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July 14/07 8:54 am - Canada Cup XC #5 full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/14/07

Canada Cup XC #5 Canmore Nordic Centre, Canmore Alberta

Organized by the Rundle Mountain Cycling Club

Elite Men - 33.2 km
1. Max Plaxton (Rocky Mountain Haywood)1:47:19
2. Neal Kindree (Kona/Les Gets Factory Team)at 0:04
3. Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing / Scott)0:59
4. Mike Garrigan (Epic Ride/JETPOWER)5:46
5. Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Haywood/Équipe du Qu)6:43
6. Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle Race Team.)7:34
7. Andrew Watson (TEAM R.A.C.E.)9:58
8. Roddi Lega (United Cycle)11:01
9. Adam Morka (Team Ontario)11:39
10. Stefan Widmer (Rocky Mtn./Different Bikes)11:58
11. Martin Lazarski (Rocky Mountain Haywood)12:51
12. Frederic Bussieres (Xprezo/Solid Edge)13:54
13. Craig Richey (Aviawest - Rocky Mountain Bicycles)13:55
14. Matthew Hadley (Rocky Mountain Haywood)15:42
15. Marc-Andre Daigle (Independant)16:46
16. Stuart Houltham (Ind)17:15
17. Peter Glassford (Team Trek Store)18:25
18. Dallas Morris (TEAM H&R BLOCK)19:46
19. Ryan Edwards (Tantalus Bike Shop/
20. Andrew Thomas (Team Sask/ERTC)20:52
21. Leni Gelinas Trudel (Equipe Du Quebec/Opus-OGC)21:42
22. Alan Reain (Bow Cycle / CMC)22:21
23. Brian Cooke (cafe racers)24:02
24. Matt Green (Rocky Mountain/Different bikes)24:10
25. Kyle Douglas (3 Rox Racing/ Scott)24:14
26. Jonathan Nutbrown (Ridley's Cycle)26:51
27. Shawn Bunnin (Bicisport)27:12
28. Daniel Nemetchek (Manitoba/Elements dsn. bld/Woodcock)30:37
29. Zach Gammage (Epic Ride / Jetpower)31:46
30. Sebastien Tremblay (Specialized)34:40
31. Cory Zetterstrom (BCW)38:01
32. Pat Doyle (deadgoat)41:03
DNF. Justin Price (Ind)
DNF. Kris Sneddon (Kona Les Gets)
DNF. Eric Drower (Hamilton New Zealand)
DNF. Jonathan Boulanger (Opus/Ogc/Equipe du Québec)
DNF. Matt Cottrell (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain Bikes)
DNF. Brian Bain (CMC/Bow Cycle)
DNF. Cameron Jette (TEAM TREK STORE)
DNF. Evan Sherman (United Cycle)
DNF. Georges-Edouard Duquette (Ind)
DNF. Cameron McKnight (ERTC-Redbike)
DNF. Frederic Langevin (couloir ski and bike)
DNF. Drew Mackenzie (Independent)
DNS. Seamus McGrath (Rocky Mountain/Haywood)
DNS. Cory Wallace (Bicisport)
DNS. Dion Clark (CMC/Bow Cycle)
DNS. Andre Sutton (Hardcore Cycling Club)
DNS. Mike Sarnecki (Team I.N.G.)
Elite Women - 24.9km
1. Mical Dyck (Trek/Terrascape Racing/CalgaryCycle)1:40:12
2. Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing)at 3:04
3. Emily Batty (Team Race)3:58
4. Sandra Walter (X.O-Felt Women's MTB Team)4:23
5. Jean Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain-Haywood)4:47
6. Meghan Kindree (Team Squamish)8:28
7. Caroline Villeneuve (Opus/équipe du québec)9:36
8. Catherine Vipond (Team Trek Store)11:55
9. Andrea Bunnin (TEAM SASKATCHEWAN)14:55
10. Kathleen Villeneuve (Équipe du Québec/La Cordée)15:33
11. Sue Trimble (Team Ontario)17:45
12. Pepper Harlton (juventus)17:47
13. Marie-Claude Surprenant (Équipe du Québec / Sportif Bromont)19:25
14. Loni Klettl (Freeschool)21:02
15. Christine Misseghers (Independent)21:53
16. Kate Scallion (The Cyclery)22:17
17. Lesley Tucker (Velocity Bike and Multisport)25:12
18. Erica Musyj (BCW)28:14
19. Joele Guynup (IRC/Roxy Co)29:06
20. Kylie Case (Team Manitoba)29:33
21. Alyssa Weninger (Bruce's Cycle Works)32:52
22. Kailin Michner (Team Ontario)35:13
23. Julie Melanson (independent)49:37
DNF. Elsie Torresan (Specialized)
DNF. Trish Grajczyk (Deadgoat)
DNS. Laura Whitehead (Ridley's Cycle)
Junior Expert Men
1. Jacob McClelland (Team Ontario)1:31:29
2. Francis Morin (Devinci/team Quebec)at 2:31
3. Jeff Clarkson (Aviawest - Rocky Mountain Bikes)3:51
4. Michael Mitchnick (Team Trek Store)6:32
5. Steve Caillé (Équipe du Québec / Opus/OGC)8:32
6. Paul Benson (Manitoba/Specialized/Alter ego)11:18
7. Justin Middleton (Juventus)11:23
8. Matt McCartney (Team Ontario)12:33
9. Jonathan Boucher (Équipe du Québec/Opus-OGC)17:19
10. Zach Hughes (Team Ontario)17:53
11. Mathew Dahl (Bow Cycle)19:54
12. Jason Cherney (Team Saskatchewan)23:08
13. Stephen Cooley (Team Sask)28:58
14. Patrick Mc Manus (Team Bow Cycle)32:09
15. Peter Knight (United Cycle)33:29
16. Karl Harasyn (Rock 'n' Road)42:13
DNF. Adrian Orynik (Fresh Air Experience / rock n road)
DNF. Connor Witzke (Juventus)
Junior Women - 16.6km
1. Alexandra Gélinas (Équipe du Québec/ Cycle Outaouais)1:17:04
2. Bianca Adolf (Team BC)at 2:17
3. Stéphanie Lacoursière (Équipe du Québec/ Cyclone)4:43
4. Sophie Harvey (Équipe du Québec-Sports Alpins MSA)6:08
5. Andréanne Pichette (Équipe du Québec - OPUS/OGC)11:28
6. Lauren Hughes (Team Squamish)12:30
DNF. Leah Kirchmann (Team Manitoba/Alter Ego)
DNF. Lauren Lankester (bicisport)

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