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July 3/07 10:53 am - Russ Hays Sidney Twilight Grand Prix Results

Posted by Editoress on 07/3/07

Russ Hays Sidney Twilight Grand Prix June 30th, Sidney BC

1/2/3 Men
1. Jamie Sparling La-Z-Boy Cycling ) 1:06:43
2. Zack Garland (Masi-Adobe)
3. Marcel Aarden (Integrale)both s.t.
4. Daniel Macdonald (Masi-Adobe)0:52:00
5. Scott Laliberte (Team Integrale)
6. Tyler Trace (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
7. Chris Worsfold (Glotmer Simpson)0:53:00
8. Maurice Worsfold (Glotmer Simpson)
9. Dave Brooks (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
10. Mike Korb (Russ Hays)all s.t.
11. Matthew Cottrell (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain)0:54:00
12. Jon Watkin (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain)0:55:00
13. Dan Skinner (Total Restoration)
14. Robin White (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain)
15. Robert Cammeron (IRC)all s.t.
16. Jonathan Gormick (Masi-Adobe)0:56:00
17. David Macleod (IRC)
18. Alistair Howard (Masi-Adobe)
19. Rob Britton (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
20. Ryan Mcnamara (La-Z-Boy Cycling)all s.t.
dnf. Jeff Clarkson (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain)
dnf. Graham Cocksedge (Frontrunners)
dnf. Aaron Dusseault (Russ Hays)
dnf. Jonathan Braunstein (Ind)
dnf. John Vandervliet (Ind)
dnf. Evan Flater (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain)
dnf. Hugh Trenchard (IRC)
dnf. Menno Jongsma (IRC)
dnf. Fred Hogson (Ind)
dnf. Kurtis Vallee (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain)
dnf. Scott Rusnak (Swiss America)
dnf. Marco Sabatino (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
dnf. Chris R (Masi-Adobe)
dnf. Kenji Jackson (Russ Hays)
dnf. Nic Hamilton (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain)
4/5 Men (and women)
1. Steve Baird (IRC ) 0:54:47
2. Kevin Thorpe (Escape Velocity / dEVo)0:50:00
3. Michael Elkink (Dr. Walker Sports Chiropractor GVVA)
4. Clayton Hiltz (Ind)
5. Cameron Thorpe (Escape Velocity / dEVo)
6. Dawn Berg (Oak Bay Bikes)all s.t.
7. John Fokkema (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain)0:51:00
dnf. Megan Rathwell (none)
dnf. Gavin Day (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
dnf. Mike Chandler (Russ Hays)
dnf. Paul B (IRC)
dnf. Lisa Howard (Giant Bicycles Canada)
dnf. Mark Dormer (Escape Velocity/Devo)
dnf. Tanya Gadsby (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain)
dnf. Corey Hess (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain)
dnf. James Thompson (CVC Racing)
dnf. Michael Cooper (Dr. Walker)
dnf. Todd Davis (IRC)
dnf. Ron Heal (Russ Hays)
dnf. James Dungate (Masi-Adobe)
dnf. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (giant canada)
dnf. Steve Munro (Schwalbe)
dnf. Brad Smith (Ind)
dnf. Alena Radomsky (Giant Bicycles Canada)
dnf. Tony Zackery (cvc)
dnf. Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete)
dnf. Chris Anstey (FastTwitch)
dnf. Trevor Young (Ktulu CC)
dnf. Aaron Amar (IRC)
dnf. Mike Lexdale (Ind)
dnf. Curtis Jung (Escape Velocity / dEVo)
dnf. Moses Pimentel (Oak Bay Bikes)
dnf. Tanya Berg (Ind)
dnf. Sean Cruckshank (Pro City Cycle)
dnf. Malcolm Faulkner (Ind)
dnf. Marcus Durrant (B.C. Masters)
dnf. Alastair Halliday (none)
dnf. Jaymie Mcgowan (Oak Bay Bikes)
dnf. Chris Paul (IRC)
dnf. Niel Perry (BC Masters)
dnf. Rob Goetze (Ind)
dnf. Jeff Davis (Russ Hays)
dnf. Troy Woodburn (Ind)
dnf. Robert Thompson (cvc racing)
dnf. Tim Nason (Ind)

Thanks to all the racers that came out. I hope everyone made the 9pm ferry. Big thanks to all of the volunteers. Big thanks to all the sponsors especially Russ Hays. Also Aviawest came up with some pretty impressive draw prizes. Thanks to Nigel Hawkins for his excellent announcing even without having access to all of the names. Special thanks to Cate Shepherd who, as always, was up until 1:30am helping me return and unload all of the equipment after handling the registration. Once again thanks to all star volunteers Gerry Etcheverry, Isao Hirayama and Louise Proulx. Thank you to Dave Mckinney and the students from Parklands Secondary who set up the course and ran the 50/50 draw for Cops For Cancer which raised $500.


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