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July 13/07 3:22 am - Mississauga Midweek Races

Posted by Editoress on 07/13/07

Mississauga Midweek Club, Tuesday Night Races
Courtesy Midweek Club

July 10th

In the early race La Bicicletta's Dennis Sartori would open up the
scoring by taking the first sprint. Just before the halfway point Mike
Greenberg (Midweek CC) and Liza Miranda (Madonna Wheelers) would take
the opportunity to pick up the double points up for grabs at the
midway mark.

Miranda would drop back after taking the points but the D'Ornellas duo
of Ken Deering and Bruce Camacho would bridge up to Greenberg and stay
away long enough to take the following sprint. Dennis Sartori would
take second in the final sprint just behind newcomer Alex Taylor, but
that would be sufficient to lock up the overall win.

The late race would be the third of four MCOR Cash Points races for
the season. The format for the race is as follows. Riders would sprint
for points every seven laps, with points going five deep (5pts-1pt).
There would be double points at the halfway mark and on the final
sprint and additionally riders that lap the field would earn a 10
point bonus. Points earned would go towards cash prizes with
additional bonus for the top placings.

From the gun Jet Fuel's David Cramer would attack setting the stage

for a countering move from his Jet Fuel teamate Dave Byer and four
others - Chris Freeland (Cycle Solutions), Thorben Wieditz (Italpasta
- Transport Belmire), Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) and Ed Veal

The group of five would stay away for the first sprint and given the
horsepower in the move it looked like a likely candidate to stick,
which may have been true on any other day, but the high winds on the
finishing straight would take it's toll on the break and every
subsequent move.

Freeland was the first to drop back after a fast lap and Wieditz would
stick it out solo to take one more sprint lap. Freeland would surge
off the front with teammate Jamie Gilgen to take the double points at
the halfway point.

Note: Next week we will continue the format for Tuesday Nights we've
been using for the month of July:
Early Race 6:45
Kid's Race 7:15
Late Race 7:30

Thanks to Rodney McEwan of MCOR Logistics for his support and to our
crew of volunteers Craig Fagan, Dan Rothnie, Alan and Ryan Forde and
Graham Anderson for setup/take down, marshalling and help with

Midweek's Simcoe day race at Tahoe is scheduled for Aug. 6th. Details
will appear at

Early Race

20 Laps - 19.6 km

1. Mike Greenberg (Midweek CC) 11 pts
2. Dennis Sartori (La Bicicletta) 10
3. Alex Taylor (Ind.) 8
4. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC) 8
5. Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas) 6
6. Liza Miranda (Madonna Wheelers) 6
7. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 4
8. Elliot Horwitz (Midweek CC) 2
8. Drew Molnar (Neworld) 2
8. Ken Deering (D'Ornellas) 2
11. Joseph Comacchio (Neworld) 1

1. Sartori, D.Thompson, Molnar, Comacchio
2. Greenberg, Miranda, Hsiung, Horwitz (2x pts)
3. Camacho, Greenberg, Deering, D.Thompson
4. Taylor, Sartori, Hsiung, Camacho (2x pts)

Midweek MCOR CASH Points Race

56 Laps - 54.9 km

1. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) 32 pts
2. Thorben Wiediz (Italpasta-Belmire) 22
3. Jason Valenti ( Velikonja) 16
4. Dave Byer (Jet Fuel) 15
5. Chris Freeland (Cycle Solutions) 12
6. Chris Atkins (La Bicicletta) 8
7. Jamie Gilgen (Cycle Solutions) 8
8. Ed Veal (Cyclissimo) 7
9. Mike Cowan (Ind.) 6
10. Jonathan Wood (ERTC) 5
10. David Cramer (Jet Fuel) 5
11. Paul Dilecce (Wheels of Bloor) 4
12. Jeff Hansen (Jet Fuel) 3
12. Steve Heck (Team Trek/Ride for Karen) 3
13. Gerard Yeates (Pedal Performance) 2
13. Issac Smith (Aquila Racing) 2
14. Paul Green (Chain Reaction) 1

1. Cockburn, Veal, Byer, Freeland, Wieditz
2. Cockburn, Byer, Veal, Wieditz, Greene
3. Wieditz, Valenti, Atkins, Cockburn, Hansen
4. Freeland, Gilgen, Cowan, Cramer, Yeates (2x pts)
5. Wood, Cockburn, Heck, Hansen, Cramer
6. Atkins, Valenti, Wieditz, Byer, I.Smith
7. Cockburn, Byer, Wieditz, Valenti, I.Smith
8. Cockburn, Wieditz, Valenti, Dilecce, Byer (2x pts)


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