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July 4/07 12:49 pm - B.C. Bike Race: Stage 3

Posted by Editoress on 07/4/07

B.C. Bike Race: The Pacific Traverse
Courtesy Organizers

Stage 3 (July 3rd): Port Alberni to Cumberland, 83 km

While hot spots like Whistler, Squamish and the North Shore draw the bulk of the attention when you think mountain biking in British Columbia, the sleepy town of Cumberland is rapidly earning it’s own place among B.C.’s fat tire elite.

With a growing network of technical singletrack trails all within a quick pedal of downtown, it’s an ideal destination for anyone looking for a little adventure on the eastern shore of Vancouver Island.

On Tuesday, the adventurers were the 180 participants of the B.C. Bike Race: The Pacific Traverse, who made the grueling 83-kilometer journey from Port Alberni to Cumberland, which finished on some of the area’s best trails, including the devilishly name Bucket of Blood.

“Those were the best trails yet,” said Trek-Volkswagen’s Jeff Schalk, who along with teammate Chris Eatough, took a third consecutive stage win and now own a 14-plus minute lead in the overall standings of the seven day race that ends in Whistler on Saturday.

The Rocky Mountain-Haywood Securities duo of Andreas Hester and Kevin Calhoun are second overall, with La Ruta de los Conquistadores-Sho Air teammates Jason First and Manuel Prado entranced in third.

There was no change at the top of the standings in any of the other two-rider categories, where teammates must stay within two minutes of each other or be hit with a one-hour time penalty.

Cynthia Young and Michelle Newton (Shore Girls Don’t Cry) took their third stage win and continue to lead the women’s overall. David Harris and Lynda Wallenfels (Team Desert Cyclery/HealthFX) in open mixed; Randy Richmond and Sandy Mitchell (Gerick-Nelson) in veterans 80-plus; and Doug Nottebrock and Con Diamond (Kootenay-Okanagan Cooperative) in veterans 100-plus also all pulled stage wins No. 3.

Tuesday’s stage started with a lap around the Port Alberni Multiplex athletics track, before riders headed out of town and onto the famed Log Train Trail that cuts a smooth, straight path through second growth Douglas Fir. Occiasonal breaks in the treeline offered glimpses of rolling, green farmland, the Beaufort Mountain Range and the lush Alberni Valley.

As the Alberni Valley gave way to the Comox Valley, the Log Train Trail widened into logging road. Finally at the 50km mark, the crux of the day unfolded: an 8km climb that varied between granny gear steep and nasty hike-a-bike. The only real respite was the stunning views of the valley below.

When the pain finally ceded, it was grinning time, as the course blazed a rapid path down towards the Cumberland trail system, before racers reached the finishline in front of the Riding Fool Hostel, which is owned and operated by day 3 course director Jeremy Grasby. The hostel caters to mountain bikers and Grasby is one of the towns leading trail advocates and builders.

Next up in British Columbia is a 58.5km ride from the Earl’s Cove Ferry Terminal to Sechelt. Before racing begins, the race caravan will rise at 5 a.m. then take a pair of B.C. Ferry rides across the Strait of Georgia: one from Little River to Powell River (1:20 crossing time) and another from Saltery Bay to Earls Cove (50 minutes).

Once off boat and on bikes, racers will head up through rainforest to Klein Lake Park. Highlights include spectacular views of Ruby Lake and Sakinaw Lake, and time on the Suncoast Trail, singletrack that was designed to allow people to get from ferry to ferry exclusively on trails and back roads.

The stage finishes in Sechelt, which literally means, “land between two waters.” Base camp is at Sechelt Indian Band Reserve.

Teams of 2 - Open Men
1. Trek VW Mountain Bike Team (Chris Eatough/Jeff Schalk)4:00:10
2. La Ruta/Sho-Air (Manuel Prado/Jason First)at 8:05
3. Rocky Mountain Bikes (Andreas Hestler/Kevin Calhoun)8:15
4. Team Helly Hansen (Justin Mark/Andrew Clarke)28:02
5. Sun Summit South-Driver (Reed Melton/Marc Driver)40:48
6. Chromag-Sram (Julian Hine/Kevin Phelps)41:29
7. ItsCanadianEh (Jeff Cote/Mark Coates)43:05
8. Capitol Subaru Cycling (Evan Plews/Bear Perrin)55:57
9. Bicycling Magazine (Michael Cushionbury/Damon Roberson)56:42
10. Twin Sin (Gary Jackson/James Durand)1:01:15
11. Cloud City Cyclists (Sterling Mudge/Mike Bordogna)1:03:42
12. BearnakedCannondale/Team (Timmy Dougherty/Rich Dillen)1:03:43
13. Sin Twin (Scott Hedlund/Brad Samis)1:03:44
14. Bike Magazine (Kip Mikler/Mark Sevenoff)1:04:28
15. Bow Cycle (Neall Banner/Paul Martin)1:05:12
16. Tutti (Graham Tutti/Paul Player)1:07:06
17. Prairie Boys (Dan Peters/Brett Zagozewski)1:12:27
18. Fat Chance (Alexei Marko/Ross Mccredie)1:16:45
19. Ridin' Dirty (Nigel Halsted/Brian Mccurdy)1:18:06
20. Team Marty's (Nicholas White/Jesse Epstein)1:19:50
21. Pedal - Specialized (Barry Lyster/Steven Devantier)1:30:34
22. RPM Spinning Plus Gravit (Daffyd Roderick/Mike Peshko)1:32:34
23. Miti Batai (Rodrigo Elvira/Guillermo Cuello)1:35:01
24. Los Hombres (Rick Bruce/Cam Robertson)1:53:09
25. Fat And Slow (Charles Halliburton/Nicholas Vipond)1:55:56
26. The Hustlers (Phil Johnston/Paul Sharman)1:57:15
27. Cold One Please (Erik Keniston/Doug Gangi)2:05:36
28. Team Coates -Team 13 (Mark Coates/?)2:08:01
29. Phat'N'Dirty (Tim Logie/William John)2:19:57
30. Williams (Terry Williams/Todd Williams)2:20:48
31. Keep The Rubber Side Dow (John Nakashima/Andrew Mckean)2:41:44
32. Sts (Dan Stern/Doug Clawson)2:51:05
33. Sierra Spokesmen (Chris Mccann/Layne Nadeau)3:12:11
34. Slowmosapiens (Nick Thelen/David Simpson)3:24:25
35. Team P.A.A.W.G. (Husain Esmail/Vince Elenko)3:29:29
36. Cycle Center (Daniel Gordon/Greg Jakubek)3:37:52
Teams of 2 - Open Women
1. Shore Girls Don'T Cry (Cynthia Young/Michelle Newton)5:25:17
2. Scott /Trenga /De (Karen Eller/Carolin Rahner)at 9:11
3. Team Tunnelvision (Emma Smith/Sarah O'Byrne)14:24
4. The Jenerators (Jennifer Keefer/Jen Sawrenko)16:01
5. Katfish (Danielle Fisher/Karen Todd)49:46
6. Lucky Golden Star Bicycl (Stephanie Tuck/Megan Kogut)1:15:43
7. Rider's Cycles (Jennifer Garrett/Janna Mackenzie)1:17:58
8. Sombrio Dakine Bavarian (Andrea Kraft-Costigan/Carmen Turner)1:45:47
9. Team 10-33 (Beth Crowther/Lanie Forman)2:12:37
Teams of 2 - Open Mixed
1. Team Desert Cyclery/Health FX (David Harris/Lynda Wallenfels)4:43:12
2. Crystal Mountain Hotels (Hillary Harrison/Ryan Watts)at 8:56
3. Team Bc (Lesley Clements/Matthew Bodkin)16:29
4. Team Ride424.Com/X-Fusio (Karl Etzel/Jennifer Ratay)42:28
5. San Diego Trek (Greg Norombaba/Lisa Riehl)48:14
6. Vancouver Bike Gallery (Brady Fleguel/Astrid Bonter)1:09:22
7. Special K And Captain A (Robin Kay/Jameel Adam)2:23:21
8. Faber (Jochen Faber/Diane Faber)3:07:37
9. Gin (Ming Gin/Christina Cuthbertson)3:25:33
Teams of 2 - Veterans 80
1. Gerick- Nelson (Randy Richmond/Sandy Mitchell)4:32:42
2. Different Bikes One (Andrew Handford/Pat Doyle)at 5:33
3. West Coast Racing To Tea (Rod Dagneau/Mike Charuk)6:06
4. Spike Shooter (David Overstreet/Mark Thompson)11:43
5. Ryders Eyewear Corp (Brent Martin/Greg Hayes)21:52
6. Skyline Flyers (Keith Mcivor/Kevin Smith)24:23
7. Ironhorse/Helly Hansen (Dave Howells/Denis Fontaine)24:25
8. Up And Down (Michael Wardas/Ken Waring)24:58
9. Sleepmonsters.Ca (Doug Doyle/Darin Nevin)37:42
10. Stitch Me; I'M Bleeding (Michael Stiles/Rick Lewis)44:05
11. Damn Dirty Apes (Mike Hardenbergh/Tim Crum)49:20
12. Ride To Survive (Paul Nicholas/Henric Meldgard)58:09
13. Hachey (Dean Hachey/Mike Davidson)1:04:12
14. Midlife Mojo (Dave Mountain/Jim Bennett)1:04:24
15. The Aristocrats (Steven Wallouch/Bruce Kelsch)1:07:09
16. Winded (Trevor Plestid/Stuart Jones)1:12:54
17. Team Shuichi-Leon (Shuichi Kanamori/Leon Fetzer)1:16:22
18. Big Ride - Bigger Hair (Chris Mccue/John Ratzke)1:30:33
19. Ready & Wheeling (Greg Stevenson/Jim Clement)1:30:34
20. Wheely Forkin' Tired (Bruce Gordon/Ken Knight)1:30:35
21. Team Harbour Air (Greg Mcdougall/Graeme Fitch)1:35:28
22. Burley M F (Derek Riley/Monti Burtini)1:37:26
23. Team Action Cyclery (Ken Oertle/Jonathan McQuenn)2:21:49
24. Red Team (Keith Winzenried/Scott Hodges)2:40:01
Teams of 2 - Veterans 100
1. Kootenay-Okanagan Cooper (Doug Nottebrock/Con Diamond)5:18:35
2. Geopsyclos (Clive Rubens/Leo Groenewoud)1:40:57
3. Team Canine Carnage (Rick Kaleta/Jean Michaud)2:11:04
4. Team Synergy (Gary Stetler/Guy Dutil)2:29:59
Teams of 4
1. Out There Guys (Rob Blanchard /Rob Herbst /Bruce Barker /Darrell Jones)5:17:47
2. Out there girls (Tori Fahey/Alana Heise/Lisa Le Poole/Alison Jones)6:52:22
3. Dark Horse Racing (Calindy Ramsden/Donna Macintosh/John Ramsden/Unknown Rider)7:25:1
Teams of 2 - Open Men
1. Trek VW Mountain Bike Team (Chris Eatough/Jeff Schalk)12:56:48
2. Rocky Mountain Bikes (Andreas Hestler/Kevin Calhoun)13:11:04
3. La Ruta/Sho-Air (Manuel Prado/Jason First)13:50:39
4. Capitol Subaru Cycling (Evan Plews/Bear Perrin)14:45:31
5. Team Helly Hansen (Justin Mark/Andrew Clarke)14:50:46
6. Chromag-Sram (Julian Hine/Kevin Phelps)15:13:35
7. Bicycling Magazine (Michael Cushionbury/Damon Roberson)15:24:53
8. Sun Summit South-Driver (Reed Melton/Marc Driver)15:35:13
9. Bow Cycle (Neall Banner/Paul Martin)16:09:12
10. Bike Magazine (Kip Mikler/Mark Sevenoff)16:10:00
11. Tutti (Graham Tutti/Paul Player)16:18:25
12. Cloud City Cyclists (Sterling Mudge/Mike Bordogna)16:20:48
13. Twin Sin (Gary Jackson/James Durand)16:22:01
14. Sin Twin (Scott Hedlund/Brad Samis)16:24:29
15. Bearnakedcannondale/Team Dicky (Timmy Dougherty/Rich Dillen)16:38:58
16. Team Marty's (Nicholas White/Jesse Epstein)16:40:03
17. Pedal - Specialized (Barry Lyster/Steven Devantier)17:15:59
18. Miti Batai (Rodrigo Elvira/Guillermo Cuello)17:17:05
19. Fat Chance (Alexei Marko/Ross Mccredie)17:26:48
20. Ridin' Dirty (Nigel Halsted/Brian Mccurdy)17:26:54
Teams of 2- Open Women
1. Scott /Trenga /De (Karen Eller/Carolin Rahner)17:17:00
2. Shore Girls Don't Cry (Cynthia Young/Michelle Newton)17:17:28
3. The Jenerators (Jennifer Keefer/Jen Sawrenko)18:21:32
4. Team Tunnelvision (Emma Smith/Sarah O'Byrne)18:34:10
5. Katfish (Danielle Fisher/Karen Todd)19:36:45
Teams of 2 - Open Mixed
1. Team Desert Cyclery/Health FX (David Harris/Lynda Wallenfels)15:02:43
2. Team BC (Lesley Clements/Matthew Bodkin)15:48:08
3. Crystal Mountain Hotels (Hillary Harrison/Ryan Watts)15:51:53
4. Team Ride424.Com/X-Fusion (Karl Etzel/Jennifer Ratay)16:52:40
5. San Diego Trek (Greg Norombaba/Lisa Riehl)17:58:35
Teams of 2 - Veterans 80
1. Gerick- Nelson (Randy Richmond/Sandy Mitchell)14:29:17
2. Different Bikes One (Andrew Handford/Pat Doyle)14:49:13
3. Spike Shooter (David Overstreet/Mark Thompson)15:11:47
4. West Coast Racing To Tea (Rod Dagneau/Mike Charuk)15:22:41
5. Ironhorse/Helly Hansen (Dave Howells/Denis Fontaine)16:08:07
Teams of 2 - Veterans 100
1. Kootenay-Okanagan Cooper (Doug Nottebrock/Con Diamond)17:03:21
2. Geopsyclos (Clive Rubens/Leo Groenewoud)21:33:42
3. Team Canine Carnage (Rick Kaleta/Jean Michaud)23:31:39
4. Team Synergy (Gary Stetler/Guy Dutil)24:07:05
Teams of 4
1. Out There Guys (Rob Blanchard /Rob Herbst /Bruce Barker /Darrell Jones)18:32:51
2. Out there Girls (Tori Fahey/Alana Heise/Lisa Le Poole/Alison Jones)21:47:02
3. Dark Horse Racing (Calindy Ramsden/Donna Macintosh/John Ramsden/Unknown Rider)21:54:54/td>


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