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June 4/07 2:05 am - GP Charlevoix

Posted by Editoress on 06/4/07

GP Charlevoix Baie St-Paul QC

June 2nd & 3rd
Final overall after 3 stages

Senior 1/2 Men
1. Ryan McKenzie (Volkswagen-Trek)4:22:38
2. Éric Boily (EVA-Devinci)at 0:10
3. Dominique Perras (Kelly Benefit Strategies/MediFast)0:24
4. Derrick St-John (The Cyclery)0:27
5. Mathieu Toulouse (EVA-Devinci)0:41
6. Pascal Bussières (Ryno Performance Club Cycliste), Ryno P 2:42
7. William Goodfellow (Volkswagen-Trek)4:07
8. Peter Ladd (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault)4:34
9. Joël Dion - Poitras (EVA-Devinci)4:37
10. André Tremblay (Volkswagen-Trek)5:08
11. Osmond Bakker (The Cyclery)5:11
12. Jamie Lamb (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault )5:15
13. Raphael Tremblay (EVA-Devinci)5:32
14. Keven Lacombe (Volkswagen-Trek)5:38
15. Charles B. Thibault (EVA-Devinci)6:05
16. Luc Dionne (CIBC Wood-Gundy 6:05
17. Sébastien Rousseau (Marinoni-Cadence, Quilicot - Rackultra)6:39
18. Thierry Laliberté (Sportif Bromont)7:23
19. Pierre - Olivier Boily (Sleeman Clear TATV )7:38
20. Jean - Francois Racine (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault )7:41
21. Benjamin Martel (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault )7:42
22. Alexandre Cloutier (Volkswagen-Trek)12:10
23. Glen Rendall (Ride with Rendall)13:09
24. Alexi Richer (CIBC Wood-Gundy), Le Yéti 14:18
25. Nicholas Rowe (Volkswagen-Trek)14:22
26. Frédéric Boivin (EVA-Devinci)14:28
27. David Gruber (CIBC 16:58
28. Tim Hucker (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault)20:53
29. Marc Boudreau (Ride with Rendall)21:59
30. Benoît Lussier (CIBC Wood-Gundy)22:57
31. Yves Lefebvre (CIBC Wood-Gundy)23:16
32. Stephen Keeping (West of Quebec Wheelers)23:24
33. Mathieu Gautier (CIBC Wood-Gundy)23:48
34. Olivier Savaria indépendant RP 24:58
35. Hubert Zicat (Demers Équipe Cycliste)25:37
36. Martin Caya (Drummond )26:54
37. Jean - Michel Lachance (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault)26:54
38. Mathieu Fleury (Équipe Iris)27:16
39. Christian Deshaies (Volkswagen-Trek)27:16
40. Martin Daviault (Marinoni-Cadence)30:34
41. Alexander Fulton (West of Quebec Wheelers)34:05
42. Edward Forest (Équipe Iris)36:12
43. Maxime Joly-Smith (Martin Swiss Cycles)37:43
44. Joel Sidhu (West of Quebec Wheelers)37:54
45. Sean Wakefield (Ride with Rendall)43:27
46. Shawn Clarke (West of Quebec Wheelers)51:40
DNF Mathieu Roy (EVA-Devinci)
DNF Michael Joannisse (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault )
DNF Jean - Sébastien Béland (Volkswagen-Trek)
DNF Hugues Lapointe Bluberi-Martin Swiss Cycling Team
DNF Philippe Boisvert (West of Quebec Wheelers)
DNF Lyne Bessette (Volkswagen-Trek)
DNF Carl Desroches (Bluberi-Martin Swiss Cycling Team)
DNF Michael Nash (Ride with Rendall)
DNF Geoff O'Toole (West of Quebec Wheelers)
DNF Raphael Gagné (Rocky Mountain Haywood)
DNF Steve Maurice (CIBC Wood-Gundy )
Senior 1/2 Women
1. Geneviève Gauthier (Équipe Cascades)3:28:01
2. Laura Yoisten (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)at 1:04
3. Catherine Hogan (Espoirs Laval)7:30
4. Isabelle Riedl (Équipe Brunet)20:12
5. Kim Lambert - Gosselin (La Cabosse d'Or)35:19
DNF. Jessica Joly (La Cabosse d'Or)
Junior Men
1. Simon Lambert - Lemay (André Cycle/idCad)4:28:52
2. François - Charles Malo (Dynamiks Contrecoeur)at 1:13
3. Arnaud Papillon (André Cycle/idCad)1:54
4. William Garneau (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault)1:56
5. Antoine Matteau (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault)2:26
6. Thomas Devisscher (CIBC Wood-Gundy)8:19
7. Stéphane Cossette (EVA-Devinci (Club)12:13
8. David Boily (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault)12:35
9. Nicolas Lefrançois (CIBC Wood-Gundy)18:14
10. Ludovic Fleury (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault)19:22
11. David Maltais (EVA-Devinci (Club), Acidose Lactique)20:58
12. Marc Allard (Volkswagen Trek)21:16
13. Marc Dugas (André Cycle/idCad)22:46
14. Yannick Bédard (CIBC Wood-Gundy)24:23
15. Frédérick Montplaisir (Élicycle/Sports-Experts)24:47
16. Louis - Philippe Leclerc (CIBC Wood-Gundy)25:19
17. François Chabot (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault)25:31
18. Cédrick Bourgeois (André Cycle/idCad)26:32
19. Simon Gagnon - Brassard (EVA-Devinci (Club)28:37
20. Charles - Alexandre Cloutier (André Cycle/idCad)29:02
21. Maximilien Benjamin (Haut Richelieu/Megavolt)37:50
22. Pier - Alexandre Marquette (André Cycle/idCad)38:34
23. Vincent Veilleux - Lessard (CIBC Wood-Gundy)38:36
24. Hugo Houle (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault)42:43
25. Danny Zagay (Accro Vélo Val-d'Or)54:27
26. Gabriel Leboeuf (CIBC Wood-Gundy)55:45
27. Dubois Guillaume (D'Amos)1:00:42
DNF. Pierrick Naud (D'Amos)
DNF. Antoine Duchesne (Acidose Lactique)
DNF. Jérôme Boucher (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault)
DNF. Lenny Dion (EVA-Devinci (Club)
DNF. Dominic Cantin (indépendant RP)
DNF. Philippe Brizard (Dynamiks Contrecoeur)
DNF. Julien Daly (Vélo Club Longueuil)
DNF. Charles Gervais - La Pierre (CIBC Wood-Gundy)
DNF. Maxime Boisvert (CIBC Wood-Gundy)
DNF. Pier - Luc Croteau (Dynamiks Contrecoeur)
DNF. Cédrik Dion - Poitras (Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault)
Junior Women
1. Raphaelle Chrétien (EVA-Devinci (Club)25:18
2. Virginie Gauthier (Espoirs Laval)at 0:31
3. Shanie Bergeron (Specialized-Vinci-Menikini)0:47
4. Valérie Crete (Équipe Cascades)2:24
5. Gabriele Duchesne (EVA-Devinci (Club)5:27
6. Genevieve Bourgeois (Acidose Lactique)5:42
7. Laurie - Anne Dupont - Renaud (CIBC Wood-Gundy)10:37
8. Catherine Couture (Équipe Cascades)19:00
9. Catherine Rainville - Avon (Vélo Club Longueuil)37:47
10. Lauriane Boulé - Racine (Équipe Cascades)42:46
DNF. Émilie Ainsley - Perron (Équipe Cascades)
12. Janie Fortin (EVA-Devinci (Club))

Full results can be found at the FQSC website.


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