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May 28/07 7:16 am - CMC/Team Bow Cycle Spring Clean Up

Posted by Editoress on 05/28/07

CMC/Team Bow Cycle Spring Clean Up Calgary AB

May 26-27

The Alberta race for the Journal Cup track series started on the weekend with the Cyclemeisters/Team Bow Cycle Spring Clean Up at the Glenmore Velodrome in Calgary. With a couple of top Alberta riders at the Pan Am Championships, the event offered up and coming racers an opportunity to shine.

In men's category 1/2, the dominant rider of the weekend was Mark MacDonald (bicisport) who won the scratch and points races and finished no lower than fourth in all the other four events. Mark has returned to cycling after trying out speedskating for the last couple of years in the Own the Podium program. Mark's third place finishes in the sprint and keirin also showed that, at least at the provincial level, an endurance rider with good tactical skills can compete in power events.

The power events were dominated by Felix Haspel (Synergy) who won all of them, usually by wide margins. Felix also was a factor in the scratch race, but tired at the end and missed out at the finish.

Mark and Felix have shared the job of track manager in Calgary over the last two summers. Spending a lot of time at the track certainly hasn't blunted either their passion for the sport or their talents.

The other young rider of note was first year senior Eric Smith (CMC/ Bow Cycle), who is coming back to competition after sustaining serious injuries at junior worlds last year. Eric and Devon Smibert (Team H&R Block) squared off as the final pair in the pursuit and had a see-saw battle throughout before Devon prevailed over the last two laps. Smith was a factor, along with MacDonald and Smibert, in the scratch race, but faded over the last couple of laps after chasing down numerous attacks by bicisport and Team H&R Block.

There was also great competition in the cat 3 ranks as riders competing for the provincial team spot at nationals met up with others trying to earn the points for an upgrade. The CMC/Bow Cycle duo of junior Neal Gregory and senior Rob Leeds dominated the category and finished first and second in the final order, with Neal winning the sprint, pursuit and points races and Rob winning kilo and keirin. CMC/Bow Cycle riders Reid Cummings and Stephen Andrichuk filled the next two spots in the overall standings, providing an indication of the strength other teams faced in this category.

Steph Roorda (Synergy) topped the women's field with impressive wins in scratch, points and keirin races, which included women and cat 4 men, and the pursuit. Jamie Marshall (Crankmasters) topped cat 4, Felix Wilberg (CMC/Bow Cycle), at the ripe old age of 13, was led cat 5. Ellen Sparling (bicisport) was top competitor in junior women, while Anastasia Stadnyk (bicisport) won in Women B.

Track competition in Alberta will move north to Edmonton in two weeks with a meet on June 9 and 10 hosted by Velocity Cycling Club.


Category 1/2
1. Mark MacDonald (bicisport), 68pts
2. Felix Haspel (Synergy), 45
3. Trevor Gunderson (Team H&R Block), 34
4. Devon Smibert (Team H&R Block), 27
5. Joel Regimbald (Juventus), 24
6. Eric Smith (CMC/Bow Cycle), 22
7. Dylan Menard (Juventus), 18
8. James Purdy (bicisport), 18
9. Mike Patton (Synergy), 18
10. Reid Dalgleish (Synergy), 14
11. Shawn Bunnin (bicisport), 14
12. Jeff Bakal (Juventus), 12
13. Rene Regimbald (CMC/Bow Cycle), 6
14. Graeme Thomson (bicisport), 6
15. Frank Kovacs (Synergy), 4
16. Craig Good (Synergy)
17. Mark Foster (Team H&R Block)
18. Chris Hooper (Synergy)

Category 3
1. Neal Gregory * (CMC/Bow Cycle), 77pts
2. Rob Leeds (CMC/Bow Cycle), 70
3. Reid Cummings (CMC/Bow Cycle), 40
4. Stephen Andrichuk * (CMC/Bow Cycle), 38
5. Kyle Harris * (Pedalhead), 32
6. Nicolas Andrichuk (Team H&R Block), 27
7. Sherwood Plant * (Synergy), 26
8. John Plant (Synergy), 16
9. Scott Anderson (CMC/Bow Cycle), 4
10. Brad Knapik * (Synergy)
11. Evan Firth-Eagland (bicisport)
12. Steve Shiers (Team H&R Block)
*junior riders

Category 4
1. Jamie Marshall (Crankmasters), 67
2. Greg Yanicki (bicisport), 65
3. Derek Lynn (bicisport), 52
4. Daniel Richter (Velocity), 20
5. Norm Kalmanovitch (CMC/Bow Cyle), 15

1. Felix Wilberg* (CMC/Bow Cycle), 70
2. Patrick Walsh* (Synergy), 46
3. Jean Paul Veress* (CMC/Bow Cycle), 34
4. Bill Blonski (bicisport), 26
5. Derek Walsh* (Synergy), 22
6. John Bereczki (bicisport), 16

1. Stephanie Roorda (Synergy), 72
2. Natasha Kuzmak (Synergy), 62

3. Ellen Sparling* (bicisport), 52
4. Samantha Grover* (Juventus), 36
5. Jessica Kissell* (bicisport), 30

1. Anastasia Stadnyk* (bicisport), 44
2. Jennessa Kemp* (Independent), 36
3. Gina Kissell* (Synergy), 28
4. Elise Walsh * (Synergy), 22

*U15/U17/Junior rider


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