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July 4/07 8:10 am - Alberta MTB Championships

Posted by Editoress on 07/4/07

2007 Alberta Provincial MTB XC Championships June 30th Edmonton
Courtesy Brys Francis

The 2007 Alberta Provincial Championship featured a new twist to a tried and true venue. The goal was to provide a more spectator friendly event that still highlights the technical climbs and descents that the park has to offer. The shortened course utilized most of the technical single-track available, including the dreaded fireman's descent, culminating in 180m of climbing for each of the 6km laps. This event would not happen if it weren't for the course crew of Bruce Penner, Stew Hutchings, Clayton Stafford and Marc Bailey trimming the substantial overgrowth. The timing was expertly run by Tara Lee Stilwell and Blaine Sherman and the course was controlled by the first class team of volunteers, Wayne Douglas, Michelle Ellis, Deb Whitten, Dave Forgan, Gary Piller, Debby Heemskerk, Lauri Wischoff, Shauna Richard, and Christina Herbers.

Despite the biblical down pour Friday night, Terwillegar Park proved to drain exceptionally well, and provided racers a real chance to test themselves. Due to the amount of water on the course, the morning start was altered for the Novice and Sport events to exclude the fireman's trail, and still provided ample challenge over the slippery roots and clay descents. The Novice Men's race was a battle between Jon Benskin (United Cycle), Darcy Kuss (Pedalhead), Antonio Bilotta (Pedalhead), and Shannon Hein (United Cycle). As the laps ticked by Antonio held a slight lead over Shannon heading into the third lap. An slight bobble on the rooty climb, saw Hein make the winning pass. Hein's strength allowed him to power away over the remaining two laps to a 6 minute advantage over Bilotta in 2nd, closely followed by Kuss in 3rd and Killick in 4th and Benskin in 5th.

The Sport Men's race was another thrilling race with Peter Knight and Trevor Pombert (United Cycle) riding together in 3rd and 4th for 3 of the 5 laps chasing the eventual winning duo of Eckehart Marenholtz 1st (Pedalhead) and Mathew Dahl 2nd (Bow Cycle). This back and forth race saw Kevin McMahon (Pedalhead) sneak in for 3rd just ahead of Peter Knight (United Cycle) in 4th, and Trevor succumb to his cramps and crashes. His teammates picked up the slack and Roger Clemens moved up from a slow start to finish 5th followed closely by Simon Richard (United Cycle) hot on his heals.

The second start of the day saw the course shortened for the Youth (10-16) Novice and Sport categories, allowing them to race on a multilap course, with all of the spectators there to cheer them on. The Sport Youth Men's event saw the Bow Cycle quartet of Kris Dahl, Kurt Defreitas, Ty Andrews, and Felix Wilberg power away from the start to sweep the first 4 spots respectively. The Novice Youth Men's event saw Alex Steneker (Edmonton BMX) bring home the hardware for his family winning over Adam Todd (Bicisport) and paralympian J.P. Veress (Bow Cycle) in 3rd. The closest race of this group was for the Sport Youth Women's event. Samantha Grover edged out team mate Kendra Middleton (Juventus) to win the Provincial title.

The afternoon's start saw the course dry up enough to include the fireman's trail. All told, only three of the afternoons riders were able to ride this section each of the laps throughout the race. The expert men did not disappoint and provided the most entertaining 6 laps of racing. Bruce Penner (United Cycle) took the holes hot through the feed zone and was one of those riders to cleanly ride through fireman's trail. This lead to a huge 45 second lead after the end of the first lap over hard charging Aaron Schooler (ERTC), Anthony Steenbergen (HR Block), Jeff Bolstad (HR Block, Tracey Shearer (Juventus), and Mike Blennerhassett (Hardcore). Lap after lap the lead see-sawed between Bruce and Aaron. Their back and forth battle allowed Jeff Bolstad to come from behind and sprint past Aaron at the line taking the win 3 seconds, with Schooler holding off Penner by 27s for 2nd

The men's and women's Elite races saw new Provincial Champions crowned for the first time. In the women's race Loni Klettl (Freeskook) and Pepper Harlton (Juventus) battled back and forth for the 6 laps of the course. Loni's technical skills proved too much as she edged Pepper by 15seconds to win her first Provincial Championship title. The men's race saw 2004 Provincial Champion Marc Bomhoff (United Cycle) return to action, but right from the start of the 7 lap race 2004 runner up, Evan Sherman (United Cycle) pressed the pace opening a 15s advantage over Mike Sarnecki (ING) after a half lap. Shawn Bunnin (Bicisport), Marc Bomhoff, Jon Nutbaum (Ridley's), Steve Martins (Hardcore) and Corey Wallace (Bicisport) worked hard and chased together lap after lap. Jon fell out of the running after a brake failure, Marc pulled out after 4 laps as the rough course took it's toll and left Shawn, Steve and Corey to chase down Evan. In the end, Evan held his advantage from start to finish taking a 1 minute advantage to the line winning his first Provincial Championship title. Shawn Bunnin held on to a 30 s advantage over Corey Wallace and Steve Martins succumbed to cramping to finish a strong 7th.

Elite Men
1. Evan Sherman (UNITED CYCLE RACING)2:10:47
2. Shawn Bunnin (BiciSport)at 0:53
3. Cory Wallace (Bicisport)1:39
4. Jon Nutbrown (Ridley's Cycle)6:16
5. Brian Bain (CMC/Bow cycle)7:26
6. Manuel Fehlmann8:20
7. Steve Martins (Hardcore CC)8:27
8. Mike Sarnecki (Team ING)9:31
9. Alan Reain (CMC/Bow Cycle)9:43
10. Jeff Neilson (Terrascape)10:16
11. Peter Lawrence (Team H & R Block)10:24
12. Ryan Hopping (LazBoy)11:37
13. Andre Sutton (Hardcore Racing Team)13:17
14. Cameron Mcknight (E.R.T.C. / Redbike)18:21
15. Dion Clark (CMC/Bow Cycle)23:53
DNF. Chris Mcneil (Team H&R Block)
DNF. Dallas Morris (Team H&R Block)
DNF. Lucas Jedras (Pedalhead)
Elite Women
1. Loni Klettl (freeskool)2:15:23
2. Pepper Harlton (Juventus)at 0:25
3. Laura Whitehead (CMC/Bow Cycle)9:55
4. Andrea Bunnin (SPOKE N SPORT SASKATOON)12:28
5. Amy Woodward (SPOKE N SPORT SASKATOON)15:21
DNF. Christine Misseghers (Independant)
Expert Men
1. Jeff Bolstad (Team H&R Block)1:59:27
2. Aaron Schooler (E.R.T.C. / Redbike)at 0:03
3. Bruce Penner (UNITED CYCLE RACING)0:30
4. Darren Anderson (Pedalhead)1:32
5. Erik Bakke (Deadgoat Racing)3:19
6. Mike Blennerhassett (Hardcore)3:49
7. Devin Erfle (Deadgoat Racing)5:44
9. Peter Yez (Mud Sweat and Gears)7:14
10. Brent Hooper (Pedalhead)8:02
11. Neil Johns (Hardcore)8:21
12. Rob Haine (CMC/Bow Cycle)9:07
13. Tracy Shearer (Juventus)9:56
14. Mark Rumsuy (Hardcore)11:02
15. Adam Phillips (CMC/Bow Cycle)11:07
16. Phil Mcdonald (Team H&R Block)14:32
17. Kirk Hamilton (Adidas Eyewear/River Valley Cycle)14:54
18. David Whitten (United Cycle/Hardcore)17:33
19. Bruce Voelker (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)32:36
20. Brennan Bagdan (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)
DNF. Mike Bidniak (Trek/Red Truck Beer)
DNF. Rob Brandrick (Independent)
DNF. Mike Mckee (Deadgoat Racing)
DNF. Justin Middleton (Juventus)
DNF. Adrian Specogna (CMC/Bow Cycle)
DNF. Mike Stoner-Walker (Pedalhead)
DNF. Anthony Steenbergen (H&R BLOCK)
Expert Women
1. Tara Whitten (Velocity Cycling Club)1:56:15
2. Alana Heise (Terrascape Racing)at 14:19
3. Lauren Lankester (Bicisport)31:19
DNF. Michelle Anderson (Pedalhead)
DNF. Rhonda Stickle (E.R.T.C. / Redbike)
Sport Men
1. Eckehart Marenholtz (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)1:26:34
2. Mathew Dahl (CMC/Bow Cycle)at 1:53
3. Kevin Mcmahon (Pedalhead)2:14
4. Peter Knight (UNITED CYCLE RACING)2:49
5. Roger Clemens (UNITED CYCLE RACING)4:51
6. Simon Richard (UNITED CYCLE RACING)6:01
7. Scott Book (ERTC/Redbie)6:23
8. Mike Steneker (Juventus)6:32
9. Patrick Mc Manus (CMC/Bow Cycle)6:39
10. Tim Bulger (ERTC)7:05
11. Bruce Johnson (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)7:39
12. Connor Witzke (Juventus)7:44
13. Lucas Marshall (CMC/Bow Cycle)8:30
14. Trevor Pombart (UNITED CYCLE RACING)8:35
15. Curtis Wilberg (Independent)9:56
16. Mackenzie Carson (Juventus)10:23
17. Bailey Mcknight (Synergy Racing)10:42
18. Clayton Stafford (UNITED CYCLE RACING)11:14
19. John Mcknight (Independent)15:32
20. Douglas Roch (Hardcore)15:46
21. Michael Zelensky (Terrascape Racing)15:56
22. Joe Yurkovich (Hardcore Racing)17:36
23. Patrick Graham (Deadgoats)20:39
24. Stan Rachar (Cyclemeisters)31:55
DNS. Murray Aubin (ERTC/redbike)
DNS. Thomas Auer (Calgary Cycle)
DNF. Logan Brauer (Velocity Cycling Club)
DNF. Emils Muehlenbachs (Pedalhead Racing)
DNF. Tim Riess (Pedalhead)
Novice Men
1. Shannon Hein (UNITED CYCLE RACING)1:09:21
2. Antonio Bilotta (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)at 6:20
3. Darcy Kuss (Pedalhead)7:04
4. Anthony Killick7:53
5. Jonathan Benskin (UNITED CYCLE RACING)9:03
6. Des McManus (CMC/Bow Cycle)9:38
7. Andrew Schietzsch (Juventus)9:38
8. Kim Liss10:25
9. Brad Chisholm (Pedalhead)13:08
10. Marc Bailey (UNITED CYCLE RACING)13:57
11. David Todd (Juventus)14:15
12. Duncan Cameron (Hardcore Racing)15:23
13. Greg Sowak (Cycle-Logic)16:49
14. John Kuby24:19
15. Harvey Brauer27:24
16. Lawrence Lam (Velocity Cycling Club)31:04
17. Stewart Hutchings (UNITED CYCLE RACING)40:29
DNF. Casey Blais
DNF. Tim Brewster (Juventus)
Sport Women
1. Nicole Muzechka57:29
2. Kelly Hall (Juventus)at 4:11
3. Shantel Koenig (Independent)4:31
4. Amy Barnett (CMC/Bow Cycle)12:00
5. Tami Thicke14:05
DNF. Krystyn Ong (Juventus)
DNF. Aimee Willette (CMC/Bow Cycle)
Novice Women
1. Tanya Roberts (Pedalhead)54:32
2. Pam Reid (Independent)at 16:52
3. Amber Findlay (CMC/Bow Cycle)21:26
4. Chelsey Topping (Pedalhead)26:52
Sport Youth Men
1. Kris Dahl (CMC/Bow Cycle)43:58
2. Kurt Defreitas (CMC/Bow Cycle)at 0:35
3. Ty Andrews (CMC/Bow Cycle)4:59
4. Felix Wilberg (CMC/Bow Cycle)6:38
5. Eric Johnson (Rundle Mountain Cycle Club)7:42
6. Michael Lankester (CMC/Bow Cycle)9:52
7. Christopher Shepherd (Juventus)10:14
8. Kevin Stafford (UNITED CYCLE RACING)13:12
Novice Youth Men
1. Adam Todd (Juventus)37:48
2. Alexander Steneker (edmonton bmx)at 10:37
3. Jean Paul Veress (CMC/Bow Cycle)21:42
Sport Youth Women
1. Samantha Grover (Juventus)52:48
2. Kendra Middleton (Juventus)1:01
Novice Youth Women
1. Emily Defreitas (CMC/Bow Cycle)48:49
2. Samantha Lam (Velocity Cycling Club)at 4:56
3. Erin Middleton (Juventus)5:53
4. Isabelle Lam (Velocity Cycling Club)8:11
5. Shayna Grover (Independent)18:57


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