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May 26/07 1:06 am - Interview with Ricky Federau

Posted by Editoress on 05/26/07

Interview with Ricky Federau

I had an opportunity to do a quick interview with Ricky Federau after his return from Poland. Ricky placed 4th, 3 rd, 1st and 4th in the four races he did of the Skoda MTB Cup. The UCI points he earned puts him in 72nd spot on UCI Rankings.
Bruce Wenting

Bruce Wenting - Hi there! Welcome back from Europe, I understand you were racing in Poland. How did that come about and what was the outcome?

Ricky Federau - Back in like February Marty Lazarski told me about doing some racing over there. It was a sweet idea, we would just base out of Krakow at Marty's Grandpa's house and drove his Grandpa's Civic to the races on the weekends... so the level of racing would be high and the cost would be low. The outcome was good everything just worked out real good. I am really glad Marty was there to translate cause no one over there speaks English. Marty's grandpa was super cool and the little town we stayed in just outside of Krakow was real nice. And the racing was hard and fast and a real big deal over there. Tons of people and full on TV coverage.

BW - What was the level of the racing over there? How do you feel these races compare to US races like Sea Otter?

RF - The level in Europe is always really high, the guys in the top 5 in Poland have finished in the top 10 at Euro World Cups and World Champs, so the pace is fast. The courses require all kinds of all fitness no real "riding skills" needed, some of the guys were running rigid forks on their bikes. I need some technical parts to get some gaps, so for me it was really hard. The race I won was more of a real MTn bike course my BC riding skill came through. Super short courses like 3k and like 10-14 laps, good for all the people that came to watch, and good for the TV.

BW - How would you rate your form after Poland? Are you fried or ready to roll?

RF - The form is good, I got a little sick on my way home but today I feel fine so it was just a quick head cold. I feel good, It's so good to be home and getting some rest with English on the TV. No more lip reading.

BW - What is next on the program?

RF - The next big races I am doing is Hardwood Hills Canada Cup then the World Cups in Quebec. I really can't wait till MSA (Mont Ste Ann). I always ride well there and after last year I really want to have a good ride there.

BW - Are these races your focus for the season or are there other races you are keying on?

RF - The MSA World Cup is big for me, I also want to go well at Nationals later in July.

BW - Do you see yourself doing any National team projects this year, are you keeping in touch with anyone in particular at CCA?

RF - Yeah world champs for sure then maybe Pan-Am Games in Brazil in July

BW - How did you put together your race program for this season? How did the sponsorship happen to come together?

RF - Well I had to figure out something that would be inexpensive and have good fast racing so I think the Poland thing was really good for that and it kind of sets up well for the WC in Canada and Nationals. As for my sponsors, well nothing with any trade team was happening and I had to kind of make a go at something. I went to Bruce Wenting and was asking for some contact info for some of the bikes he deals. Before you know it Trek was on board and then Atac wanted to do the clothing and and Ben Hardy. The bike that Wentings and I come up with is so light and fast. So once the ball got rolling it turned out to be great.

BW - Where do you see yourself next year? Are you hoping to land a spot on a team or is the life of the privateer more to your liking?

RF - I don't know, this year is going really good. I would have to see. I am really just focusing on this year and we will see what next year brings.

BW - Would you consider a spot on a road team or is the dirt still the place to be?

RF - For this year and next year its the dirt, maybe after `08 we will see. I am just loving the MTn bike right now!

BW - Thanks for the time! All the best as the season progresses.


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