without rider) will be longer than normal. The fork boot will appear elongated. The folds of the boot will appear to be stretched out.


If you have any questions about this Recall, call 1-800-BIKEUSA or visit


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