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June 2/07 8:01 am - Montreal Women's World Cup: Full Results and report

Posted by Editoress on 06/2/07

Montreal World Cup

By Rob Jones & Mike Badyk

Photos part one, part two

Fabiana Luperini (ITA - Menikini-Selle Italia-Gysko) ignited the definitive break and outsprinted Mara Abbott (USA - Webcor) to win the 6th round of the Women's World Cup series in Montreal on Saturday. Luperini rode Abbott's wheel into the finishing straight and easily came around her in the final 100 metres for the win.

Once again, the quality of the Montreal course came to the forefront. With 11 laps of an 11 kilometre circuit, including the famed climb up Mont Royal, attrition is always the name of the game here. Numerous attacks always take place, but it is a difficult course to stay away on one's own. Unlike the previous 9 years, which finished at the top of the climb, this year the finish was at the bottom of Mont Royal on Park Avenue. The riders came from the back side of the mountain along flat roads, then down the opposite side of the road from the finish, where they then executed a hairpin turn leading to a small but significant false flat climb to the finish. This is a finish that was used in numerous men's World Cup races in the early 1990's.

The initial attack of the day was launched by Melissa Holt (NZ-Team and Ekaterina Malomura (RUS- Russian National). They managed a few hundred metre gap on the pack by the end of the first lap, and through the end of lap 2 they had stretched it to 500 metres. The chasing peloton was led by perennial crowd favourite Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (FRA-Team Uniqa). By now the pace had picked up significantly and the first of many riders that were going to be dropped today were already peeling from the back of the peleton. Holt was absorbed by the pack, but Malomura continued on by herself, with a 30 second gap at the end of lap 3. She was ultimately caught on the climb and by the end of lap 5 the peloton was all back together and relaxing a bit.

The pace was reduced a bit through the end of lap 6, with Anne Samplonius (CAN-Team, Helen Kelly (USA-Webcor) and Alex Wrubleski (CAN-Colavita Sutter) leading. The peloton remained together until the first serious move of the day was made on the Mont Royal climb on lap 7. Twenty five riders made the move after the first steep bit and then they consolidated over the top. From this group Luperini and Abbott managed to get away a lap later.

Abbott described the move, "My team mate Katheryn Curi attacked and Luperini counterattacked. I just got on a wheel and bridged up to her and then there were only 3 of us (the third rider was Edwige Pitel (FRA-Team Uniqa)). I went to the front and pulled hard on the climb because I knew that not a lot of riders knew me and if I got a gap that was maybe something I could hold to the end. I probably did too much work, but I had no idea who I was riding with!" Pitel was with the leaders through the end of lap 9, but was dropped immediately on the Mont Royal climb of lap 10 and disappeared into the pack.

Luperini and Abbott continued to work hard and by the start of the last lap had an strong 90 second lead. Meanwhile, the chase group of 16 began a whole series of "tactical manouvers", primarily initiated by defending champion Judith Arndt (GER-T-Mobile) and Nicole Cooke (GBR-Raleigh Lifeforce) who are in a heated battle for the World Cup Leaders jersey.

Before the start of the last lap Longo-Ciprelli attacked and was marked by Arndt's team mate Chantal Beltman (GER), who just sat on her, so Longo-Ciprelli backed off. Meanwhile, Arndt had attacked in the main group and was immediately marked by Cooke. Attacks and counter-attacks continued through lap 10. Into the last lap, Arndt attacked on the back side of the course on the flats. She managed to make this last to the finish for third place despite an embarrasing crash on the hairpin turn 200 metres from the line. Arndt said, "I'm really embarassed. Don't tell anybody."

Abbott couldn't do much about Luperini coming into the finish. "I didn't particularly want to be in front, but I found myself there and there wasn't much I could do about it. I just went as hard as I could because you never know what can happen. But, I probably worked too hard in that last lap." Still, Abbott was absolutely giddy about her 2nd place in her first ever International race.

Luperini, through her translator was very gracious about her win. "I'm more of an endurance athlete and I didn't want to wait with 10 or 15 kilometres to go for someone else to launch an attack. I didn't want to wait for the other competitors. I want to make to the next Olympics and I need to be a complete rider and I'll make whatever sacrifices I need to do to get there. I give a lot of praise to Marra (Abbott). She really worked hard out there. She was awesome. At the finish I just waited. I had her in front and I had enough left to come around her."

Luperini commented about the race course. "This is the second hardest course on the World Cup circuit after the Fleche-Wallone. It has a finish on the top of a hill and I actually like the finish here when it is on top of the hill."

In 4th, and leading the chase group sprint, was World Champion Marianne Vos (NED-Team DSB Bank), who nipped Cooke at the line. Cooke was able to retain the World Cup Leaders Jersey with her 5th place finish. In 6th was Oenone Wood (AUS-T-Mobile) with Longo-Ciprelli taking 7th.

Alex Wrubleski: "I felt good until the 10th lap when I did a lot of chasing, and I think I burnt my matches there. I just didn't have the legs to stay with the leaders for the last two laps. It is a little intimidating out there, because a lot of these girls have world titles, but it is just a bike race and anyone can win."

1. Fabiana Luperini (Ita) Menikini - Selle Italia - Gysko3:07:35
2. Mara Abbott (USA) Webcor Buildersat 0:02
3. Judith Arndt (Ger) T-Mobile0:57
4. Marianne Vos (Ned) Team DSB Bank1:11
5. Nicole Cooke (GBr) Raleigh Lifeforce Creation
6. Oenone Wood (Aus) T-Mobile
7. Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (Fra) Team UNIQA
8. Trixi Worrack (Ger) Nürnberger Versicherungall s.t.
9. Amber Neben (USA) Team Flexpoint1:17
10. Claudia H≈usler (Ger) Nürnberger Versicherung1:22
11. Christine Thorburn (USA) Webcor Builders
12. Edwige Pitel (Fra) Team UNIQAboth s.t.
13. Annette Beutler (Sui) Vinci-Specialized-Menikini1:43
14. Andrea Graus (Aut) Nürnberger Versicherung1:45
15. Tina Liebig (Ger) Getranke-Hoffmanns.t.
16. Alex Wrubleski (Can) Colavita/Sutter Home1:57
17. Sigrid Corneo (Ita) Menikini - Selle Italia - Gysko2:03
18. Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl) Raleigh Lifeforce Creation
19. Kristin Armstrong (USA) TEAm Liptonboth s.t.
20. Monika Schachl (Aut) Team UNIQA2:05
21. Chantal Beltman (Ned) T-Mobile2:55
22. Tina Mayolo Pic (USA) Colavita/Sutter Home3:04
23. Andrea Bosman (Ned) Team DSB Bank
24. Yulia Arustamova (Rus) Russian Cyclist Federation
25. Leigh Hobson (Can) Cheerwine
26. Catherine Cheatley (NZl) Cheerwine
27. Lorian Graham (Aus) Australian National Team
28. Nikki Egyed (Aus) Raleigh Lifeforce Creation
29. Betina Hold (Can) Cheerwine
30. Brooke Ourada (NZl) Cheerwine
31. Toni Bradshaw (NZl) New Zealand National Team
32. Olivia Gollan (Aus) Menikini - Selle Italia - Gysko
33. Vicki Whitelaw (Aus) Australian National Team
34. Chrissy Ruiter (USA) Cheerwine
35. Serena Sheridan (NZl) New Zealand National Team
36. Nathalie Bates (Aus) Getranke-Hoffmann
37. Ekaterina Malomoura (Rus) Russian Cyclist Federation
38. Marisa Asplund (USA) Team TIBCOall s.t.
39. Elena Novikova (Rus) Russian Cyclist Federation3:09
40. Karin Aune (Swe) Menikini - Selle Italia - Gysko3:52
41. Stacy Marple (USA) Team TIBCOs.t.
42. Jocelyn Loane (Aus) Australian National Team3:54
43. Georgina Waibl (NZl) New Zealand National Team3:55
44. Anne Samplonius (Can) Team expresscopy.com4:02
45. Rachel Heal (GBr) Webcor Builders4:08
46. Katheryn Curi (USA) Webcor Builderss.t.
47. Dotsie Bausch (USA) Colavita/Sutter Home5:57
48. Alison Powers (USA) Colavita/Sutter Home6:04
49. Kori Kelley Seehafer (USA) TEAm Lipton6:06
50. Kristen Lasasso (USA) TEAm Liptons.t.
51. Alexandra Burchenkova (Rus) Russian Cyclist Federation7:50
52. Carla Ryan (Aus) Australian National Team8:20
53. Veronika Sprügl (Aut) Team UNIQA8:21
54. Carissa Wilkes (NZl) New Zealand National Team10:43
55. Marie Lindberg (Swe) Nürnberger Versicherungs.t.
56. Verena Absalyamova (Rus) Russian Cyclist Federation14:58
57. Jennifer Stephenson (Can) Marinoni-Cadences.t.
58. Sufen Ma (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling14:59
59. Suzanne Van Veen (Ned) Team Flexpoints.t.
60. Yudelmis Dominguez (Cub) Cuba National Team18:15
61. Eléna Gayun (Rus) Russian Cyclist Federation18:19
62. Elisa Gagnon-Gascon (Can) Advil/Chapstick19:31
63. Xiang Yin Ruan (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling
64. Heather Lachance (USA) Advil/Chapstick
65. Michelle Hyland (NZl) New Zealand National Team
66. Johanne Cyr (Can) Cascades
67. Anna Milkowski (USA) Target Training
68. Hiroko Shimada (Jpn) Target Training
69. Amanda Sin (Can) Advil/Chapstick
70. Victoria Bastide (Swe) Team TIBCO
71. Kerry Litka (USA) Terry Precision
72. Erinne Willock (Can) Team
DNF. Sarah Düster (Ger) Raleigh Lifeforce Creation
DNF. Patricia Schwager (Sui) Raleigh Lifeforce Creation
DNF. Tanja Slater (GBr) Raleigh Lifeforce Creation
DNF. Adrie Visser (Ned) Team DSB Bank
DNF. Noortje Tabak (Ned) Team DSB Bank
DNF. Katherine Bates (Aus) T-Mobile
DNF. Anke Wichmann (Ger) T-Mobile
DNF. Kimberly Anderson (USA) T-Mobile
DNF. Regina Schleicher (Ger) Nürnberger Versicherung
DNF. Claudia Stumpf (Ger) Nürnberger Versicherung
DNF. Elodie Touffet (Fra) Menikini - Selle Italia - Gysko
DNF. Rochelle Gilmore (Aus) Menikini - Selle Italia - Gysko
DNF. Loes Markerink (Ned) Team Flexpoint
DNF. Iris Slappendel (Ned) Team Flexpoint
DNF. Lauren Franges (USA) TEAm Lipton
DNF. Lara Kroepsch (USA) TEAm Lipton
DNF. Meredith Miller (USA) TEAm Lipton
DNF. Karol-Ann Canuel (Can) Vinci-Specialized-Menikini
DNS. Emilie Roy (Can) Vinci-Specialized-Menikini
DNF. Marie-Pier Bedard (Can) Vinci-Specialized-Menikini
DNF. Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) Safi - Pasta Zara Manhattan
DNF. Alessandra Borchi (Ita) Safi - Pasta Zara Manhattan
DNF. Daniela Fusar Poli (Ita) Safi - Pasta Zara Manhattan
DNF. Luisa Tamanini (Ita) Safi - Pasta Zara Manhattan
DNF. Diana Ziliute (Ltu) Safi - Pasta Zara Manhattan
DNF. Bernadette Schober (Aut) Team UNIQA
DNF. Candice Sullivan (Aus) Australian National Team
DNF. Sara Carrigan (Aus) Australian National Team
DNF. Iona Wynter (Jam) Colavita/Sutter Home
DNF. Stacey Spencer (Can) Colavita/Sutter Home
DNF. Brooke Miller (USA) Team TIBCO
DNF. Katherine Lambden (USA) Team TIBCO
DNF. Theresa Senff (Ger) Getranke-Hoffmann
DNF. Virginia Hennig (Ger) Getranke-Hoffmann
DNF. Elke Gebhardt (Ger) Getranke-Hoffmann
DNF. Kathleen Billington (USA) Target Training
DNF. Mandy Lozano (USA) Target Training
DNF. Andrea Meyers (USA) Target Training
DNF. Yoanka Gonzalez Perez (Cub) Cuba National Team
DNF. Yumari Gonzalez Valdiuieso (Cub) Cuba National Team
DNF. Dalila Rodriguez (Cub) Cuba National Team
DNF. Yeima Torres (Cub) Cuba National Team
DNF. Amber Rais (USA) Webcor Builders
DNF. Helen Kelly (Aus) Webcor Builders
DNF. Tara Ross (Can) Advil/Chapstick
DNF. Kirsten Robbins (Can) Advil/Chapstick
DNF. Jessica Phillips (USA) Team
DNF. Melissa Holt (NZl) Team
DNF. Joelle Numainville (Can) Team
DNF. Gina Grain (Can) Team
DNF. Marina Duvnjak (NZl) New Zealand National Team
DNF. Xiaoning Gao (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling
DNF. Fei Wang (Chn) Giant Pro Cycling
DNF. Jessica Burns (Can) Cascades
DNF. Caroline Montminy (Can) Cascades
DNF. Joanie Caron (Can) Cascades
DNF. Julie Bellerose (USA) Cascades
DNF. Genevieve Gagnon (Can) Cascades
DNF. Naomi Cermak (Can) Terry Precision
DNF. Megan Guarnier (USA) Terry Precision
DNF. Ireen Wieditz (Can) Terry Precision
DNF. Rosie Coleman (USA) Terry Precision
DNF. Ann Hansgate (USA) Terry Precision
DNF. Julie Marceau (Can) Marinoni-Cadence
DNF. Kathleen Villeneuve (Can) Marinoni-Cadence
DNF. Magali Tisseyre (Can) Marinoni-Cadence
DNF. Jennifer Wilson (USA) Marinoni-Cadence
DNF. Jennifer Reither (USA) Marinoni-Cadence
DNS. Anna Zugno (Ita) Safi - Pasta Zara Manhattan
DNS. Liza Rachetto (USA) Team TIBCO


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