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May 25/07 4:42 am - Louis Garneau Sports' Employees Bike to Work!

Posted by Editoress on 05/25/07

Courtesy Louis Garneau Sports

Louis Garneau Sports actively participates in the 2007 Bike-to-Work Operation organized by Vélo Québec. Mr. Garneau invites all of his employees to ride their bike to work during the week of May 28th to June 1st and even commits to giving $ 5 per day to all participants.

Once again, Louis Garneau Sports gets involved in the community by challenging its employees with this important action. The Bike-to-Work Operation was applauded by employees who already registered in numbers. They are also invited to give away their 5$ per day to an organization dedicated to environment protection. An in-door parking area will also be provided so that employees securely leave their bike for the day.

Bicycle = THE future solution to protect our environment

With gas prices always on the rise, biking is obviously a good way to protest against gas prices and to reduce greenhouse gases. Biking also provides employees with an opportunity to improve their physical condition and therefore, to increase their awareness on the importance of being active to stay healthy. There are plenty of good reasons to participate; bike commuting is: Ecological, Economical, Energizing and Fun!

Mr. Louis Garneau, who also commits to riding daily to the office, is proud to get involved in this important cause. „We can all make a difference with small individual actions, especially for the protection of the environment.‰

Rain or shine, Louis Garneau invites the other companies in the province of Québec to participate in this week of awareness to protect our environment! Each participation is a step forward to a healthier environment.

Together, we can do great things !


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